What’s the Future Looking Like for Former UFC Champs Spider Silva and McGregor?

No one questions that both Conor McGregor and Anderson Silva are some of the best fighters that the octagon cages have ever seen. However, following lots of years on the very top, both of them saw their prime forms go away, alongside their invincible status, losing fights that could even be considered as silly ones.

Read on and you’ll get to know the following:

  • Are Both Fighters Comparable?
  • Is UFC to Blame for McGregor’s Injury?
  • Near Future For Both Fighters
  • Get Money By online betting sites in bangladesh on Their Fights!

Without further ado, let’s get things going!

Are Silva and McGregor Comparable?

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That’s a tricky question, as it wouldn’t be right to compare them as fighters as they fight in different categories. However, their techniques revolutionized things within the octagon cages, with some remarkable moments for both of them.

Injuries are another point where Silva and McGregor are comparable. Both of them had serious injuries while fighting for their pride in the UFC, and – unfortunately – they’ve never been the same ever since. So now let’s look at their present and their near future:

McGregor Looking for a Speedy Recovery

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Following an unfortunate, yet terrible knee injury at UFC 264 in Las Vegas against Dustin Poirier, the Notorious one has been looking for a speedy recovery in order to bounce back off of it. He’s been playing some jokes on his social media profiles, and even compared himself to the Terminator, as he’s got a titanium rod implanted in his knee. The controversial UFC star left the hospital with a motorized chair and expressed optimism in a speedy recovery.

UFC to Blame for His Injury?

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McGregor also revealed that the UFC knew he had an injury while preparing for the confrontation with Poirier. He said both the organization’s president Dana White and doctors were aware of the problem. “I went to the fight injured. People ask me at what point in the fight my leg broke. Ask Dana White, the UFC and Dr. Davidson, the head of the UFC medical department.

We even talked about canceling the fight, because I was training with shin protection, and I had to kick. I kicked my knees a few times, so I had several stress fractures in my shin, above the ankle.”

We’ll We Be Seeing More of the Notorious in the Near Future?

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Sure we will! According to the man himself, he’s already designing the entire rehabilitation process in order to return to the octagon. “First I’ll have to wait for the swelling to go away, work hard for it. Then I’ll start trying to get up, balance on one leg.

Then I’ll strengthen my muscles and gain strength. For now, I’ll walk around a bit. California streets with my toy, breathing fresh air for the first time since surgery and keeping my mind working. I’m going to recover and I’m going back to the top!”

Silva’s Next Fight

Unlike injured McGregor, Anderson Silva is set to get back to the octagon in a fight against icon and former UFC champion Tito Ortiz. After beating Julio Cesar Chavez Junior in June, the Spider Silva will be facing Ortiz in a duel between MMA icons who have been UFC champions. The clash will be on September 11, in Los Angeles.

However, there are some curious facts about this fight. As both fighters are far from their prime, they’ve been kinda “relegated” from MMA down to boxing, which is fairly less harmful than UFC events and all. The card was put together by Triller Fight Club, an organization that started promoting boxing matches between celebrities, such as Youtubers, and former fighters.

In the case of Anderson vs. Tito Ortiz, the match will be at the 195-pound, 88.4 kg matched weight. Anderson Silva, 46, has more experience than Tito Ortiz, who has never boxed and will have his first opportunity to act in the ‘noble art’.

The Spider, in turn, has three fights as a boxing professional, with two wins and one defeat.
So, things are set to get tougher for the Spider, as Ortiz is some fighter. However, he’s got the fact his opponent has never boxed professionally before, so that’s a point in his favor.

Bet on Their Next Fights!

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Although Silva’s already a former UFC fighter, while McGregor remains a fighter for the organization, both of them had their similarities throughout their careers. As for the future, we can expect a couple more UFC events for the Irishman. Same for Silva, who’ll be showing up for occasional boxing events here and there?

Whose future is the most exciting? McGregor’s or Silva’s? Who was the better fighter in their prime? Let us know in the comments!