Learn How To Vape If You Are A Beginner 

Vaping is a modern smoking technique that has advanced as a trend for the adult generation. It is something that has recently got famous amongst many smokers to vapers. Most smokers prefer it to overcome addiction. The e-liquid helps to vaporize and inhale through an electronic cigarette or vape kit.

Traditional cigarettes lead to dangerous consequences due to the presence of harmful, poisonous chemicals. Because of this, e-liquid from Zamplebox became the modern alternative! It is the combination of three primary ingredients:

  • Vegetable glycerine
  • Propylene glycol
  • Flavor concentrates

Vape is an electrical device that is easy to handle. The current status of vapes has brought customization of different flavors, power, design, and cloud formation. Their construction and revolution bring serenity to our life.

The Working Procedure Of A Vape

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All vapes have the same framework that consists of the following as base elements:

  • A vape mod acts as the battery here! It is the power source of the coil.
  • The heating of the coil vaporizes the e-liquid.
  • The atomizer is the chamber that contains the e-liquid.
  • A mouthpiece provides the ease to puff vapor.

All these components integrate to form a vaping device. Expert vapers may try mix-n-match of vape parts for the accomplishment of unique featured vape devices. However, a beginner must opt for a starter vape kit that is compatible with use.

The Vape Mod – Power Source!

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The lithium-ion batteries make up the vape mod. The modern twentieth century has featured the power limits and advanced other functions of the mod. Many companies are constantly customizing the mod for our satisfaction. The power level increment requires appropriate measures of safety and years of experience:

  • Pod vapes, vape pens, and e-cigarettes accommodate low power. All these vape devices carry a small rechargeable battery that is non-adjustable except the disposable e-cigarettes. There is no compulsion of experience to handle these concealable and non-portable devices.
  • AIOs, tube mods, and box mods run into medium power sources. Their pros include the efficiency of adjustable power up to 100 Watts and the ease of traveling due to pocketable structure. Mastering the tricks for secure battery usage is recommendable. Some experience is mandatory for such medium-sized rechargeable batteries. The battery is built-in or replaceable. However, these are rarely concealable.
  • Box mods and Mechanical mods are high battery-powered vapes. These are numerous interchangeable batteries that are not built-in. They have adjustable power of up to 200 Watts. Though they are heavy and bulky, they are easy to carry with pocketable size. Awareness of safety measures is a must.

Replaceable batteries are so powerful that they require high intelligence for safety assurance. Therefore, new users must stick to non-removable, built-in power sources.

The Distinct Vapor Sources

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A vape atomizer or vape tank is the source of vapor production. The e-liquid is present under a chamber-like structure (atomizer).

The chamber, in conjunction with the vape mod, impacts the resistance heating element-the metal coil. The wick and the coil heat up to vaporize the e-liquid that further creates cloudy, smoky vapors.

The technical advancement has brought variation in the atomizer’s e-liquid holding capacity. These come in a variety of designs ranging from handy structures to complex devices suitable for hobbyists. Let’s Explore the primary categories of the atomizer:

  • Most of the Pods, Cartridges, and Cartomizers contain prior e-liquid atomizers that one can use a single time. They are disposable and have non-replaceable coils.
  • Pods, Cartridges, and Cartomizers may often contain refillable atomizers! Though they are reusable several times, their cons include disposable nature due to non-replaceable coils.
  • SUB OHM tanks and Clearomizers are refillable with replaceable coils. These are the best atomizers among the four due to their reusable nature with proprietary replacement coils.
  • Any atomizer like RDA, RTA, RDTA supports a rebuildable structure. It brings the rapidity for user installation of wicks and coils! It has a DIY, regenerative mechanism.

One must look for appropriate coil resistance and power according to the type of atomizer one owns.

One must boost the potential knowledge of different atomizers! It will accomplish their compatibility with the vape mod at maximum efficiency.

Stepwise Instructions For Vaping!

Advanced vape mechanisms may offer unique features. However, a simple vape device is in no way inferior to modern tech. It is relatively manageable and effortless to use. All you have to do is avoid complexity. Let us learn the correct technique to vape:

Precise And Accurate Steps To Vape

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1. Get a beginner vape kit

All vapes are similar irrespective of appearance. The price range of these vapes varies from $20-$60. There are four different options of beginner kits available:

  • One can opt for Pod vapes that are available in the prefilled or refillable structure.
  • AIOs acquire replaceable coil and refillable nature.
  • E-cigarettes retain disposable cartridges. However, they provide the choice of prefilled or refillable power source.
  • The entire device becomes disposable in the prefilled e-cigarettes.

An instruction manual comes along with every vape kit. China is the leading manufacturing country of these vape kits. Hence, the language might be challenging! However, every vape kit contains specific instructions that often include proper visuals and labels for feasible understanding. Furthermore, all devices are refillable except the one-time prefilled vapes. Thus, one can clarify the method of e-liquid filling through Google reviews of their kit. It will avoid any off-hand mistakes!

2. Select an appealing flavor of vape juice that suits your taste

Which vape juice is best for you? The quantity of nicotine levels and quality of flavor decides your preference. Higher the nicotine content, smaller the bottle size, and vice versa. How to select the e-liquid according to the vape device?

  • 12mg-60mg nicotine presence is high enough and best suitable with a lower power supply.
  • 6mg-12mg highlights medium nicotine that is compatible with lower to medium power sources.
  • 0mg-6mg nicotine levels are minimum and work best with high-power vape devices.

If you are not able to find the correct nicotine dosage, determine your cigarette consumption level! Are you a heavy smoker? Higher the nicotine content, the greater the intensity. Decide the nicotine range you desire and start from a minimal dosage within that range.


The invention of vapes specifically cures addiction and secures a healthy life. Because of the variety of resistance and power ranges, beginners find it formidable to use. However, every modern tech aims for our satisfaction! Thus, knowledge is the key to avail the benefits of nicotine and avoid the poisonous content of traditional cigarettes. Switch yourself from beginner to expert with appropriate skills and knowledge. Acknowledge the correct tips and tricks that will convert your efficiency into professional vaper.