Are Single Bets a Profitable Sports Betting Strategy

If you’re reading this article, then you must have been asking yourself this question: How can I make a long-term profit out of my sports bets? This question is often bothering both beginners as well as more experienced bettors. The answer is simple. Experience has shown many times that without a strategy it is not possible to make a lasting profit from betting. If you put together a wager without thinking, you will surely experience a loss. Unless you have some crazy luck, which we do not recommend you rely on.

Information creates strategy


To form a strategy successful for sports betting, you must have information on the progress of the teams, watch games and read news about the sport you’re betting on.

The problem is that nowadays it is impossible to follow multiple events on the spot, and in the end, it would be financially unprofitable, because you would have to bear the costs of travel, tickets, hotels, etc. Today’s sports TV channels offer a large number of live broadcasts of various sporting events. However, it often happens that the event that you consider ideal for today’s betting is not in the sports program list your cable provider sold you.

Lucky for you, smartphones are super informed. Mobile apps offered by all the world’s major sportsbooks will allow you to go to the stadium and decide on the spot which bet would be best for the event you are watching. You can follow the progress of multiple games at once, and stay updated – discover this info here.

Why is strategy important?


Simple. To ensure profit. All those who tell you they bet for fun, are liars. Surely, it is a fun activity, but at the end of the day, it wouldn’t be so much fun if it doesn’t involve potential profit. Thus, all those who like betting on sports use certain strategies to make sure they earn something.

There are many strategies to be used, but in this article, we’re talking about single bet strategies. Every sports bettor has certainly come to this dilemma during their betting career. Is it better to play single bets or tie in combined multi-match tickets? The dilemma is more than justified because each strategy has its advantages and disadvantages. Single bets are certainly a safer way to play, while combined tickets bring potentially much higher profits.

So, at the end of the day, can single bets be profitable?


In our humble opinion, if you want to ensure profit in the long run it is much better to bet on single bets. It is best, as always, to show this by example.

If you have two games you want to bet on, it’s much better to play two singles than one double combined ticket. Suppose both games are odds of 2.00. If you play a double bet twice with a stake of 100 USD, you bet 200 USD with a potential payout of 400 USD.

Then it sounds like a logical solution to play a double combined ticket, right? Well, that is not the case in the long run. Imagine a situation where you hit only one of two games. In practice, such situations will happen almost every day. Just remember how many times at a local sportsbook you heard someone miss a ticket for “just one game” or “just one goal.”

By playing single bets, you will not be at this risk of a loss, but you will return your bet. And playing a double combined ticket you will lose 100 USD.

But often different sportsbooks have different odds. In order to be successful in sports betting, you must use all the tricks that exist and thus gain an advantage over bookmakers.

You will often be able to take better and higher odds at different bookmakers and thus you will be able to make a profit by playing single bets.

In any case, playing single bets is a professional and proven profitable way of sports betting. Bettors who stubbornly believe that it is better to play combined tickets with smaller odds are simply not right. In fact, such bettors are the dream of every sportsbook. No matter how good your bets are, you are more likely to do something wrong when you play more games than when you play a single bet.

Some will say this strategy is boring, and it will never bring you a pile of money at once. Well, believing that you can get rich overnight by figuring out the correct outcome of 10 games you bet on, is kind of delusional. It is always smarter to play safe, and be patient.

One more advice


Whatever sport betting strategy you choose, there are some things to keep in mind that are the basic conditions for successful betting. Each successful betting strategy is based on the following details:

  • Betting analysis: Each role selection must be considered and evaluated in detail. You can only succeed if you have experience in sports and competitions.
  • Serious bankroll: All stakes need to be tailored to your financial circumstances. An experienced bettor’s strategy may include the same bets as those placed by a recreational bettor, but the combinations of these bets can be completely different.
  • Winnings: If the betting strategy is successful, users should raise their winnings. Despite the gain, don’t be greedy. Higher stakes do not always ensure higher gains.

To conclude, of course, here and there anyone can hit a combined ticket, that’s not in dispute. But the goal of this article is to point out potential strategies that have been proven to be more profitable over a longer period of time. Single bets are more profitable. A single bet allows you to choose a sportsbook that has better odds, lower margins, and also “protects” you from losses due to just one miss on the ticket. With this way of betting, everything is clear: how much money you invest and how are the odds, so much profit you can expect.