Can You Travel the World Using Only Bitcoin – 2024 Guide

What we have concluded after the lockdown is that the global economy is becoming increasingly digital, and it’s no surprise that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are beginning to impact the travel industry. Many travel agencies now accept Bitcoin (BTC) and other digital currencies as payment, and some even give discounts to customers who use them to settle their payments. So, by now there are a couple of platforms that accept these as a means of payment, which you can use for traveling the world.

So, the short answer to the initial question in the title is yes. It is possible to travel the world using digital assets, especially Bitcoin, being the first one every company started approving as a means of payment.

Those who are still slightly skeptical when it comes to digital assets may wonder if this is true or not?

The nature of all digital assets is very changeable. We have witnessed how the value went up and down, and then up again so many times in the past decade. After the initial interest that promised to expand Bitcoin as a new currency, traders have largely forgotten about it. The reasons behind this development are mainly financial in nature – higher transaction fees and unpredictable movements in the value.

This does not mean, however, that it cannot be spent just like any other currency. Especially today. You just need to know where to look for the things and services you would like to buy. So, if you have been wondering what you can pay with it while planning to travel, below you’ll find some suggestions.



It’s not just things that can be bought with it. There is also a whole range of services that you can pay for using your online wallet.

For example, there are also legal and accounting agencies that accept it as a form of payment for services. There are also platforms, where you can use it as a currency to pay for subscriptions to services for hooking up with other users, or editing websites for instance. But you can also use it to pay for hotel services.

In countries like Switzerland, for example, you can already pay for the most luxurious hotels using these digital assets.


If you’re going on a trip, and you’re in need of a plane ticket, this can be handled easily if you own Bitcoin. Considering the large number of companies in the tourism sector that routinely accept them today, you could make your planning much easier, and maybe even save some money.

Flights that can be paid for with this coin are offered by several transport agencies. You can even purchase the whole travel package and pay this way. If you’re in need of a rent-a-car, this too is available if you wish to pay with Bitcoin. Cruise companies have also decided to accept it as a means of payment.



You might be wondering what good are these coins when they can’t be used to order or pay for food. This is not entirely true as there is at least one company that will deliver pizza to your door in exchange for a certain number of coins. In Japan, for instance, it is completely normal to pay this way in restaurants and cafes. Of course, we need more of these if we want cryptocurrencies to be used to the same extent as ordinary money, but this is more than enough to get you going when it comes to traveling.

Places like LA or New York also have a network of ATMs where you can exchange, buy, or sell. According to services one can pay with coins will only extend, until a point where they will be accepted everywhere.

All of this sounds great, but one can’t help to wonder whether these digital assets are still a valuable investment.

Those who have already invested a serious amount of money in cryptocurrencies continue to argue fiercely with each other about where the cryptocurrency market is headed. While some claim that it is only a temporary crisis that digital currencies abound, others claim that it is a final collapse of the crypto market. So far things are working, albeit with many difficulties and losses.

Information from different sources is often contradictory, so investors are in a dilemma as to which coin to invest in. Since Bitcoin is in crisis, alternative cryptocurrencies are on the horizon that can replace it, with the so-called altcoin. Competition among altcoins is high as many are trying to do similar things.


It should be kept in mind that it takes years, if not decades, to develop successful crypto. The results of such efforts can be completely uncertain as the market is in constant change. Investors’ interests change, infrastructure changes and the coin itself can easily reach the peak of demand; but, it can disappear even more easily in a short period of time.

That there is no need to fear the crypto market, and that with a safe and thoughtful investment you can make a profit, is also proven by the fact that big players such as investment funds, banks, and similar – large institutions have also entered the game. Moreover, the largest bank in the world has started motivating its clients to invest in cryptocurrencies, due to its own research. They confirm that the value of Bitcoin could skyrocket and that a smart investment certainly pays off.

Although sometimes we have a good strategy and realistic funds that we are ready to invest in, we must not forget that it is not good to have unrealistic expectations. Some crypto experts believe that investing in the crypto market should be seen as certain virtual savings. Put as much money as you are ready to lose, and forget about them, without excessive expectations of huge results.