What Is International Courier Shipping?

If you happen to be a business owner who has to send packages to clients, then you have already looked at the possible options for the shipping service. If you are just starting out, or you have had previous orders that were close to you so you handed them yourself, you will have to do your research and find the best way possible to suit your needs when delivering what other people have ordered from your firm. That is mostly dependent on how quickly you need to deliver those orders, and how big are the items that you are sending out.

You have two options to have your items sent to your client. Firstly, that is the regular postal option, and secondly the courier option. Both of these options have their good and bad things which differ them one from another. Depending on the situation that you are in, and on the desires of your customer, that is what will determine the shipping option.

In this article, we will talk about international courier shipping, as a way to manage your business better, compared to the traditional way, and also some things that you have to know about the courier shipment.

What is actually international courier shipping

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International courier shipping is an option to send stuff to another country in situations when you need faster delivery. It is basically the same shipping process as moving things in the same area, city, or country. Different companies have specific options that they offer, and they have specialized in different purposes. Some are more centered on delivering things in the same country, and some are for delivering anywhere in the world.

People like to use international courier shipping when they have to send important things to another country not only because it is faster, but because it is also much more reliable as suggested by https://www.royaleinternational.com/.

Also, when ordering from your firm, some people are impatient and want their item to arrive at them faster, so they choose this option. If you happen to ship some items that are fragile, sending them using the courier service is a better option to avoid any damaging.

Differences between the courier and the regular postal option

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To understand what option is better for your business, you have to make a comparison between both options and the requirements of your firm and the customer as well. If you have to send something that is not important when it will arrive, then the regular postal option is for you because they wait for many packages to collect before they proceed forward. If you need the item to arrive quickly, we have talked about this in the previous paragraph.

The postal option is going to send the item from your country to the selected one, and then the local postal office will handle the business forward. That is why you have to wait for so long. On the other hand, the courier option is required to deliver the item to the person’s address, and it heads immediately without waiting for more items so they reduce the costs.

Another difference is the service that they offer and how easier it is to contact them. Whenever you want to see the status of it or see where the items are, you can easily find out using a code that they have given to you when you have submitted your shipment. When using the postal service that is harder to do so you just have to wait until it arrives.

The price is another difference and as you have imagined, it is way cheaper to use the regular postal service, but at what cost. Sometimes, you can’t afford to cheap out on services like these when you need something quick. It is cheaper to use the postal because they wait for more items to send them together to reduce costs, and they need more time to get to the desired country. You can also consider LTL (Less than truckload) freight shipping as an alternative if you’re looking for the cheapest and fastest way to ship items that aren’t exactly big or heavy.

Things you should know before using the courier shipping option

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Since we have seen are differences between both of the options, now it is time to see what you need to know before you use the courier option.

You have to be careful with the packaging because they have a policy that they accept items that do not cross the limit of the size of the box and the weight as well. Before you confirm the service, make sure that you are correct on the measurements. If you have to send a bigger item, you should consult with them and see if they have an option so you can pay more but still have the item transported.

When planning on having an item transported to another country, make sure that they have allowed that for shipping. Some items are not allowed and you will have to find another solution to that. Many of these items are toxic or they can cause disasters so that is why they are refusing to move them.

In case you have orders from the same country, and you have to ship more items there, you can send all of the items on a pallet. That way you will have fewer charges to pay so you will be able to earn more. The companies that offer transport services like these like this option more because it is more compact and they don’t have to find ways to stack all the items together and then finding them when they arrive in the country that you selected.

Another thing you should definitely do is to make sure that your customers enter their personal data correctly to avoid problems when the items get to the desired place. If the address that they have given is wrong, or they have misspelled it, they might have trouble getting their thing. That is why it is important to ask them for more information that will be helpful if a situation occurs. That information can be their number, or a secondary number if they are not able to pick it up.


We have gone through everything that is important for you to decide what option should you use. If the time is an important thing for the order, and the packages are not too big or heavy you know what is the choice. Make sure to follow the tips under the things that you should know about this topic to avoid problems and to have a great experience handling your business this way.

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