How to Buy CBD Flower Online – A Complete Guide 2024

CBD products are something that you must have heard of, right? Well, then, in the game of CBD market, CBD flowers are the latest entrant.

After passing the farm bill of 2018, many states have allowed the selling and buying of CBD products. In the last few years, CBD flowers are beginning to see a rise in demand. And the best thing is that it is legal in many states.

This is due to its low THC levels. Also, the fun thing is that it gives similar benefits as CBD oil and tincture. Get a premium quality CBD flower from Plain Jane, and smoke it to get the benefits of CBD and soothe one’s mind without feeling high after a long day.

As the market is rife with various CBD flowers and brands, choosing the right one can be quite hectic.

Here is a brief guide to help one find the right CBD flower that will give value to one’s money and health.

What are CBD flowers?


Every plant has certain flowers that bloom. Cannabis is no different. Cannabis sativa plants also have CBD flowers on them, which have a higher concentration of CBD and minimal THC concentration. These flowers are first plucked and then dried. The dried premium quality CBD flower is vaped, smoked, or mixed with edibles.

The CBD flowers have a varying concentration of CBD in them, which helps solve various health issues. One will not feel any high while vaping or smoking these dried flowers. The THC level is usually 0.3% or less in these flowers.

CBD flowers have a particular kind of aroma, which gives a distinct flavor. These flavors not only make them more exciting but also differentiate them from one another.

CBD flower: aromas and flavors


As mentioned above, CBD flowers are known to have very distinct aromas. The best thing is that every type and strain of premium quality CBD flower is recognizable from its flavor spectrum.

These flavors and aromas come from the terpenes present in the flowers. Terpenes are Phyto compounds present in the flowers, just like cannabinoids and flavonoids. These terpenes add a different characteristic and aroma to each CBD flower type. If you are looking to order some CBD flowers online then one of the most prestigious online shop is

The popular terpenes and their related aroma and flavor are categorized likewise:

  • Myrcene: this terpene is the primary reason why the cannabis flower has a characteristic dank smell. You may find a typical mango-like flavor due to this terpene.
  • Caryophyllene: This terpene is quite common and has a woody-like smell. One may feel a clove-like and peppermint-like taste from caryophyllene-heavy CBD flowers.
  • Pinene: pinene heavy flowers have a distinctive minty and piney-like smell. This smell will almost remind you of thick pine forests.
  • Limonene: this terpene gives a citrusy and lemony taste to the CBD flower. It has both hints of citrus and sweetness in it.
  • Terpinolene: Okay, this terpene is also called ‘mystery terpene.’ Some may feel that it gives a more spicy and herbal taste, while others may get a floral aroma because of terpinolene.
  • Humulene: the aroma that one gets in a thicket of deciduous trees is what this terpene tastes and smells like. It has a hop-like undertone laced with woody and earthy smells.
  • Linalool: This is known as flower terpene, found popularly in lavender. It gives a light and refreshing lavender-like aroma to premium quality CBD flowers.

Features of a good CBD flower


They were raking through the market and trying to find a suitable CBD flower type that wills it right with one’s need? Well, then certain features define a good CBD flower.

Here are those features that make a perfect CBD flower:

  • Organic and non-GMO: the first thing to pay attention to is the cultivation and farming type. Good CBD flowers come from farms that are cultivated without using chemicals and fertilizers. Also, the hemp should be non-GMO and grown with ethical farming practices by local farmers.
  • High potency: those who want their CBD flower to be effective and soothing from the first get-go should only opt for high-strength CBD flowers. CBD flower with 14 percent to 19 percent is potent and perfect for smokers and vapers.
  • Rich in flavors: smoking CBD flowers that are dank in smell can ruin the experience altogether. Therefore, a good CBD flower has a rich and complex web of flavors and aromas in it.
  • Low on impurities: CBD flowers are inhaled mostly. Having pollutants in the flowers deteriorates one’s health over time. High-quality CBD flowers will have fewer impurities and other contaminants in them.

Benefits of CBD flowers


When it comes to CBD, there are notoriously many benefits that CBD and CBD products have. Some of the popular CBD health and mental benefits include:

  • CBD helps in managing pain and reduces inflammation of muscles.
  • Brain health can be boosted by using CBD.
  • Depression, PTSD, anxiety are some mental issues that can be treated and minimized using CBD.
  • High blood pressure can be controlled, which in time helps with heart health.
  • Many types of research have shown that cancer patients can benefit from CBD.
  • CBD helps in bettering the skin by treating acne and other skin allergies.

Now, those CBD benefits are counted and listed. Let’s see some reasons why hemp flowers have significantly seen a rise in their popularity.

  • Smoking and vaping CBD flowers do not make one high and euphoric.
  • CBD flower is a much more affordable option than other CBD products.
  • Smoking CBD flowers makes CBD reach the endocannabinoid system faster by 50 percent.
  • As these flowers are derived from hemp, they are more legal and readily available.

Few things to consider


If you are planning to buy a CBD flower, then doing some research can be quite handy. Several things make or break a choice of CBD flower. However, there are simple five factors that will help create a decent selection if paid attention to.

Here are four things that should be considered before buying any CBD flower type:

  • CBD levels: the level of CDB in flowers can vary from 3 percent to 10 percent. It depends on the variety, the growth conditions, and the strain. More CBD percentage means more concentration of CBD, and that equates to more benefits.

The higher the amount of CBD present in a flower, the more will be its price.

  • THC levels: another compound that is found in every cannabis strain is; THC. THC makes one feel high and euphoric. If you are looking for CBD flowers with medical benefits, then choosing flowers with lower THC levels is advised.

The advised levels of THC in CBD flowers are less than 0.3%.

  • Terpenes: Terpenes are another type of compound found in cannabis. CBD flowers with rich terpenes concentration will have a strong aromatic smell. On the other hand, a flower with common terpenes concentration will smell grassy and moldy. It is better to stay away from these mow concentration picks.

Terpenes and their varying concentration tend to give different aromas like citrus, chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc.

  • Seller: Lastly, you must choose the right seller. You should do some research, ask around and pick the one with good customer service.

Always remember, a good seller is one who is honest and gives impartial advice and guidance to their customers.

  • Lab-tested: while buying CBD flowers, it is always wise to check if the brand is lab-tested. Lab-tested means the true nature and the components will be mentioned, thus giving a legitimate purview.

Bottom line

Choosing the right CBD flower brand and type is not merely based on what customers are saying. The most crucial thing to check is the component list. The concentration of CBD to THC to terpene type will tell a lot about the flower. It is always better to do some research, understand the terpene types, learn about brand history and then make a fair choice regarding CBD flowers.