Are CBD Products The Key To Avoid Prescription Painkillers Dependence?

CBD is produced chiefly from cannabis or hemp plant. It is made in the resin glands of plants in wildly varying amounts. CBD has proven to have various importances in the body, such as relieve pain, and relax the body and mind. Consequently, it aids with sleep, stress, inflammation, anxiety, and nausea.

How Does CBD Work?

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After intake of CBD into the body, it attaches to a specific receptor in the brain. It stimulates the receptors indirectly in the brain, such as the CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 deals with liver processes that impact pleasure, tolerance of pain in the body, and apetite, whereas CB2 interacts with the immune system.

The use of cannabis with THC activates CB1 and CB2. Hemp oil changes things like inflammation and pain perception in the body. Adenosine receptors are also activated, which are helpful in the release of dopamine that helps in relieving anxiety. It also blocks the psychoactive effect of THC, making it practical and a benefit since it does not have any mind-altering impact of THC.

Meaning of THC

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THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. Consumption of a high THC cannabis strain from retailers like Zamnesia triggers the natural production of dopamine within the brain, which can provide a number of therapeutic benefits as an alternative to addictive painkillers and opiates.

CBD has a variety of products in the market best for pain, sleep, and anxiety. Some of the recommended CBD products include:

1. CBD Isolate

This type of brand contains no THC in it. Also, it includes a variety of oils and strength. Consequently, it should be certified by the US Hemp authority.

2. CBD Broad Spectrum

This specific product is quite powerful since it is derived from the hemp plant that contains a lot of superior genetic makeup. Products are anti-inflammatory, non-toxic, do not bring anxiety, and are not addictive since they are non-psychoactive. CBD brands such as ensure their products undergo various tests using some leading liquid chromatography methods to remove contaminants affecting the product and other impurities.

3. CBD full spectrum

CBD full spectrum is an excellent product that offers enough organic CBD oil available in various sizes. It contains a tart and woody taste without additives and flavors for people who prefer more organic products. However, some brands add additives and flavors to increase the effectiveness and taste of the CBD products.

CBD full spectrum also includes some essential nutrients from the marijuana plant, such as terpenes and cannabinoids. Due to the chemical compounds of the products, it has a more significant therapeutic effect.

Painkiller dependency

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Most painkiller addiction begins after a prescription of pain medication following an injury secondary to an accident. After continued use of the drug, the patient develops tolerance to the drug. Tolerance subjects you to take a large dose than recommended to achieve maximum effect leading to a physical dependence on that drug. Typically, there are multiple types of opiates agonist prescribed for pain management that can cause undesirable drug dependence such as:


The drug is a combination of acetaminophen and propoxyphene. Long-term use brings about addiction to a patient. The drug is prescribed to patients with chronic pain from diseases such as cancer. CBD products are effective in managing chronic and since a patient cannot develop dependence, they are best alternatives.


It is also a painkiller used with a brand name of meperidine. It has a lot of addiction to patients when used for an extended period. People fall into the trap of addiction without knowing infinitely tolerance sets off. After realizing the tolerance of the drug, the use of CBD products can help in nursing the addiction and managing the pain.


It is a synthetic painkiller. Also, it is primarily used in cancer pain therapy. The drug causes dependence and addiction; in severe cases, it will also cause death. Patients should use CBD products to evade addiction in such cases.


Hydrocodone is used to treat moderate pain. Its mechanism of work is by binding to receptors of pain in the brain. Continued usage and euphoria sensation in the brain makes one get used to it to the extent of the abuse. Consequently, addiction and wanting to use more often occur in unsuspecting patients. Once the addiction sets of, it is difficult to turn back to normal. CBD helps in such cases to treat addiction even after prolonged use of the drug.

CBD as a Pain Reliever

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There is a shred of evidence showing how medical marijuana helps in treating pain. Inflammation is the primary cause of pain. Since CBD is an anti-inflammatory product it relieves pain by interacting with the inflammatory and pain receptors in the brains through the endocannabinoid system. The drug is therefore helpful in the treatment of the patient with chronic pain.

CBD as an Addiction Antidote

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In patients using opioid for chronic pain-relieving and have gone to the level of addiction, CBD has a significant effect on reducing opioid intake, treating addiction, and improving quality of life. It reduces the craving for drugs such as heroin hence useful as an antidote. Consusively, CBD can be used to fight the addiction endemic.

Factors to consider when purchasing CBD online

  • Certificate of analysis
  • Customer reviews
  • should operate in FDA regulated environment
  • should have the proper certification
  • Correct labeling of products as stipulated by FDA
  • The amount of CBD content in the product
  • Should produce CBD products with a THC content of less than 0.3%

Bottom Line

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For CBD, it acts on various physiological processes in the body to curb pain and minimize addiction from various painkillers. It works similarly to other analgesics. People living with chronic pain may use it to achieve maximum benefit in reducing anxiety. Patients fighting arthritis are recommended to use it to manage the pain. Most of them are given as tablets, and the consumption method is sublingual.