How many Days Should you Spend in Paris for your First Visit In 2024

Ah Paris, the city of love as we know it better, the city visited annually by millions and millions of tourists from all over the world. I think Paris is one of the cities that can often be found on the bucket list as a place you want to visit at least once in your life. Whether you are a student, a couple in love, or a person who loves traveling, I am sure that the city will be on your list. Many newlyweds choose the city as a destination for their honeymoon, young people visit it for its good nightlife and the countless attractions they can visit, and many people come back and visit it at least once a year because the city has enchanted them with its beauty. If you choose Paris as your destination for your next trip, you are probably wondering how many days you should stay there and what are sights and attractions you should visit. In the continuation of the text, we will dwell on this topic.

It is one of the few cities that offers countless places to visit, and it is not possible to visit those places in just a day or two. You will need to extend your stay there and use every possible minute while you are in Paris. It will take you at least five days or a whole week to see the most beautiful monuments in the city and do some free fun activities. That’s why we have made a small list of everything you need to visit in the city and everything you must-see during your stay there, so take notes.


One of the most visited things in Paris and France, in general, is the Eiffel Tower, which is the main attraction. It is visited daily by thousands of people, groups of students and tourists who hear about its history from the local guide, couples who express their love for each other right here. Let’s not forget the countless love propositions that take place here, because every girl dreams of being asked for a woman in this place, and the guys are here to fulfill that wish. The queues to visit the tower are too long, it will take you several hours to get in line so it would be advisable to book your tickets on time.

You will surely need a few hours to see one of the biggest and most exquisite art exhibitions and galleries in the world and that is the Louvre. You will have the opportunity to meet the most famous masterpieces that exist. You can see the collection of antiques from Greek, Roman, Egyptian culture, statues and figures from the period of the Renaissance and the ones from the Modern Age, as well as beautiful paintings that adorn the museum.


Unfortunately due to the fire in Notre Dame Cathedral, it is not open for visits, it is currently under reconstruction and will be reopened for visits in 2024, which is an opportunity for you to return to visit Paris. But you can sit in the local cafes that are open, you can order your favorite coffee and croissant and enjoy the beautiful view.

A stroll through the city’s most famous street, the Champs Elysées, which connects two other beauties of Paris, the Triumphal Arch and the Place de la Concorde, known as the Square of Harmony. If you are hungry or need a rest and a drink you can sit in one of the countless cafes located on this street, order a hot drink and be sure to try the famous crepes.

Book a cruise on the Seine, preferably an evening cruise when the sun goes down, and dim lights illuminate the beauties of the city. The trip to the Seine takes several hours, and with a nice romantic dinner, you can enjoy the sights of the beautiful city.

Realize your childhood dream by visiting Disneyland, this amusement park offers countless fun activities for the younger and older generations, the park is spread over 30 km, and offers the opportunity to meet your favorite cartoon characters and see replicas of castles, houses, and places of the same.


Now is your chance to see one of the most popular cabaret shows in the Moulin Rouge. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you should not miss, you will be amazed by the performance it is much better than how they are presented in the movies.

Go to see the glamorous palace of King Louis XIV in Versailles which was once the capital of France. You will be enchanted by the beautiful interior that adorns the palace, the beautiful exterior design, and the wide garden will leave you breathless. It is considered one of the most beautiful castles in history and no photo can capture the beauty of the castle so you will need to see that beauty on the spot.

There are countless free fun activities you can do in Paris, and you can find out what those activities are click here.

Activities such as: have a picnic at Parc Monceau, participate in meditation classes in a 12th-century park read a book in a Parisian bistro, drinking sparkling water with fountains, enjoy an outdoor movie at La Villette, sunbathe in Paris Beaches, climb the 314554 stairs of the Butte to Montmartre, and many more which you can find on the page.

Where to stay in Paris

Is this your first visit to Paris? Paris has tons of options but you should absolutely book your stay well before your trip. Scores of tourists come to the city on a daily basis, and if you don’t plan beforehand, you might have to settle for something substandard. There are quite a few websites where you can book accommodation.
We suggest sites like Trivago,, and Kayak for hotel stays. If you’d rather look for apartments for rent in Paris, check out Homelike and similar websites, which would be a great choice for you. For travellers who are on a tight budget, we recommend couchsurfing or hostels. If you decide on couchsurfing, make sure you read the reviews of your host thoroughly before you send a request.
As for neighborhoods to stay, Marais, Montmartre and Quartier Latin are great options for tourists. Foodies should stay away from the 1st arrondissement as you’re likely to come across a lot of tourist-trap restaurants.
So, don’t forget all the above tips when visiting Paris. Bring your loved ones to this romantic and fun place, and enjoy every moment you spend with them dining out, being closer to nature, and shopping.


The city of love is a place for countless new adventures, and to experience them all you will need a lot of time. After your first visit, you will want to return to this place and make an encounter it again and again. The city has impeccable charm in every season, but it is most recommended to visit in autumn when you see it in the best light. So grab your travel friend by the hand, book a flight to France and embark on a beautiful adventure in Paris that I am sure will be remembered for a long time. Do not forget to take photos of the moments spent there so you can share them with your loved ones and capture at least a small part of the beauty of the city.