Transforming a Basement into a Home Gym – 7 Things to Consider

Summer is slowly leaving, but that does not mean that we need to stop taking care of our body. And the rest of the year should be a period in which you will take care of yourself, pay attention to your diet and exercise. Exercise is especially important whether it is exercising at home or in the gym. The fact is that the pandemic has made this process difficult and that gyms are not as safe as they used to be, but it is necessary to find a way to exercise and even be at home. People often say that they do not have enough space in the home to do that, but we are here to point out that there is still space in the home that is perfect for that purpose. Have you been dreaming of owning your own home-gym? Your basement would be the perfect room to transform into the space. Before transforming your basement, however, keep these tips in mind.

1. Dimensions


People often say that it is impossible to exercise at home, that there is no space in the home that can be repurposed and have the function of a gym, but still there is such a space. The perfect space for this absence is the basement. Basements are large spaces that are often used as storage areas for people to store their belongings, and many of these items are unnecessary and worthless. That is why we suggest you to empty this space and make it useful and functional. Basements are ideal spaces for home gyms due to their size. Although the spaces are huge, this doesn’t mean you would have an unlimited amount of room. You would still have to measure the vicinity, as you could buy equipment that are too big. Be sure to check your basement’s dimensions multiple times for the most accurate results. When you know the dimensions and the general possibilities that the space offers a lot, it will be easier to plan your new home gym.

2. Contactors

Do you own an incomplete or complete basement? A complete basement would be fully renovated, while an incomplete one still requires a lot of work. Most homes are sold with incomplete basements, as buyers can do them up any way they want.

Basements can often be incomplete, they can be insufficiently tidy and often these spaces need additional finishing. You can not do this finishing yourself and for it you need help that you should seek from professionals. Those professionals are usually the contractors who work in such spaces to bring them to functionality, and often work on that and to bring them to perfection for the purpose that you have planned for the space itself. If you own an incomplete basement, there are many contracting teams that work on basements in Canada. When hiring the contractors, it’s wise to look around. You want someone that would help you transform the space into a gym the quickest.

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3. Clean


This part of the home is probably the dirtiest part of the home. This is because there is no daily use of this space, so it collects a lot of dust in the space. We are sure that you do not want to be closed in such a space and exercise if the space is dirty, so it is good to do a thorough cleaning that will primarily clean the space, but also disinfect it from all bacteria and harmful microorganisms. Your basement might be full of dust it’s a fact, so you really need to take some actions about that. Do a thorough clean. When cleaning, you would be able to tell if there is any mold on the walls. A buildup of mold would be bad for your health. You would also be able to make note any issues to fix. Visit this site to learn more about mold remediation.

4. Insulation

It can get very cold in Canada. Heat rises, so your basement would be the coldest part of your home. You need to include proper insulation into the space. You would be blasting your heater unnecessarily otherwise.

5. Mirrors


As we all know, there are mirrors in standard gyms. These mirrors have their own function, and their function is to do the exercises correctly. Therefore, they are also needed in home gyms. All home gyms need mirrors. If you think installing them isn’t needed, know that you wouldn’t be able to check your form otherwise. Make sure the mirrors are huge and run across a wall. Having them placed in just one wall in the room is fine.

Don’t get mirrors with any effects or coatings. They could make it harder for you to see your reflection.

6. Equipment

Of course, you would need the appropriate work out equipment. Remember to get equipment that isn’t too big, as you don’t have an unlimited amount of space. If you’re on a budget, you can buy second hand.

At the end of the day, a gym full of various equipment isn’t needed. A thread-mill, a rack of dumb-bells, a barbell, and a flat bench would be enough.

As you can imagine, the brand you’re buying from would affect how much you would have to spend. A less-known brand could be offering quality work-out gear, but their gear isn’t sold for as much as counterparts due to the less popular company name.

7. Flooring


You need to protect your basement’s floors. You could drop a dumbbell and crack the wood or tile underneath. Be sure to install rubber flooring. Remember that the rubber flooring you get needs to be thick.

Considering everything discussed, what do you think? There’s a lot to keep in mind when turning a basement into a home gym. It is therefore necessary to make a good plan in the equipment, to consider and take into account everything that is needed for such a home exercise space and to turn every idea into reality. Prepare well, this is a time consuming project, but then it is great to practice in your own space.