The Tennessee Real Estate License – Tips to Navigate This Field with Finesse

There are a lot of careers in which you can become successful today. If you have been thinking about the real estate world, then the best place to try this out is Tennessee. It has one of the most thriving markets around the world, and you will not regret joining this sector.

The first thing you require to be a legally practicing realtor is a Tennessee real estate license. Do you know anything about this license or where and how you can get it?

Worry not because we have provided an interesting guide to help you understand these and more about the real estate license in TN. Keep scrolling down to discover more.

Understanding the Requirements


The Tennessee Real Estate Commission has established certain requirements that must be satisfied before you obtain a Tennessee real estate license.

Age and legal status

The first thing is that you are required to be 18 years or above to start your process of obtaining a TN real estate license. You do not need to be a citizen, but you need to be available for work in the country legally. This means even permanent residents are eligible to apply for the license in the state just like in many other states.


Everyone must complete a pre-licensing education program from an accredited real estate school. You have to complete the 90-hour course before you are eligible to apply for your Tennessee real estate license. Important subjects including contracts, property management, real estate principles, and more are covered in this training.

Additionally, the course should be taken through a certified school, so be careful to check this when choosing the course provider.


After everything else, you are required to sit for an exam. This exam tests whether you are ready to work as a licensed agent. It measures your understanding of real estate policies, processes, and laws. Fortunately, it is just an entry-level multiple-choice exam that tests your basic knowledge in real estate matters both at national and state levels.

The good thing is that there are a lot of exam prep materials and guides that you can use to get ready and pass. The easiest way to access these is to choose a TN real estate license course package with an exam guide in it.

Steps to Obtain Your Tennessee Real Estate License


If you are curious about how to get a real estate license in TN, then you are lucky to be here. It is very simple when you follow the steps below.

  • Complete your pre-licensing education – Enroll in a real estate program that has been approved and finish the necessary pre-licensing curriculum. It is just a 90-hour program covering various topics as outlined by the state. Reputable online schools give you up to six months to complete the course at your own pace. Therefore, if you are already working, you can do this conveniently during your free time.
  • Take the state exam – It is always good to book your exam after completing your Tennessee real estate license course because most of the exam questions come from the notes. It also gives you ample time to read the exam guide in the package and prepare. As you are aware, you must pass this exam before applying for the license.
  • Find a sponsoring broker – It is good to find a licensed broker to sponsor you during the application process. But before that, your broker should expose you to the real estate industry to learn how things work. You can continue working for the broker’s real estate firm even after getting licensed to gain more experience before setting up your own real estate firm.
  • Undergo a background check – This ensures that you have fulfilled the commission’s licensing standards. Please do it through the recommended channels. If you have a clean record, then you will be cleared fast to proceed with the process.
  • Submit the license application – After you are through with your exam, you can go ahead and send your application and pay any fees required to the Tennessee Real Estate Commission. You should apply for the license online and pay through an approved payment method for the process to be a success.
  • Activate your license – After passing the test and fulfilling all other prerequisites, activate your TN real estate license through a real estate firm that has been granted permission to operate in the state.

Benefits of Obtaining Your Tennessee Real Estate License


While earning a Tennessee real estate license has numerous advantages, these are some of the most appreciated by practicing realtors in Tennessee.

Adaptability and self-reliance

As a licensed agent, you have the advantage of choosing your working hours. You can customize your job to match your objectives and lifestyle by working as a solo agent or with a large real estate agency.

Possibility of development and promotion

There are many chances for improvement and growth in the real estate sector. You can advance your career, establish your reputation, and assume leadership positions in your community with experience and commitment.

Opportunity to network

The process of obtaining the Tennessee real estate license not only allows you to practice but also allows you to meet real estate professionals and stakeholders with whom you can network. For instance, the course providers expose the students to various real estate communities, where they can network and form acquaintances.

Additionally, finding a reliable sponsoring broker is an opportunity to meet other real estate professionals, clients, and stakeholders as well. Taking advantage of these opportunities to network is very important for your starting point. With this, you can easily start your real estate firm in Tennessee.

A chance to gain experience

It is also a chance to learn and gain experience. It starts with the required real estate education, where one gains knowledge in various areas of real estate. Then the more important step is finding a sponsoring real estate firm, where one gains experience in practicing as a real estate salesperson. It is a great learning experience.



When you obtain a real estate license in Tennessee, you have the chance to grow and become the person you have always wanted to be. This market keeps thriving and so will your income if you join it today. As you now have the steps to start this journey and all the information you need, you can go ahead and take your first step to obtain a Tennessee real estate license.