Why Is Metal Restoration A Good Idea?

Having your roof torn down and replaced with new roofing material is an option. It does seem like a really good way to guarantee that your property will have outstanding roofing for more than 50–70 years. Regretfully, even though it pays off, it implies incurring extra expenses isn’t very feasible, particularly if money is tight.

One of the better options for installing metal roofs is to restore existing metal roofs using spray polyurethane foam (SPF) coating. Find out more about its advantages below. You need not spend so much on a new roof.

Metal roofs with standing seams and corrugated sheets deteriorate with time. You will need to budget a large sum of money for tear-offs and replacements to restore your roof. You won’t ever have to deal with such problems and extensive roof redress, which takes a lot of time and can interfere with your operations if you use SPF-based metal roofing restoration.

Not every restoration calls for a sizable crew of outstanding Ontario roofers. Rather, they have professionals who clean your roof of rust and debris to guarantee a speedy and seamless SPF procedure.

When is the Best Time to Go for Restoration?

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Determine whether the roof is even a candidate for restoration before you start thinking about your options. Should any of the following problems exist, the roof is most likely not a suitable candidate for restoration and has to be replaced:

  • It might be necessary to replace some of the roof if there are places where the rust or corrosion of the metal has weakened the structural assembly.
  • Before attempting to restore the roof, any possible leaks must be fixed. Flashings will need to be replaced or removed if they are not waterproof.
  • A substantial amount of rust or damage indicates a possible roof collapse.

How is Metal Restoration Done?

Metal Restoration

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Thus, what is the process for repairing a metal roof? Applying a liquid-applied membrane system to the roof is a dependable technique. This kind of system helps shield a structurally sound metal roof from the weather and UV rays while being simple to install and requiring little in the way of tools or accessories.

To restore a roof in this manner, follow these guidelines:

  1. Utilizing pressure washers, scrapers, and brooms, clean the roof’s surface. Make sure to get rid of any outdated coatings or loose debris. A dry, smooth surface is required before you start the restoration process.
  1. By using a small amount of base coat and polyester fabric, test the adherence to the roof structure and let it dry. A primer coat will be required in the event that the product does not adhere properly.
  2. Use a flashing sealant and polyester fabric to prepare joints and flashings. Apply a coat of sealant using a brush, cover the flashing or joint with a piece of cloth 12 inches wide, and then apply another coat of sealant. Sealing the flashing or joint completely requires smoothing the fabric to ensure there are no creases or air pockets.
  3. Using a roofing brush, apply the base coat to a small portion of the roof. After adding another layer of base coat, roll the non-woven polyester fabric on top. Don’t forget to press the fabric to remove any air pockets. After that, keep applying the base coat and cloth until the roof is completely covered. Make sure that the ends of the fabric rolls are six inches over and the sides are four inches over. Give this layer a full day to dry.
  4. Using an airless sprayer, apply the finish coat to the entire roof structure, making sure the coverage matches the product specifications. Apply another finish coat after letting the first one dry for a full day.

Benefits of Metal Restoration

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1. It saves time

It takes more work and time to remove your old roof with a metal roof tear-off. Although standing seam metal roofs are known for their longevity, rust and debris can cause their fasteners to become overly tight. To pry it off your roof, your reliable roofers will employ tried-and-true techniques and tools. As a result, more labor is needed before the material installation process even starts.

Moreover, this does not include any costs for roofing materials. While a new roof does promise long-term performance and durability, it’s still a significant investment that can seriously impair your finances.

2,. SPF has many benefits than the alternatives

There are two types of spray polyurethane foam, a revolutionary product for construction. Because they fill in the gaps with enough force to ensure a tight fit on any space that outside air can penetrate, open-cell foams give properties of exceptional insulation.

But the closed-cell foams that roofers primarily use harden the surface of your roof. This surface is resilient to severe weather conditions, including hailstorms. Moreover, using a fast-acting spray solution, skilled roofers can promptly fix dents and other issues.

3. Improved property energy efficiency

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Since SPF forms an impenetrable barrier around the entire property, both closed-cell and open-cell models ensure increased energy efficiency. It is not like your typical roofing system, which employs single-ply materials and needs to be sealed with adhesives or heated with a torch. In the majority of projects, the material will start to show its benefits quickly and effectively after it cures and dries.

4. Flat roofing options

To create a new roofing system, a variety of materials can be installed over metal roofing materials. One choice is to install and fasten a single-ply roofing system—like EPDM or PVC—to the metal roofing. One another choice is to install and fasten a double-ply roofing system, like TPO, to the metal roofing to create a new roof.

5. Guaranteed long term and sustainable roofing capability

SPF is a material that is simple to use. For each project, only licensed and trained specialists can provide the outcomes you require. However, SPF transforms into an incredibly reliable and reasonably priced roofing material that is highly sustainable for any type of property thanks to its all-encompassing system and tried-and-true problem-solving techniques.

Think about undergoing a metal roof restoration procedure if you ever need to replace your metal roof. Get in touch with Gateshead Roofers today to receive the greatest SPF metal roof restoration services available!