How to Get Into CBD Affiliate Marketing

Hemp is becoming quite popular among the masses, and most states are now legalizing recreational and medicinal hemp. Scientific studies show that hemp offers plenty of health benefits.

CBD affiliate marketing programs are now cropping up as companies that deal in hemp look to penetrate the e-commerce world. Even though most people know about hemp, some still cannot tell the difference between hemp and marijuana.

Affiliate marketing programs educate the masses on everything they should know about hemp. On the other hand, the content creators earn a commission if the readers use their links to purchase hemp products online.

Why Join a CBD Affiliate Program?


Hemp is still new on the market, especially in online weed dispensaries. As mentioned earlier, some people think that hemp is similar to marijuana. Creating content related to hemp is still green, and there aren’t as many bloggers in the field.

The number of CBD and hemp brands coming up by the day is enormous, and the demand for the product is huge in countries where CBD and hemp have been legalized. As a result, consumers are after tips and guides on where they can get the best CBD.

Last, the commission rates are pretty lucrative. Premium quality hemp brands sell their product for top dollar. You can get paid for lead generation, sales, or per click. Most affiliate programs are based on sales, where you earn a commission from any sale via your affiliate link or code.

How CBD Affiliate Marketing Works

All affiliate marketing programs involve three significant entities: brand, affiliates, and customers. The brand is a CBD company that operates a hemp farm or an online weed dispensary. However, you might also find brands that buy CBD from hemp farmers and rebrand the product before selling it under their company name.

The affiliates are the marketers, also known as the content creators. Most affiliates have niche websites containing articles related to the product they are selling. The content can be in the form of blog posts or videos. The affiliates typically have a specific code or link that they are given by the brand they are promoting.

Consumers or customers are the target audience and are internet users on the hunt for buying guides. Customers who purchase the product using the link or code provided on the website earn the affiliate a commission.

How to Get Into CBD Affiliate Programs


You will need a niche website where you share posts or articles related to CBD or hemp products. The content should be informative and easy to understand to attract traffic to your website. You should also get conversant with SEO tips that will help your website rank top on search engine result pages.

Basic SEO involves using keywords related to your content. Your headings need to be catchy, concise, and relevant to the content. Also, make use of sub-headings throughout your blog post. Use images for aesthetics and ensure that the image has an alt tag. Last, make sure that your content is well-researched with links to sources when sharing facts.

The next step is to look for trusted hemp or CBD brands you can work with. As a newbie, we recommend going with renowned brands that you can trust. This will ensure that you maintain a steady growth of visitors to your website. You also won’t have to worry about the quality of the product you are promoting. You can sign up for the Cannaflower cbd affiliate marketing program, which offers the best commission on the market.

After you have found a brand or brands to work with, it is time to curate some content. Research the brand and give an unbiased overview. Don’t use clickbait to trap customers as this may affect your blog. Your review should include both pros and cons of each product you promote.

Make sure you read the legal terms of the affiliate program before signing up. What are the perks, and are they competitive? Ensure that the brand uses a payment method that works with you or your company. Also, ensure that CBD and hemp are legal in your state to avoid getting into a legal issue with the government.

Other Platforms for CBD Affiliate Marketing


Most affiliate marketers use websites because they are cheap and easy to set up. However, competition among bloggers is high, and only quality content cuts it. There are also other platforms you can use to market CBD products.

First is email marketing, which involves creating an email list of people that are interested in reading your content. Your emails don’t have to be all about CBD or hemp products. You can promote other stuff such as vape pens and the latest in the ongoing research on hemp.

Another option is influencer marketing. Do you have a massive following on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok? If so, you can use your influence to market CBD products under affiliate programs. Influencer marketing is relatively easier than blogging email marketing. All you need to do is spark conversations that will trigger engagements on your profile.

Wrapping Up

Your success in CBD affiliate marketing will depend on the quality of your content. We recommend focusing on a niche that is relevant to CBD products. For example, you can curate content around health and wellness, gummies and tinctures, and pet health.

Look for CBD affiliate programs that match your content. It is straightforward to know this by visiting the brand’s website and reading through what their products are all about. Your goal should be to make it easier for internet users to find valuable answers to their questions related to CBD products.

You can also invest in an editor and an SEO expert if you are not good at SEO and marketing techniques. The experts will help ensure that your blog posts rank top for related keywords. Also, get an analytics tool to track your numbers and how your website performs.

Last, don’t get into clickbait or share fake information to fool your customers. You will destroy not only your reputation as an affiliate but that of the brand. Your website may take time before you notice significant traffic growth. Patience and consistency will come in handy.