How to Date When Travelling for the Weekend

Travelling for the weekend is probably the best idea especially after being busy with work or school or anything else throughout the week. Nothing works better than taking a tour of your favourite city, eating at a fancy restaurant and the like. There is a lot of fun waiting. Many people travel solo, and this is still okay. But have you ever wondered how it would be if you tried travelling with a companion? Well, that sounds great. What if you could have a gorgeous partner with whom you shared all your interests and passions?

If, for instance, you want to visit a foreign country like Australia, it can be tricky to find a date mainly because you are not familiar with anyone. On the bright side, you can decide to book an escort during your trip. Finding an escort is not a hurdle; you can just use your phone to search for popular directories, where you can book a beautiful escort to travel with. With that in mind, let us check out these tips from experts on how to date when travelling for the weekend.



Honesty is vital in any authentic human interaction or connection. Even if you are just hanging out with someone during your weekend travel, it is important for the both of you to be transparent.

Have zero expectations from your date. Tell them that you are not from that particular city or country and that you both have limited time. Let them know that what you are sharing right then is only for a day or two and that it is only for fun. With this in mind, your date will not have false hopes that the connection will last. Let them make the decision to or not to have a fling with you.

Book an Escort

You can decide to date an escort while travelling for the weekend. These are professionals ready to offer you services such as sexual adventures, erotic massage, travelling companionship and the like. All these services are important especially if you are not yet attached and want to have some fun. There are different methods you can use to reach out to an escort. Here are some of them.

  • Message an escort on an online directory – There are a lot of different escorts to choose from on an online directory. There is a wide range of choices in race, complexion, height and more. The only thing you require is to find a reputable directory such as Ivy Société in Sydney and peruse the kind of escorts you like. You can use this website to find one that you are interested in. Then, go ahead and read their bio and understand a little bit more about them. After that, you can message them and make arrangements to meet at a fancy hotel or any place you like. Then, have fun.
  • Call an escort directory – You can save time by deciding to call an escort directory that provides this service. This is easy as the conversation will not be delayed. Directories are legal businesses, and their escorts are all professionals. You get to enjoy their companionship as well as other adult services when you are travelling for the weekend.
  • Pick up your date at social places – If you are the kind of person who loves visiting bars or nightclubs, you can decide to pick up a date from there to spend the weekend with you.

Learn a Foreign Language


If you are travelling to a foreign country and still want to find a date, it is always beneficial to memorise a few words from the native language. Locals or other travellers find it attractive. The pronunciation might be terrible, but they will still appreciate the fact that you are making efforts to speak the native language.

Interact with as many people as possible and continue memorising their language no matter how difficult it might be. This will lead to more chances of you having more dates. The more the dates, the more fun.


Confidence is very essential in everything you do in life. It also applies when you are looking for a date as you travel for the weekend. Confidence is all that you need to approach a person and ask them to hang out with you. It is all you need to start a conversation with an unfamiliar face such as an escort. So, when travelling for the weekend, make an approach to a romantic scenario with confidence. If you are confident enough, you will find it easy to meet new people and get to choose your date. Confident people are always attractive, and the chances of being turned down are low.

Always Protect Yourself

Dating someone new for a short period can sometimes be risky. It is, therefore, your responsibility to take care of yourself. When dating an escort for the weekend, bring things that will promote safe sex. It is also essential to meet up in safe places and to make sure that the services conducted also promote safety.

Have Enough Cash


When you have plans to date when travelling for the weekend, then make sure you have adequate money with you. Remember you have to pay for the escort services whether it is simple companionship or adult services.

Even if you are not meeting an escort, offering to pay for a date may make the difference in enticing a stranger to join you.

Have Something to Share

It is kind to share something with someone new wherever you are. By sharing, you make a good impression on your new acquaintance. By showing how generous and sweet you are, it will be so hard for them to resist you. When it comes to conversations, share your interests and crack jokes. Try to keep your partner jovial; you never know how things could turn out later.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of advantages that come when travelling for the weekend. Some are that you get to meet new people, learn about various cultures and, to top it off, date. How to date when travelling for the weekend is very easy. Now that you know what you are supposed to do, we hope you will find what you are looking for. Good luck.