Why Is Facebook Marketing So Important

Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms that is still growing in the audience. In today’s era of social media and the internet, if you want your business to thrive, an online presence is really necessary. With the largest audience online, Facebook can be a good starting point for your social media marketing.

It’s not just about the number of people that use Facebook. But Facebook also offers a lot of other benefits to marketers and businesses that can not be ignored. Let’s take a look at the importance of Facebook in online marketing and its benefits. Also, if you’re looking for an online video editor to create video content for this platform, take a look at Promo.com.

Importance and Benefits of Facebook Advertising

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1. Micro-targeting audience

Facebook allows you to target your audience more precisely. As a result, you can promote your products and services in front of the right audience and help your brand gain recognition.

You can define the age, gender, languages, interests, education level, and much more about your target audience.

For further refined targeting, Facebook lets you show your ads only to the residents of the area where you offer services. This way you reach the correct target market.

2. Highest retail ROAS

Facebook ads have been proven to be the best form of advertising for eCommerce businesses. These ads are visible not just in the Facebook feed but also in messenger, and marketplace. According to a survey, 41% of marketers said that Facebook gave the best return on ad spend (ROAS). Thus making it the most popular social media platform for marketing.

Yeah, you read that right. Facebook is ahead of even Google shopping. People are more likely to visit ads on this site than any other. So it is worth investing in them.

3. Ad types for all business needs

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Facebook offers a wide range of ad types that are not even available on other paid channels. Some of these include photos, videos, stories, messenger ads, and carousels. With free tools like a photo editor or online video editor, you can easily create marketing posts for Facebook.

Another benefit is that you’re not limited to any certain ad types. In fact, you get better control over the visual, creative, and graphic aspects of your ads.

4. Affordable ads with an online video editor

With the ability to set your own budget, Facebook ads are really convenient for businesses of all sizes. The Ads manager tool is also freely available. This is a huge benefit for small businesses that use Facebook for marketing purposes.

Moreover, the cost you pay for your ads also depends on certain factors. For some, you might have to pay just a few cents, while others might cost you around a dollar per click.

In short, Facebook ads are lower in cost and offer better ROI in terms of digital PPC. Combine this with other free tools, like an online video editor, your marketing expenses will reduce even more.

5. Quick results

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Whether you plan to run long-term ads or short-term ones, Facebook ads are really good at conversion. You start seeing results as soon as you put the ad out.

Once you post the ad and get it reviewed by Facebook, it is shown to thousands of people. Another good thing is that the ads don’t take much time for approval. Thus it gives businesses a way of starting to earn within a few days.

6. Ability to set specific ad goals

Marketers can choose from a range of advertising objectives that align with their business goals. This is especially helpful for those that want to prioritize different results. For instance, some ads are created to increase engagement, while others are made for lead generation, etc.

You can use features like boosted posts, page promotions, website ads, and CTA promotions. With Facebook’s ad platform, you can focus on leads, sales, and visibility too.

7. Data and reports

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With Facebook’s ads manager, you can get a detailed overview of your ad performance and aggregate data. You can also use their ad tools to measure ad performance. With the ability to see negative advertising data, Facebook helps you filter your target market better.

You can see breakdowns, attribution reports, and ad comparisons for fine-tuning your future ad campaigns.

8. A/B testing

With A/B testing, you can experiment with different marketing techniques and methods to see what works better. You can create similar ads with minor differences to see which one performs better.

Thus, with Facebook’s split testing, you can test and run different ads for A/B testing. You can set their custom time, budget as well as the audience.

9. Easy to set up

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You don’t have to be a social media marketing expert to set up an ad on Facebook. Their tools are quite self-explanatory. You can create ads simply from the business page, ad creation age, or the ads manager.

Once that is done, you can set up your goals, campaigns, audience and also take advantage of the free tools.

10. Predictions and estimates

This is probably one of the biggest pros of Facebook ads. If your ads have enough data, the marketing tool can make estimates about their performance and reach.

Moreover, the estimated daily results section helps brands adjust their ads by considering daily reach and results. These features tell you about expected installs, event responses, lead generation, clicks, and much more.

11. Sponsored messages

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Facebook’s Messenger ads are worth mentioning when talking about sponsored messages. Through these, brands can send offers directly, promote themselves and also update people.

One of the most noticeable features of messenger ads is that they have a 70% better open rate than email marketing. Also, they offer better engagement than organic posts.


Facebook is one of the most powerful social media platforms for online ads. It can help you increase your social signals and gain the trust of the audience. As more and more businesses move towards online marketing, consumers are also looking for brands online.

So if you want to stay in front of your target audience, social media marketing must be a part of your marketing strategy. And what’s better than Facebook for a start? So set up everything and make powerful ads for your business. Use an online video editor to easily create stunning video ads.