Top 6 Reasons Laravel Is Still the Best Choice

One of the oldest and most famous web development languages worldwide is PHP, which by default, makes Laravel the most popular PHP framework all across the globe.

Choosing the right PHP framework for achieving the desired business goals is one of the most challenging things in project development and management. The framework has excellent features, but you must hire a dedicated Laravel developer with great technical and soft skills to make the results possible.

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Of course, many PHP frameworks are available on the global market, but let’s see why Laravel is still the best choice.

1. Efficient Packaging System


One of the main reasons Laravel is so popular among developers is that it has an efficient packaging system. Its packaging system can deal with multiple support libraries that help the web applications to automate the process, which is more than beneficial. Laravel’s packaging system has a composer as a dependency manager that manages the whole information flow necessary to manage packages.

Also, the packages are an efficient way to accelerate and deliver everything that is needed. Some of the best Laravel packages that almost any Laravel developer uses include Debug bar, IDE helper, etc. Using the top-rated tools is essential since the tech world is constantly improving with new features.

2. Great App Testing Features

Another reason Laravel is so famous is that there are already many robust Laravel-built applications that became so powerful precisely because of Laravel’s great app testing features.

We all know that testing is a huge and important aspect of the development process. Here it comes with a specific set of features that allow making unit tests both on mobile and web applications.

In addition, Laravel will also provide your future developers with the chance to run multiple unit tests at the same time to make sure that everything is tested and working properly. That’s why when it comes to application testing, Laravel’s unit tests are significantly better than many other frameworks because these tests can make it a lot simpler for developers to perform the process.

Last but not least, when these unit tests are used appropriately, the testing features will make the application bug-free and also extremely efficient.

3. The Famous MVC Architecture


You probably already know or read somewhere about something by the name of MVC architecture. This notion would not be a surprise since this PHP framework is widely known because of its MVC architectural pattern, which stands for Model-View-Controller.

The most significant aspect of this architecture pattern is that it is easy to use and provides a highly convenient way to make both large and small business applications. That’s why Laravel experts can manage massive projects, which sound desirable from a business perspective and, luckily for you, possible because of MVC, even though it is highly challenging.

In addition, when working on some large projects, a lot of times, a vast amount of unstructured code shows up. However, with MVC, your new developer has the advantage of making the coding structure more straightforward and the process much easier for everyone.

Moreover, the Model-View-Controller support provides the advantage of controlling how the application will appear in real life, making finding files in logical directories much easier.

4. Blade – The Templating Engine

The crucial aspect of why Laravel is at the forefront of best PHP frameworks worldwide, even though it is difficult to define, is Blade, its templating engine.

A template engine can be a highly beneficial tool for handling a vast amount of textual data in applications, hence why many of the programming tasks ask for one. In short, a template engine has the quality to connect a data model and the processes the code has provided while it will also direct the output to a specific text file or stream.

Here’s your advantage – Laravel has the Blade template engine that’s highly efficient, lightweight, and pre-installed. Blade will help your future team of developers to make the whole process much more effective and accessible because of its remarkable layouts. A developer can make excellent layouts utilizing the quality of content seeding, and Blade allows data display and layouts-using without damaging the application’s performance and speed.

In addition, Blade has statements and conditional loops with its structure for making and viewing a file. Furthermore, your developer can use the master template to create simple yet effective layouts.

5. Excellent Security


Security must be on this list since it’s an important element of a database. The Laravel framework makes sure that the security level of your apps is at the highest level possible.

For instance, Laravel does not save passwords as explicit texts since they can be compromised. Furthermore, when a user logs in to the system, Laravel’s automated token is generated to prevent unauthorized access. The password is encrypted with the Bcrypt algorithm, and injection attacks find it hard to attack since it has SQL statements.

Some of the essential Laravel security features are user authentication, storing passwords, encryption, authentication for HTTP, protection of routes, etc.

6. Laravel’s Artisan Commands

Last on the list, but also essential, is Laravel’s Artisan Commands. The ability to automate tasks is highly beneficial, and the command-line interface Artisan allows your developers to use task automation commands.

Your future Laravel developers will have the opportunity to create their own artisan commands, which can be both customized or task-specific.

One of Artisan’s most significant advantages is that it is flexible, providing several commands that a developer can use for regular tasks. These various commands can cover tasks such as model creation, the creation of a database seeder, migration, or even the creation of a controller.

Final Words

This article’s six reasons prove why Laravel is still the best choice for your business goals.

So, there’s only one thing remaining to be made: to hire Laravel developers via a global talent network with excellent technical and soft skills. And hurry up since your primary competitors barely wait to steal the best developers worldwide!