Learn About Different Types of Banners

The digital age may have increased the availability of eye-catching signage like illuminated displays and LED signs, but banner signs still turn heads. This is because they need less maintenance and are quite affordable. This is the reason why small and medium-sized businesses usually have custom banner signs for indoor and outdoor events, advertising, and branding.

A banner sign is a great marketing tool because of its modularity and versatility. You can find a wide range of banners on the market and for almost any application. This is why it’s hard to choose the right banner sign, especially if you are a first-time buyer. In this article, you will learn about the different types of banners.

Types of banners by material

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You can find fabric ones that are usually made up of satin or polyester, and they offer stunning full-colored graphics that can captivate your potential customers. They are crease-resistant and machine-washable, making them a suitable solution for businesses that need a high-quality banner sign with little setup time.

The radiance of fabric banners gets tarnished outdoors, so you need to use them only for indoor applications. You can use them in trade shows, grand openings, sports events, housing promotions, and many more.

Vinyl banners have been around for many years, and for good reason. They are made up of durable material, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and they are tear-resistant.

But you need to make sure that you have enough people to lift and transport these heavy items. This type is heavier than its cloth counterparts and may crease if you step on them or store them improperly.

Mesh banners are also another popular option because their weave is permeable. This allows wind to get through the banner without lifting it up. Their construction ensures that it can withstand harsh winds as well as inclement weather outdoors while still offering the function of advertising or branding.

It is usually the option for extra-large signage application on building sides, storefronts, or as coverings for whole structures. If you intend to use it for showcasing or as building wraps, it can create an impressive promotional impact. Developers and contractors also utilize them to mask the location of a construction site so that they can showcase the finished project.

Types of banners by style

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You can find pull-up banner stands which are also called roll-ups. These are attractive and double-sided for indoor retail signage and tradeshow events. they are usually at least six-feet tall and tend to have varying widths, though this can depend on custom specifications.

They have retractable systems that allow for easy setup, though they come with some disadvantages. You cannot build a pull-up banner wider than five feet. Therefore, if you have a small exhibition or desire to add your current display and signage, then it is the right option.

Outdoor pole banners which are also called boulevard banners are usually seen on the avenues and streets promoting concerts, festivals, and events. but you can also use them for a wide range of other purposes like decorating the main thoroughfares of universities and colleges, promoting retail spaces, such as shopping malls, or simply by adding a splash of color to hotels, casinos, and entertainment spaces.

In most cases, outdoor pole banners are printed on durable vinyl materials in rectangle or square shape. You can install them using hardware materials that allow you to attach it to the pole utilizing brackets or two extended arms.

You can also opt for framed banners. The truth is that you can frame any banner just like the framed wall art that you see in homes and offices. This is a good way you can give a framed banner a more professional and permanent appearance. Since the fabric can become more taught, it can have fewer unwanted wrinkles or even environmental disturbances like wind.

Another great option is to have a suspended and hanging banner. Using rods and cables, you can display a hanging banner above crowds so that you can have maximum visibility and promotional impact. The installation of ceiling displays tends to be a bit involved, but the outcome is usually worth the effort.

Types of banners by solution

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There is an announcement banner that is ideal for special events. If you intend to open or reopen a location, update operating procedures, or change your hours, it is the best way you can announce these changes.

Another one is called a promotional banner that most shopping malls and retail outlets use. This is a large vinyl banner designed to promote discounts and sales. When you use it in high-traffic locations, it can attract both new and loyal customers, and assist to supplement online marketing campaigns and elsewhere.

You can also consider an event banner that is suitable for city fairs, music festivals, business conferences, and many more. You can use it for almost any event that needs a properly thought-out system of signs, such as a-frames, event tents, yard signs, and many more. An event banner is especially effective as its visibility and size allow it to raise your messages high above the people.

Environmental banners regardless of their size are effective signs that need to enhance their surrounding environment. But some of them are often an essential ingredient in the whole visitor experience. And, it is not exceptional, especially because they can cover the whole walls and become backdrops for attractive displays.

They have been used since ancient times. In most cases, they have been utilized to make religious proclamations and rally worshippers. For example, the Prophet Isaiah was asked to raise a banner.

Today, most temples, churches, and other religious institutions still use banners to decorate places of worship and processions. You can use it to announce the changing worship hours. There are many ways religious institutions can use a banner, such as introducing virtual sessions or even introducing Bible studies for the worshippers.