Top 5 Rugby Festivals In Europe – 2024 Guide

Are you a rugby fan, or someone who loves to watch this sport on your big or small screen? A lot of people love to watch this game in person, and it seems as it is gaining the needed popularity as time goes on. Nowadays we see rugby festivals popping up all over the place, especially in Europe. Keep on reading and understand your options, as well as what are some of the biggest rugby festivals all over Europe that you can visit in 2024.

Heading out to a festival? Looking for something that will suit you and that is up your alley? Men, women, couples, as well as kids, will appreciate this article. Here are some of the best recommendations & options that will suit Europeans who are eager to get out on the field and have a good time!

1. Krakow

Have you ever been to Poland before? Do you know that Krakow offers some gorgeous options & sceneries, along with a fun festival? Krakow rugby festival is coming on the 18th of June in 2024. Krakow has been growing as a social rugby tour destination over the past few years, and it certainly deserves its reputation as a great place to combine playing rugby and socializing.

Senior and veteran rugby players both male and female are more than welcome. The match length is made to be at 7 minutes for men and 10 minutes for women. It is a fun activity that you will enjoy watching in person.

Want to know more and learn about the different perks and beauties when it comes to this event? Check it out right here and experience two days of rugby as you participate in the up to 14 teams 10 aside rugby tournament for men, and up to 8 teams 7 a side female rugby tournament.


2. Netherland

The Netherlands is known for its variety and gorgeous scenery, as well as its beauty. In the Netherlands, there are different tournaments that you can visit and enjoy yearly. One popular choice is RC Hilversum Festival which takes place over the ever-popular Easter weekend. There are loads of different teams that travel from all over the world to take participate.

There are 11 different age groups. This is a well-established 1-day festival due to be played on Sunday 12th April 2024, with over 60 teams entering in 2019 from all over Europe this event has a truly continental feel.

Different age groups at the age of 8 up to 17 are super popular with teams entering from England, Wales, as well as Belgium. This is a three-day festival where you get to soak in the sun, enjoy the game, as well as see different teams and groups gather around when playing high-quality rugby matches.


3. France

French rugby needs little or no introduction since it is rich and different when compared to some of its competitors that have been on the market throughout history and for a while. It is also a cost-effective touring destination for junior players that will amaze you as well, no matter where you live. As long as you’re visiting or participating, you’re in for some fun!

Called the Provins International Tournament and held in Paris, this tournament lasts for two days. It includes teams from all over the world, especially known for including the German U16 national team!

The event is held on the weekend and is a talked-about event among locals. In just two days people from nearby countries get to explore Paris (or France), and they do it in a cost-effective way. Players that fall under different age groups, as well as men & women, can participate and enjoy this game.


4. Belgium

This is another common go-to event that is quite known among tournament teams and players, and the location in itself is a popular one in Europe. Most people prefer the Junior rugby teams since there is a lot of them, which makes the game & matches interesting to watch.

Their famous event called the Ghent International Rugby Festival takes place every year, and has been held around 40 times thus far! There are usually some teams from the UK due to the quality of the rugby on offer.

Usually held in April, this event lasts for three days straight. Men & women both play in teams from 7-15 players. It is a tense game that is often followed by gorgeous scenery, sunsets, as well as optimal weather for this sport.


5. The UK

Last, but not least, how about you give the UK scene a chance? Mitour specializes in staging world-class junior and youth football tournaments all across Europe, as well as dynamic & unique rugby games.

Rugby festivals might be predictable in the UK, but this one is superb and amazing when compared to some of their competitors. One of the most loved and talked-about tournaments is the miTour that has had a huge success a couple of years back.

This festival offers accommodation, transport, as well as peace & quiet that you can enjoy at your chosen accommodation. It is an affordable solution where prices range from just £79pp for 3 nights holiday park stay.

Mitour is ATOL accredited, and they organize some of the biggest sporting festivals and tournaments throughout the UK, primarily for ages 7 to 19.


Which tournament is your favorite?

So, how do you feel about a game of rugby after reading this article? Have you watched a game ever before? If not, would you be willing to give it a go?

Both men and women who know how to enjoy high-quality time and who are into sports will appreciate this article & this list. With our help, you can head out to a tournament of your choice, and you can even consider signing up your kid for a tournament that is near you! There are loads of pros when it comes to this sport, so let us know where you stand at the moment.

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