Tips On Getting Presale Tickets Online

When you and your friends want to secure some of the best tickets, what do you do? Opt for presale tickets, of course. That’s right. Presale tickets allow fans to book their tickets ahead of the general sale tickets. But if only things were as easy as that, almost everyone would be vying for presale tickets only! You need to know that presale tickets are limited to a few thousand people against the hundreds of thousands during general sales. However, you also need to make sure that you secure your presale tickets when they go live. These tips on getting presale tickets online will make sure that you book your spot without any hassle.

As mentioned above, you can consider getting the chance to book presale tickets as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. With resale bots looking to book presale tickets in bulk, you need to ensure that you grab hold of them before they do. If not, these bots will take away your chance and sell them at high prices. You can always follow your favorite band or artist and stand a chance to grab promo codes. With this, you will be one step away from being at the concert where your favorite artist is set to take the stage.

Being a fan club also comes with a lot of advantages. That’s because you are certainly going to get regular updates on concerts and tours. You also stand a chance to get the code or link for presale tickets a day before they go live. But remember that presale tickets do not always ensure your place at the concert. So, you could turn to other means and ways of securing general tickets when you’re not lucky enough during presales. Check this website for more information.


If you don’t already follow your favorite artists or bands on social media, what are you waiting for? Contests and giveaways are not uncommon when there is an upcoming concert. By staying up to date and even tuning in to radio stations, you could stand a chance to win tickets for the concert you’re hoping to be a part of. Although it entirely depends on luck, you never know when the gods of luck will be in your favor.

While browsing websites, you need to make sure that you’re fast! Your skill and efficiency will show when you look for tickets during general ticket sales and presale tickets as well. It is recommended that you have a maximum of two tabs open at a time. If not, your chances of securing tickets may get canceled due to ‘suspicious’ activity. Make sure that you have your card out whenever you’re looking for tickets. The miss of even a slight second could cost you the opportunity to book your ticket!

When you are on a budget and yet you want to be part of the show, it calls for back-row seats. The further you are from the centerstage, the cheaper the tickets are going to be. So, unless you are hoping for the best view at the arena, opt for the top or gallery sections. Often, presale tickets may give you the chance to book tickets in the back row. You might want to grab them beforehand if you are satisfied with the seating arrangement.


You could also take the help of your friends and family to secure your tickets. The mad rush during general sales is crazy, and you wouldn’t want to be caught up in the moment. By communicating with them frequently, you can avoid booking extra tickets. Not only does taking the help of friends lighten your burden, but it also makes the tickets cheaper. That’s because buying seats in a row at once will cost you more than buying individually. So, instead of buying tickets in bulk, you and your friends can get solo tickets at cheaper rates.

Prices of concert tickets also vary according to the location and arena. Suppose you live in a large city, you will find that tickets are costlier in comparison to smaller cities nearby. You could check out the tickets for these places, and if they are up to the budget, go ahead and book them. You could also look for presale tickets where the concert is taking place somewhere around your city and take a road trip with friends!

If you don’t already know, there’s such a thing called last-minute tickets. These tickets are found at the very last minute of any concert or show. So, if it so happens that you couldn’t get presale tickets or general tickets, don’t worry. You can always keep checking the websites in case the last-minute tickets show up. It could be a little play on both risk and luck, but there’s no harm in trying!


When you have tried everything else, and you’re still ticketless, resale websites are the way to go. Most genuine resale websites offer a promo code that gives you a slight offer. So, make sure that you check out these websites. It could be for being a new member or due to a collaboration with a social media influencer. Therefore, ensure that you keep an eye out for these codes and apply it when you book your ticket.

You also need to know that when it comes to presale tickets, there is a variety of them. It could be the venue presale, credit card presale, arena presale, among others. By diligently following artists and bands and subscribing to mailing lists and newsletters, you could stand a chance to get the code for these presales. Indeed, you can consider yourself lucky if you happen to get the chance to book presale tickets. That’s because not everyone is fortunate to get access to such tickets.

These are only a few of the tips you can keep in mind while booking presale tickets and general tickets. At the end of the day, it could depend on your luck, too. So, without wasting any time, make sure that you follow these tips and start looking up the authentic websites online.