Fun Things to Do in Topsail and Nearby Areas for Families

Are you planning a family trip to Topsail this holiday? Well, Topsail is much more than a beach town. Read below this comprehensive guide to find out some of the top fun things you can do in Topsail and nearby areas with your kids and family.

This small island, located in North Carolina, United States, is a popular tourist spot and is specifically known for its breezy beaches. If you have planned a trip with your family here, there are some of the most amusing things to do. From exotic restaurants to peaceful beaches and is a hub of several fun activities ranging from fishing to kayaking. In fact, there are reliable Topsail Beach, NC Vacation Rentals that can assist you in making your trip memorable by offering top-notch vacation properties at great deals.

Besides, there are various spas and fitness centers you can consider if you need relaxation. In addition, there are shopping complexes and historic buildings as well, making it a perfect spot for both adults and kids alike. Read below this article to explore some of the most exotic things you can do in Topsail.

Top 8 Things To Do In Topsail

This island is one of the most peaceful places with significantly less crowded, so you can spend your time relaxing far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. With a small population of around 500, the city, however, has only a few hotels. However, there are several top-notch vacation rentals for families to enjoy their vacations in the best possible way.

Though this place is not huge, this does not mean that there are no fun things to do. In fact, this little island has much to offer. Mini golf courses, turtle sanctuary, historical towers, and artisanal markets are some of the few locations among them. Planning a to-do list can be a challenging task, considering the variety offered in the town. This article will help you out by listing some of the fascinating things you and your family can enjoy doing in Topsail.

1. Visit Exotic Beaches


The endpoint of the east coast of the island is Topsail beach, and you can reach the location easily. The place is generally uncrowded and offers a glimpse of natural beauty. The sandy beaches make it a perfect spot to have quality time with your family. However, make sure that you pack your favorite snacks and other necessary items, as there are no restaurants or stores in the area.

Besides, you can also carry your surfing boards and enjoy the sparkling waves of the Atlantic ocean.

2. Visit Artisanal Market


If you are visiting the place during the summer, consider exploring the famous craft market in the area. Here you can pick from some of the best souvenirs prepared by local artisans. Ensure that you visit during the opening hours of the market, which is generally on Thursdays. You can explore and purchase some gifts for your friends and relatives.

3. Fishing


Jolly Roger Fishing Pier is one of the top tourist spots on the island. Stretching around 250 meters, this pier is a perfect place to capture sunsets and a peaceful view of the Atlantic ocean. Besides, there are stores where you can buy all the essential things required for fishing. Consider adding this place to your bucket list, as your family will love spending their time here.

4. Kayaking


If you love kayaking, this will be a fantastic place. You can rent kayaks and boards and set out to travel to this beautiful island. In addition, there are agencies that offer complete travel and kayaking packages for you and your family to get the best travel experience.

5. Mini Golf Courses


There are mini golf courses in the town. Yes, you heard it right. If you or your kids love the golf course, you must surely visit these. In fact, golf is one of the fun activities almost everyone enjoys during vacations. These courses are located at a close distance, one in Surf City and the other in Topsail beach. These are named Shipwreck Point Golf and Patio Playground, respectively.

6. Skating Rink


Most kids love skating. If you are traveling with your kids, this place even has a skating rink to offer. Not only kids but even you can enjoy your childhood passion. This roller rink located on Topsail beach is a great place to spend some quality time with your family and kids.

7. Topsail Towers


The Topsail Towers are the historical buildings that were used for observing missiles. Did you know that on this island, a missile testing facility was launched by the US Army during the Second World War? In fact, these buildings were basically observing towers and were located on the beach side. It is a great place to offer some rich facts about American history to your kids. Additionally, there are a number of museums your kids will definitely love going to.

Visit The Turtle Sanctuary

One of the most fun places on this island is the Turtle Sanctuary. If you are traveling with your kids, The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center is a must-visit place. Located in Surf City, a small town located on the island, is a place where the turtles are rescued from the island and its nearby areas. Moreover, this place is at a driving distance so it will hardly take a few minutes to reach here.

Final Thoughts

Although Topsail is not a much-explored travel location, this place has some of the best things to offer. From contemporary restaurants to quiet beaches and sunset spots to fishing piers, this location is a beautiful place to explore. Surf City. Museums, historical buildings, roller rinks, and golf courses are a few other things that can be considered if you are visiting here. Also, you should contact any reliable company that can offer vacation rentals in Topsail to make your overall experience much more fun and hassle-free.