Great Tips for Choosing the Right Golf Shoes

Finding the best golf shoes for walking or playing is no mean feat. Aside from having to wade through the sheer number of footwear available, there are also a variety of factors you need to think about. So to make your search a whole lot easier, here are a few nice pointers you can follow.

Choose Both Spiked and Spikeless


As you might already know, golf shoes come with either spiked or spikeless outsoles. Both will make excellent additions to your daily footwear, so better consider getting a pair of each.

Spiked golf shoes offer improved traction, more lateral stability, and better overall support. This allows it to help you play your best regardless of the golf course’s terrain or the current weather conditions. Plus, some shoes come with spikes that can be removed and replaced whenever necessary.

Meanwhile, spikeless shoes are considerably more comfortable and flexible. This makes them perfect for use outside the course. And due to the lack of cleats, you can wear it without drawing unwanted attention or looking too outlandish.

Furthermore, you need to consider the materials making up the spikes. These can either be plastic or metal. Plastics are considerably lighter, and you can use it on the greens without harming the grass. Plus, it’s highly suitable for hard summer conditions, as they’re more comfortable for your feet.

On the other hand, metal spikes offer more traction and they’re more durable than their plastic counterparts. However, as they have the tendency to leave marks on the greens (not to mention the discomfort they sometimes cause), most people tend to shy away from it. In any case, many courses ban metal-spiked shoes altogether to take care of their grass, and only tour-level players usually don them while playing. For more advices check

Check Out the Shoe’s Style

Next, you need to pick the style that will suit you best. That way, you’ll not only optimize your performance; you’ll also look good and boost your self-confidence.

Now golf shoes come in three main variants: Traditional, Modern, and Sandals. Let’s take a look at each of them.

1. Traditional


Traditional golf shoes are usually made from premium genuine leather, making them more water-resistant than other variants. It’s also considerably durable, and it can easily make you look sharp thanks to its classic design.

However, they require more care compared to other golf shoes since they tend to get worn out more quickly. And most traditional footwear comes with spikes, so your choices are limited if you prefer spikeless.

2. Modern


On the other hand, modern golf shoes look more similar to the footwear you typically put on every day. They basically look more like running shoes than actual golf shoes, although they can still provide many benefits at the course. Lightweight and comfortable, they’re perfect for activities other than golf

Still, it has its downsides. For one thing, you can’t wear modern spiked shoes outside the golf course. And although they can help you play better, it somewhat lacks the performance of traditional shoes.

3. Sandals


Thirdly, sandals keep your feet cool and comfortable during the warmer seasons. They’re quite breathable, too, as well as offer a lot more freedom for your toes. This makes them a great option if you’re just having a casual game with your buddies.

But as far as performance goes, sandals pale in comparison to typical golf shoes. Plus, they look rather off when paired with traditional golf apparel.

Pick the Best Material for You

Other than style, you need to consider the material making up the golf shoes. Believe it or not, this will play a huge role in your performance at the course. Materials used when manufacturing golfing footwear include:

1. Natural Leather


Due to the comfort and performance it offers, most golfers recommend shoes made from natural leather even if it’s more expensive. Indeed, it’s considerably more durable, water-proof, and breathable compared to other footwear. Furthermore, it has this uncanny ability to mold to your feet when you’re breaking them in.

2. Synthetic Leather


In case natural leather seems too pricey for you, you can go for golf shoes with synthetic leather instead. Thinner, lighter, and more flexible, it can easily keep your feet comfortable whether you’re playing or not. And unlike natural leather, they’re significantly easier to clean. However, keep in mind that they’re not as durable or water-proof as the real deal.

3. Breathable Fabric


But if you really don’t like leather, go for golf shoes made with breathable fabric. Great for warm and dry weather conditions, the material provides outstanding air ventilation for your feet and ankles. This makes it a great alternative to sandals, as it can keep you cool and comfy while helping you stay stylish.

Consider Other Essentials

Lastly, check the other features offered by the golf shoes you’re looking at. Some of these essentials include water resistance, support and stability, and flexibility, among others. Like it or not, these will affect your performance at the course. So if the shoes don’t offer these, best move on to other products.

Also, you should opt for golf shoes that offer versatility. That is, they must be wearable inside and outside the golf course, and they must be able to provide traction in all kinds of terrain. Finally, choose a product that offers excellent value for your money. Golf shoes typically fetch as low as $50 and as high as $200. Best pick the one that meets your budget.

Finally, you should pick golf shoes that feature good lacing systems. As much as possible, try picking a pair that’s easy to tie up. That way, you can suit up in no time, as well as keep your shoes secured on your feet. Luckily, a lot of golf shoemakers out there have introduced proprietary lacing systems to ensure these and more. And while they’re typically more expensive than pairs with traditional laces, they’re still well worth the purchase.

Get Properly Fitted With the Right Golf Shoes

Through the tips above, you’ll be able to find yourself the best pair of golf shoes available. But shoes are not the only thing that is important. You also need quality socks to feel comfortable and
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