Top 7 European Football Clubs to Watch Out for in 2024

With the four matches left in the World Cup, it’s time to start talking about club football once again. The transfer window can be interesting, as many clubs will try to improve their squad, meaning that the odds on who might win the league and the CL trophy might change, but for now, you can get the info you need at Bet365. As for details and which football clubs you should watch out for in 2024, we picked seven clubs that show the most potential.

1. Manchester City


The story of how this team has an unlimited budget and is one of the richest clubs in the world is in the past, as now everyone knows precisely how this team operates, their transfer policy, and their playing style. Of course, they have to spend millions for players, but if you take a closer look at the type of players they bought, you will understand much better what type of players they seek, their profiles, and their individual skills. Namely, due to Pep’s style of football, Man City always looks for players with great technique, regardless of the position. The best example of that is the goalkeeper, as Ederson surely knows what to do with the ball and has that calmness Pep seeks.

As for why they are ranked highest on this list, it’s because they now finally have a true striker. All the best things about Jesus, but Haaland is a type of striker Pep didn’t have before, and precisely what this team needs. They have KDB, Bernardo Silva, Mahrez, Grealish, Gundogan, Foden, and now Alvarez, players who are great on and off the ball, but a striker with that “killer instinct’ is what they lacked, and with Haaland, they represent a much bigger threat offensively. That is also why we can expect big things from this team, and this season it seems like the one when they will finally win the Champions League trophy.

2. Paris Saint-Germain


Since Qatar Sports Investments bought PSG in 2011, they got two primary goals. The first was to sign big football names and show that they mean business, and the second was to win the CL trophy. Many years have passed since some French team won the CL, and this seemed like a really bold goal. Now, everyone will agree that the initial goal was a success as they signed many famous football players like Mbappe and Neymar, and with the addition of Messi, this team surely looks extremely potent offensively. They don’t even lack experience, as these players are familiar with playing under pressure. The only thing lacking is calmness in big moments and games, as the expectations are high, and 2024 might be the year when PSG wins this much-wanted trophy.

3. Real Madrid


It might come as a surprise that one of the biggest clubs in the world is in third place, but it is a transformation period for Real Madrid, and even though they introduced some new and young players, the older players like Kroos, Modric, and Benzema have the most impact on how this team plays. Of course, Vinicius is yet to showcase what he is made of, as talent is surely one thing he doesn’t lack, and with Rodrigo, their last-season joker and savior, this team has a lot to offer. Another reason why they are not a firm favorite to win CL is that it seems like they used all the luck they had in the previous season, but you can never know what to expect from Real Madrid, as it is a team that can always surprise you.

4. Liverpool


Even though they started a bit bad this season and the chances of them competing for first place in the Premier League are probably the lowest since Klopp came, we cannot and shouldn’t exclude them from doing some magic and being a contender in the CL. Klopp is an extremely charismatic coach who knows how to motivate his players, which is why with the Premier League hopes down, they will mostly focus on Europe and try to save the season by winning this trophy. Yes, the famous duo Salah and Mane no longer exist, but they have other options in the attack. Diaz and Nunez look like they have adapted to the club, and with Firmino playing and scoring like the best striker in the world, we can expect some big things from this Liverpool squad. The only thing that might worry their fans is Diogo Jota’s injury, but it looks like he will get back in late January/early February, meaning that he will be an option for the CL knockout stage.

5. Bayern Munich


When a player of such caliber as Robert Lewandowski leaves, there are some big shoes to fill, and this is something that Bayern failed to do. For many years, their game was dependent on the true striker, as they had Lewandowski to do some magic when the team struggled, and that’s not what this team is missing. They got Mane and perfectly covered the CB position with the signing of Matthijs de Light and a great addition to the midfield with the signing of Ryan Gravenberch. The team seems great, as they have players in every position, but a striker is what they are missing. Musiala, Gnabry, Sane, Coman, and Mane are great technically, but they are not true central forward, which is something that might change in the winter transfer window. If Bayern finds a player for this position, their rank will get higher, but this fifth place is the right fit for them for now.

6. Barcelona


It’s difficult to witness a football giant like Barcelona struggle and be on the verge of bankruptcy, regardless of whether you are a fan or not. Luckily, they have somehow managed to overcome all the bad things and are now on the right path once again. Of course, with so many changes on and off the pitch, we cannot expect big things right away, but when you have Lewandowski, Dembele, Rafinha, De Jong, and some older players like Busquets and Alba, you never know when they will click and do some magic. The best thing is that Barcelona is looking like a relatively stable club now, and we are yet to see some big things from them.

7. Arsenal


Yes, some might not agree about why we have placed Arsenal on this list, but this team looks ready to do something big. They are currently in first place in the Premier League, went to the knockout stage of the Europa League, and are playing fast and attractive football. All of this gets to an even higher level when you look at the average age of the first-team squad, as they are the youngest squad in Premier League, with an average age of 23.7. Their work in the transfer market is also something to mention, as they got Zinchenko, Mari, and Jesus, the type of players they needed for the style of football Arteta demands. They might not win the Premier League but will surely play in the Champions League next year, which is why this team is one to keep an eye on.