What to Expect From The E2 Visa Interview

The way you prepare for a visa interview is just like preparing yourself for a job interview. You start up by sending out resumes, waiting for a response, and getting ready for the interview. For sure, you have searched many videos and tips on how to ace your job interview. Most of them have helped you throughout the process.

Although the best weapon in an interview is confidence, it is still great to come loaded with ideas. So, for you to ace your visa application, we will give you a heads up of what to expect. You can click here to know more, or you can just read up the whole article. We will give you good company throughout the entire read.

What you need to prepare

You need to complete the DS-160 online application first before attending your visa application interview. Besides that, you need to bring the following that might be required as the visa officer talks to you.

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  • Passport – Your passport should be valid for at least six months and beyond your intended period of stay in the United States of America.
  • Two passport-style photos – this should be per the Department of State photo guidelines.
  • A printed copy of your DS-160 confirmation sheet – this is to set as proof that you completed the application online.
  • Printed DS-160 payment – this is to serve as proof that you have paid for the DS-160 fee.
  • I-797 approval notice – you will receive this for your petition for an E2 visa.
  • Your E-2 visa interview appointment notice is to check if you are scheduled for an interview on the date you presented yourself at the consulate.
  • Any evidence to serve as proof of your eligibility for the E2 visa application – this can be bank statements, legal contracts, lease agreements, and others.
  • Evidence of your ties to your home country – they ask for this to know that you will come back to your home country no matter what. The grant of this visa is not to reside in the United States of America for good.
  • Evidence must include proofs like a mortgage, deed, land title, or any property under your name.
  • Business plan – although this is not an essential requirement and most of the approved E2 visas do not ask the applicant to show one. To be sure, this can present that the business you are managing can cater job offers to U.S. citizens. Also, this is to prove that your business can stand on its own. And that it can grow along the time of your stay.

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What to expect

On the day of your interview, you should arrive at least twenty minutes earlier in the U.S. consulate or embassy. Just think of it like you are boarding a plane. This time allowance is to give time for any unprecedented delays like the traffic on your way to the consulate or embassy and the time that security personnel will check you for security purposes as you enter the building.

Once you are inside, you have to check-in and wait for your name to be called. An immigration officer will meet you to take your fingerprints and check your passport. After that, you will meet the interviewing officer.

The whole process usually takes up to ten to twenty minutes. The interviewing officer has to check your documents and ask why you are applying for this type of visa. After the interview is done, the interviewing officer will inform you right away if you pass or not. If yes, they will hold your passport to print and add the visa. You will receive a notification once it is ready.

What are they going to ask?

Usually, this is what all interviewees are curious about. Some panics to the thought that they might not answer every question right. On the other hand, some have thought in mind, but the moment the interviewer fires the question away, it seems that the cat got their tongue. To avoid this kind of scenario, we have handpicked the most asked questions to give you a heads up.

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This will help you practice your line for every question. In that way, you can be confident, giving you higher chances of passing.

  • Have you ever traveled to the United States of America? If yes, when was it? For what purpose?
  • Do you have a family, business, vehicle, or any property in your home country?
  • After your E2 visa expires, what are your possible plans?
  • In your E2 visa, what are the enterprises you are investing in?
  • How do you develop this enterprise?
  • Can you please tell me the financial projection of the enterprise?
  • How much money was invested in setting up the enterprise?
  • What percentage of the money is used to buy essential items for the enterprise?
  • What is your role as the enterprise grows?

In this interview, honesty is the key. All your answers should reflect your actions. Also, if you do not know the answer, it is safe to say that you don’t know the answer to the question. It is better than lying because the reality will eventually rise. If you did not pass the application because of a lack of information, you have unlimited tries to reapply again. But if you were dishonest, you will have complications on your subsequent applications.

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But since we have provided you some sample questions, you will be shocked when the interviewer asks you questions. Also, you can put all your documents in a binder and label them as well. This is to help you, and the interviewer quickly looks and sorts for the papers. Plus, it can set up a good impression. Also, be honest and confident with your answers as it reflects you and your personality as a leader and executive.


Acing an interview is not something that everyone can master. It takes a lot of practice and research to obtain the knowledge needed. Plus, the confidence to answer is something that you need to bring with you as well. Just remember that you need to be honest in all aspects to avoid any complications. We hope that this article helps you a lot in nailing your E2 visa application.

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