How Can Proxies Help?

Each time you connect to the Internet, your device is assigned a unique identifier (IP address), which can be static or dynamic. Knowing the IP, it is easy to get data about any user, for example, to find out his location, the name of the provider, and even the first/last name.

The rented proxy acts as an intermediary to hide the real address and provide the user with anonymity. Its simplified layout looks like this: your computer or smartphone connects to a proxy and requests the necessary online resource. The proxy then connects to the server on its own behalf or displays cache data.

Individuals use proxies to maintain privacy and circumvent various restrictions. They will help businesses to ensure the highest level of security, test new features and advertising campaigns, and increase productivity. Proxies will also be useful when promoting websites or social media accounts. They are often used for secure parsing, managing multi-accounts, mass mailings, and other activities.

Many do not understand the difference between a VPN and a proxy. The difference is that proxy acts as an intermediary, protecting only Internet traffic. Please note that for many tasks the security level of a VPN server is excessive, especially since the cost of using this technology is more expensive and the connection is slower.

For high-quality and fast work on the Internet, many specialists used proxy sites.

What are proxies for?


A proxy is a useful multifunctional tool that can be used for personal and professional purposes. Let’s consider the main options for its use:

  • Viewing of Internet sites is prohibited on the territory of a certain region. Connect proxy of another country, you will be able to use your favorite resources without problems.
  • Massive actions to promote pages on social networks. We are talking about the popularization of accounts with the help of mass following, mass liking, mass commenting, and mass looking.
  • Use of third-party software. To save time and optimize workflows, many SEO and SMM professionals use special software. Setting up software integration with a proxy makes the work more convenient and secure.
  • Data parsing. If you need to collect and process a huge amount of information, be sure to connect a proxy. So you will speed up data processing, provide yourself with fast and anonymous surfing, and also get rid of the need to constantly enter a captcha.
  • Traffic arbitrage. It involves buying traffic in order to resell it at a higher price. In this case, proxies are needed to bypass anti-fraud prohibitions, as well as to fully use the software.
  • Control and restrictions for businessmen. With the help of a proxy, company executives have the opportunity to eliminate the overload of the official website, thanks to traffic balancing, protect the brand from scammers and make competitive intelligence.

In addition, by connecting a proxy, it is possible to restrict access to messengers and social networks in the workplace, thus greatly increasing the efficiency of employees.

Ways to protect personal data


The only method of complete protection is to turn off the device and refuse to use the Internet. But since it is impossible, we will consider other options (although they are not a full guarantee of cybersecurity).

First of all, change some web browser settings. In particular, turn on the ad network’s anti-tracking feature so that the browser uses a special header to inform online platforms about your refusal to show personal information.

Experts also recommend blocking cookies received from third-party sites, enabling pop-up blocking and automatic installation of add-ons. Do not forget to periodically clear your cookies and use the private browsing feature (it is provided in many modern browsers).

Another important point is to connect a proxy. Here, you should immediately make a reservation that free proxies will not suit you for safe use. They are not able to provide the necessary level of anonymity and protection, besides, they have a slow download speed and a short service life.


Proxies are able to solve the problem of access to sites banned at the regional level in different ways. For example, you can change the IP address from your mobile phone or your PC, both at the operating system level and at the browser level.

Most often, free proxies are errors of system administrators or a temporary promotion from a provider. There are also sadder situations, due to free proxies, a virus enters the computer. This already threatens to hack your device and leak personal data into the hands of intruders.

To avoid all the unpleasant consequences listed above, we recommend you to use only paid proxies. For example, Indian proxy sites will do well with these. They will provide a high level of anonymity, and privacy protection without sagging speed, high ping, and failures.


What to choose?

When choosing a proxy, we recommend you refuse free offers. Such variants are characterized by low speed, frequent failures due to overloads, high ping, and short service life. Because of their publicity, free proxies at best provide only a minimal level of anonymity.

If you use such proxies for promotion in social networks, there is a high risk of further blocking your account. In addition, your PC or mobile phone becomes vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Paid proxies provide many benefits. Among them:

  • 100% anonymity — our proxies provide the maximum level of security for your device and guarantee the confidentiality of your personal data;
  • full automation — proxies are automatically issued to our clients immediately after making a payment;
  • high speed of work — it became possible due to powerful dedicated servers with a 1 Gbps channel.

Don’t forget that the service also provides round-the-clock technical support, so do not worry about possible system failures and use