Effects of Dosilato Strain ─ How it Affects Your Mind & Body

The cannabis market has grown immensely in the last two decades. Since the start of the century, we can see that numerous studies were done on the benefits of this plant and they have proven most of the medical benefits known to us today. So, nobody should be surprised just how the market boomed in such a short time.

At the same time, you will see that there are so many different strains for you to choose from. To be honest, there are so many of these strains to choose from these days that it is quite challenging to find the one that suits your needs and preferences. One of the ones that have attracted the most attention is known as the dosilato strain.

The strain in question comes from the cookie family of marijuana. What’s characteristic of this one is that it is a strain that offers a higher percentage of THC and has a little bit of sweetness to its effect. Today, we want to talk about this strain in greater detail and provide you with the most relevant points should be aware of.

How Potent Is It?

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Before you can consume any cannabis strain, you should understand just how potent it is. If you prefer stronger strains, then you will be happy to know that this is one of the strongest ones you will find on the market. Two main strains compile this, Sativa, which makes 30% of it, and Indica-dominant, which makes the rest 70%.

As you can see, both strains that make this one are exceptionally potent and strong. In most products out there, you will find between 20% and 30% THC. When you think about that, it makes perfect sense that this is not a strain for someone who prefers low levels of THC and the predominance of CBD.

Even if you are an experienced smoker, you are bound to feel some strange effects until you get used to its high effectiveness. To prevent going overboard with the high effect, you should consume only a small percentage of the strain. That way, you will establish what is the precise dosage you will need for consumption in the future.

No-No for Mental Disorders

Since THC is a psychoactive substance, and it can lead to a wide array of different psychological effects, people who suffer from some sort of mental disorder should stay away from it. Thankfully, all the sellers are obligated to provide the product description along with the package to inform their customers about the potential side effects.

Of course, there are strains whose levels of THC are so low that they will not have any effect on someone’s mental health. We are talking about those who have a high level of CBD present in them, and a low percentage of THC. As you can see from this article of ours Dosilato strain is not one of these.

The levels of THC present in this strain are too high for anyone who has this sort of condition to risk using it. We’ve said that it amounts to up to 30% of the plant in some cases, and for that particular reason, it should be avoided completely. Otherwise, it can make mental disorders even more problematic.

Increased Appetite

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One of the best-known effects of smoking weed is that your appetite will increase significantly after it. If you are a person who struggles with appetite, consuming this strain is helpful since it can boost them pretty fast. Of course, you will need to have something sweet to eat within the reach of your hand.

We are talking about something people know as “munchies”. It is a feeling that you are constantly hungry, and you will remain to be until the high effect wears off. Surely, most of it depends on the levels of THC, but at the same time, it depends on each person. As we know, not everyone has the same experience with weed smoking.

Pain Relief

Experiencing chronic pain is not a pleasant thing. That’s why it’s needed to find a way to numb it so that you can perform your various activities without too many problems. Precisely that is the moment when you will need to use the dosilato strain since THC is known for numbing chronic pain.

Of course, some people do not enjoy the high effect, and they would be interested in getting the plant with more CBD. In that case, they should avoid dosilato, as we’ve already said. However, those who do not have any problems with experiencing something like this can rest assured that this is the right way to go.

After Effects

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Since we are talking about one of the strongest strains you will find on the market, you should be aware of its after-effects, especially if you are someone who is not experienced with using this one. Therefore, we wouldn’t recommend you consume it before work since the chances that your focus will drop are quite high.

Instead, you should do it solely when you don’t have any obligations to fulfill, preferably when you just got back from the job. A good piece of advice is for you to use it just before you go to sleep. That way, you will make it possible for you to have a much better sleep after a long day of hard work, which is always preferable.

A common side effect of smoking this strain is that you will feel some dehydration, even dry eyes. Fortunately, this is not something you will need to invest a lot of effort in fixing. You will just need to drink a cup of water and you will feel the best you can in no time. In the worst possible cases, you can expect some muscle spasms, but they don’t last long usually.

In Conclusion

Understanding the effects of the strain you are about to try, at least generally, is an absolute must. So, if you are about to try dosilato strain, then you will be happy to see some of the relevant effects in this article of ours.