How To Use Custom Acrylic Keychains to Promote Your Brand

If you want your company to stand out, develop genuine relationships with your customers. It doesn’t matter what type of company it is, promotions of any kind are crucial.

Your brand won’t be established in your clients’ minds immediately, therefore a personalized keychain can make your company stand out.

Keychains are used daily by all of us + they are such a nice yet quirky way of promoting your company. Many multi-tool keychains include a bottle opener, flashlight, tape measure, and other helpful gadgets.

Advertise your business with unique keychains and watch how quickly your message sticks. Here is all that you should know.

What are custom acrylic keychains made of?


Most keychains are made of acrylic which is extremely durable and resistant to breakage.

Acrylic is a versatile plastic that may be used in a wide range of products.

Optical lenses, medical devices, and commercial packaging are all routinely made with this type of material.

A wide number of uses are possible due to the material’s transparency, moisture resistance, and dimensional stability.

Acrylic does not warp or deform over time due to its dimensional stability.

Because of these properties, acrylic is the ideal material for product manufacturing.

Top 8 ways how you can use keychains to promote your brand


1. They are functional

Customers love getting gifts from the businesses they do business with.

People prefer, though, to receive things that they can actually utilize, not just super random items. For some reason, people favor keychains that are emblazoned with logos.

Connecting with more customers, especially potential new customers, is a great benefit.

Customers who know they’ll be getting a bespoke acrylic keychain from you are more inclined to spread the word and buy your product themselves.

2. Affordable

Every business’s marketing strategy is a bet that either pays off or does not.

As a result, you should opt for a method that is both cost-effective and likely to yield a high return on investment.

If the acrylic keychain is mass-produced, it is likely to be sold at a fair price per piece.

Acrylic photo keychains, if done well, can look costly even though they cost very little to make. However, they will make a loud statement everywhere you go.

3. Portable yet perfect business cards


Have you noticed that you misplace your business cards the most frequently?

In what percentage of cases do you toss one right away after receiving it?

To put it simply, many of us believe that we would never utilize the service, so why bother storing business cards?

Acrylic keychains allow you to advertise your business without fear that your business card will be thrown away.

Personalize the acrylic keychains with your contact information, such as a phone number, email address, and website.

By placing your contact information on their keychain, the customer has a constant reminder of your availability in case they ever need your help.

4. Super lightweight

Flyers and brochures can no longer be used to justify the weight of your company’s marketing plan. They are so old-school.

Paper is a lightweight and portable material, to say the least.

In spite of this, it is possible that customers will find their way into the trash can.

Acrylic is a lightweight and easy-to-handle substance.

You don’t have to avoid using acrylic keychains in your company’s marketing strategy because of this.

5. Get creative with them

With acrylic molding, you may make any shape or design you can imagine.

Using a colorful background will help people see your brand name from a distance. Acrylic photo keychains provide you with complete creative control over your advertising strategy.

You may want to use a catchy and encouraging text to entice customers to inquire about the product. You are free to use customized acrylic keychains in any way you see fit to achieve your company goals.

6. Find the right type and material


Decide on the style of keychain you want to design next.

The type of keychain you choose will have an impact on the appearance, use, pricing, and personalization options of your keychain.

  • Embroidered keychains -Lightweight and delicate, embroidered keychains add a classic touch to every set of keys.
  • Metal – Metal keychains can be made in a variety of metal finishes and enamel colors, and they are extremely durable.
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) – PVC keychains are the hardest option for keychains and can withstand the most grueling of journeys.

They’re perfect for making designs that can take on a zillion different looks thanks to their endless color choices.

7. You get to enjoy the customization process

After choosing the design and number of components, customize your keychain.

Depending on the keychain you’ve bought, you may be able to:

  • Go for different widths and lengths depending on keychain size
  • Choose one- or two-sided designs
  • Choose how many colors to use from the color wheel
  • Size the keychain before making accessories
  • Determine keychain thickness
  • You can choose from satin nickel, rose gold, brass, or black paint finishes

8. Sell them or do a giveaway

This is the fun part of promoting your products and your goods! You can always do a Facebook, Instagram, or Tik Tok ad where your product can steal all the shine and spotlight! Once you’ve approved the final design, you’ll receive your keychains shipped within your quoted timeline.

Why not do some promotional giveaways to see how your customers react to them? This way, you can get a ton of helpful feedback that can help you push your product in the right direction. You will understand all the pros & cons of it, allowing you to get the perfect keychain that works for your brand.

Where to find the best keychain?

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