Most Popular Sports Among Americans

The United States of America is a country full of sports enthusiasts. Some of the most popular sporting events in the world are played on American soil, including the Super Bowl, the NBA Finals, etc.

Also hugely popular among American citizens is betting on various sports, the most notable of which we will discuss further in this article. So without further ado, let us get to the main topic of this article. That is the most popular sport in America today.

1. American Football


The most popular game, in terms of popularity, fans, and money spent on it, is American football. Hugely popular in the United States, the game has not seen major popularity outside of America’s borders. However, it is a testament to the love that the American people have for this game, that the Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events in the world, despite only being a national event.

The governing body behind American football in the country is the National Football League. Thirty-two teams compete in an 18-week season every year, and bettors will be happy to know that the week one NFL odds for 2024/23 have already been released by various online bookmakers – Check here.

American football was developed from games like rugby and soccer in the late 1800s and has been played through the centuries, remaining one of America’s favorite sports.

2. Baseball


You will often hear baseball referred to as America’s favorite pastime. While this is no longer the case, it is still a fact that baseball is hugely popular in the United States. Unlike the aforementioned American football, however, baseball has also seen some popularity outside of American borders, making it overall much more popular around the world. In the United States, though, Major League Baseball still falls behind the NFL.

However, this doesn’t stop baseball from being one of the top sports in the USA. In terms of betting, watching, and even practicing, baseball is among the top five most popular sports in the country. The game is so popular, that numerous films have been made commemorating the game which once upon a time dominated the United States’ sports zeitgeist.

3. Basketball


Possibly America’s most popular creation when it comes to sports, basketball was created in the 19th century by a physician and physical educator, James Naismith. The game was a huge hit in its time, and quickly became adopted by countries from all over the world. Today, the game is hugely popular in Eastern European countries, quite a lot of African countries, many Asian countries, and naturally, the United States of America itself.

The National Basketball Association is the main governing body of American basketball and the NBA finals are among the most popular basketball events in the world, only being overtaken by the FIBA World Cup.

When talking about the NBA, we can’t mention the late 80s and early-to-mid 90s era, which saw the Chicago Bulls dominate the scene. It was this era of basketball that saw star player Michael Jordan, who is still considered the greatest player of all time, rock the field. It was also during this era that the world at large became interested in the happenings of American basketball, as Jordan’s charisma and success on the field were simply too great to ignore.

4. Soccer


There are four major league sports in the United States, that most people would call the top 4 American sports. We have already mentioned three of them, and the fourth is ice hockey, governed by the NHL. While most people would expect ice hockey to show up last on this list, the truth is that the sport has been overtaken in popularity in the United States. And what sport could have grown so fast as to push ice hockey out of the running? What other sport could it be, other than the world’s most popular sport?

With over 3 billion fans around the globe, soccer is, by a large margin, the most popular sport in the world. The roots of the game can be dated back to the Ancient era, however, the sport proper was first created in the Victorian era, in England. Recent analytics have shown that the American population has been becoming more and more interested in soccer, and Major League Soccer games have been gaining quite a bit of viewership in the past few years.

5. Golf


Golf is one of the most popular sports in America. According to a recent poll, golf is the third most popular sport among Americans, behind baseball and basketball. Golf is a great way to stay active and have fun. It can be played by people of all ages and skill levels. Golf is also a great way to socialize and meet new people.

If you’re thinking about taking up golf, there are a few things you should know. First, you’ll need to get some equipment. You’ll need a golf club, golf balls, and tees. You can either buy or rent this equipment.

There are many different types of golf courses available, so you can find one that’s right for you. You can also take lessons from a professional if you want to improve your game.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and tee off!

6. Auto Racing


In the United States, auto racing is one of the most popular spectator sports. Tens of millions of people watch races on television each year, and many more attend live races.

There are several different types of auto racing, including stock car racing, open-wheel racing, and drag racing. Stock car racing is by far the most popular type of auto racing in the United States. The two biggest stock car racing leagues are NASCAR and the IndyCar Series.

Open-wheel racing includes both IndyCar and Formula One racing. In the United States, IndyCar is more popular than Formula One. Drag racing is another type of auto racing that is popular in the United States.

Auto Racing is a very popular sport in America with many different series and levels. The two most-watched series’ are NASCAR and Indycar with many levels of drag racing in between.


Overall, it seems that the most popular sports in America are those that are easy to understand and require little equipment. This could be due to the fact that these sports are more accessible and less expensive to participate in. Additionally, many of these sports have a long history in America, which could also contribute to their popularity. Whatever the reasons may be, it is clear that Americans enjoy watching and playing a variety of different sports.