Church Signs ─ 7 Considerations to Think About Before Getting One

Your church must come up with more significant ways to connect with both the community and your congregation nowadays. This has been made simpler by technology, which now offers more methods to connect, including social networking sites, blogs, email, and digital newsletters.

Installing a digital LED sign in the church is a quick and inexpensive method to connect with your congregation and also the community. This helps you in distributing important messages, such as those about local events or general religious messaging. But would a conventional sign work just as well for you as a digital one?

Here are some things to think about if you want to put a sign at the church.

1. Would you like to expand your congregation?

A digital sign is the greatest option if you need to communicate with the whole public rather than only communicating with your current congregation. You can use it to regularly change your content and even add digital photos to promote your church.

Utilizing community-based messages and friendly invitations to participate is one of the simplest ways to attract more individuals to your cause.

2. Do you reside near a busy road?


A digital sign is usually preferable if the church is situated on a busy road, even one with only local traffic. Remember, digital communications give you more opportunities to connect with more individuals.

It’s likely that you are “trying to compete” with other churches in your community to pull more attendees to your events and services. However, a conventional sign is usually OK if the church is not in a busy area.

3. Is the budget limited?

Budgetary considerations do apply to the majority of churches. You can reasonably have a digital sign if the congregation wants to give to the project of buying a new church sign. However, a typical sign makes better sense if you frequently run at a loss or struggle to make ends meet.

The ability to modify your sign, however, is another factor to take into account when determining the pricing. If you discover that you are continuously modifying your messaging, think about the cost it makes.

In some circumstances, you might discover that a straightforward digital sign with text messaging benefits you by cutting labor costs.

4. Do you find it difficult to maintain your sign?

An electronic sign can be the solution if you find it hard to get your church sign updated due mainly to physical constraints that prevent you from manually taking down the previous message and putting up the new one. Digital signs can be altered whenever you like from a computer. This makes it simpler for you to properly manage your messages.

5. How frequently does your message change?

Many churches work hard to maintain their sign messaging updated and relevant. Messaging serves a crucial purpose for the church and community, whether it is relevant to the season, witty, or something humorous to uplift the neighborhood, newsworthy messages like fundraising for a major disaster, or your community activities.

Consider how frequently you would prefer to have the option to edit or add to your communications. The best solution may be a digital sign if your answer is constant. A conventional sign is usually fine if you only communicate simple information, like church service hours or a quarterly event.

6. Are you capable of operating a digital sign?

The software used to run digital church signs is unique. This simplifies things, but it also necessitates the use of a computer and related devices in order to manipulate the sign. You’ll also need a person who is familiar with the program and can modify the messaging with ease.

The sign can certainly be operated by someone from the church, but it might not fit into your preferred timetable. The best option if the entire situation is too complex is a traditional sign.

7. Are the installation fees within your means?

Installing a brand-new digital sign is trickier than installing a traditional sign. You must take into account supplemental expenses, such as supplying the source of energy. In order to upload data, you will frequently require a connection to a reliable cellular network.

Climate-resistant wires or cables are also necessary for outdoor digital signs to function safely. You have access to the “software applications” to modify the text of your signs.

This raises the price of maintaining your sign. These up-front expenses raise the total amount due, but they can be worth the expense if they lead to cheaper maintenance expenditures in the long run.

Design Ideas and Tips

Designing a church sign can be tricky, but with the right guidance, it can bring a sense of beauty and style to your place of worship. The most important thing when creating a design for your church sign is to make sure that it fits the style of your faith.

You want to make sure that the colors and message coordinate with what you’re trying to achieve. Additionally, consider making sure that your church sign stands out from other signage in the area, but also blends in seamlessly.

Consider factors like font type and size, color palette, shape, and messages that can be conveyed visually to create something truly unique. With thoughtful considerations, you will be able to create a beautiful sign that perfectly captures the spirit of your faith community.


With the things mentioned above, you can say that there are a lot of factors to take into account when determining which church sign will resonate with your congregation.

Find the best sign-making company by doing your research and determining whether your church would benefit more from a traditional or digital sign, do your research to find the best sign-making company.