Drop The Weight And Feel Better About Your Health

Individuals know that losing weight will benefit their health. A healthy body weight reduces a person’s risk of many chronic diseases, including cancer. However, weight loss comes with many benefits a person might be unaware of.

When you learn about these benefits, you may be encouraged to drop the extra pounds. One way to do so is by eating more dried fruits and nuts. Look for these products at wholesalenutsanddriedfruit.com.

Get a Pay Raise

Health Economics conducted a study that found obese people made less than their counterparts who maintained a healthy weight. Women were more likely to be affected by this discrimination. On average, obese people earn 2.5 percent less than their peers. While this may not seem like a lot of money, a person making $30,000 a year would have an extra $750 in their pocket at the end of the year. Every dime is of help to a person, so don’t overlook this benefit. In addition, a person who maintains a healthy weight is more likely to receive a promotion, putting even more money in their pocket.

Better Sex

Men who are overweight have lower testosterone levels, which can negatively affect their sex life. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism reports obesity lowers a man’s testosterone to testosterone levels similar to that of a male who is ten years older than they are. In addition, men who are overweight often have problems with their confidence, which also lowers their sex drive. Losing even ten percent of body weight can improve a man’s sex drive and satisfaction.

Source: nypost.com

Improved Sleep

Sleep apnea and obesity are related. Snoring is often the result of excess weight around the neck. However, this is only one way in which the two conditions are connected. A person who does not get enough sleep is more at risk of gaining weight. The more weight they gain, the harder it is for them to get a good night’s sleep. For this reason, every person who is overweight should be checked for sleep apnea, and every person suffering from sleep apnea should be encouraged to lose any extra weight they carry.

More Money

One major benefit of losing weight is a person will have more money to spend on things they enjoy. A Health Affairs report shared that overweight individuals spend significantly more on medical expenses than their peers who maintain a healthy weight, and this report was published in 2009. In fact, they spent 42 percent less on healthcare-related expenses when the report was issued. As healthcare costs have risen over the last decade, the savings a person might see by losing weight could add up to a significant amount today.

Source: womenshealthmag.com

Less Sweat

Overweight people become hot easily. When everyone else in a room is comfortable, they might find they are soaked in sweat. There is a reason for this. Fat serves as an insulator, so obese people have a higher core temperature. By dropping excess weight, a person can lower their core temperature and sweat less. They won’t avoid other people for fear of body odor and things of that nature.

Once a person learns how losing weight can benefit their life, they may want to start on the process right away. However, they must weed through misinformation to find what really works and what doesn’t. Eating nuts and dried fruits benefit individuals who wish to achieve this goal. How do these foods do so? What proof is there that nuts and dried fruit can help a person lose weight?

How Nuts and Dried Fruits Help a Person Lose Weight

Dried fruits come packed with healthy fats, antioxidants, and proteins. They improve the person’s blood sugar levels while boosting the immune system. In addition, they are of great help in preventing heart disease. At the same time, they curb hunger pangs, which will allow a person to eat less without feeling hungry.

Dried fruits have all water content removed. While the fruit is smaller once it is dried, it contains more fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They can be consumed on the go and keep the person feeling full longer.

Nuts serve as an excellent weight loss supplement, as well. The good fats found in the nuts keep the person satiated for a longer time period. In addition, they contain micronutrients, such as zinc, that are necessary for good metabolic health.

Source: mynetdiary.com

Which Dried Fruits and Nuts Should a Person Eat?

When a person goes to grab a snack, the first thing they should look for is dried figs. Dried figs have plenty of nutrients and are high in fiber. Thanks to the digestive enzyme known as ficin found in dried figs, a person will find they lost weight quickly when they eat this dried fruit. The ficin combines with other enzymes in the person’s digestive tract to help them shed the pounds rapidly. Dried figs reduce a person’s craving for sugar, which boosts their metabolism, and a person can eat dried figs without guilt because they are low in calories.

Hazelnuts are another great option for people looking to lose weight. They leave a person feeling full, so they are less likely to snack on unhealthy foods. These nuts are high in healthy fats and fiber, providing the person with the necessary nutrients.

One study found that people who eat nuts twice a week are 31 percent less likely to put on weight, compared to individuals who rarely or never eat them. Although nuts tend to be high in calories, a person can eat them without worrying about weight gain, an increase in waist size, or an increase in body mass index. This holds even for those who were on a strict diet. While a few people did gain weight, it was minimal.

Any person looking to lose weight should consider eating more nuts and dried fruits. Doing so comes with numerous benefits. This is a great way to jump-start or boost weight loss efforts and do so in a healthy way. With many options to choose from, any person should find nuts and dried fruits they love and enjoy eating regularly.