Ailments that Can be Treated by CBD Oil for Dogs

Cannabidiol or CBD oil is pretty much everywhere, especially in the pet and health industry. Read more about this on this page here. These products have been the trend for years because hemp extracts like cannabidiol can seemingly cure many ailments.

However, although it can help alleviate symptoms, it has not been scientifically proven to cure any condition. Taking your dog to the vet is essential to prevent it from developing serious illnesses. Investing in pet health insurance protects your beloved pet from accidents and medical emergencies. Bivvy offers coverage options that can help alleviate some of the routine vet-related expenses, vaccinations, and deworming.

CBD is an organic and all-natural ingredient found in hemp plants, and it’s perfectly safe for your dogs. Many may hesitate about this product because hemp belongs to the same species as marijuana which is Cannabis sativa. However, the effects of weed and CBD are very dissimilar, and they are also extracted differently.



Cannabidiol is one of the hundreds of compounds found in the cannabis plant. Cannabis can have the so-called cannabinoids, and the most famous one is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is often the one that causes high and other psychoactive effects to the users. In marijuana, THC concentrations were found to be over 30%.

On the other hand, cannabidiol extracts are not psychoactive in nature, and they don’t affect the central nervous systems of mammals. Instead, they go with the same metabolic pathways found in Rimadyl and Ibuprofen, which are anti-inflammatory medications. These pathways prevent blood clots, and they go through a lot of processes in the body, but they don’t necessarily affect the brain. In this way, the dogs can get relief from anxiety while they can still think straight.

It’s worth noting that you should never give your canines raw hemp leaves or anything that contains THC. The psychoactive component is dangerous and can have adverse side effects. Also, when in doubt, always call your veterinarian, especially if this is the first time you’re administering a specific supplement to your pet. Aside from this, there are no current studies to justify the use of marijuana in canines, so it’s best to avoid it altogether.

On the other hand, CBD-based products can greatly enhance and improve the quality of life for your dog. They are often used at the same time with therapies to lessen the pain that the canine feels. You can check out Holistapet for high-quality CBD oil for dogs that are effective and affordable. The right manufacturers can offer you premium products that are specially formulated for dogs, and there are no preservatives added.

Benefits for your Pet


Cannabidiol is often mentioned in many therapy sessions as a cure for various conditions. Even a drug that the FDA has approved called Epidiolex is used to treat epilepsy in humans. Aside from seizures and rare forms of epilepsy, CBD is believed to treat anxiety, back pain, arthritis, and vomiting. Many of the conditions are still being studied, but the studies look promising in each of these medical ailments.

1. Helps Treat Arthritis

Cannabidiol is sharing a metabolic pathway with the NSAIDs and other anti-inflammatory drugs inside the canine’s body. This makes sense that it’s helpful in specific inflammatory conditions like osteoarthritis. This is often painful for older dogs, and you can ease some of these pain sensations with the right oil extracts of CBD.

Another thing is that about one in four of the canines can begin to develop inflammation and redness because of their environment and breed. Research has found out that almost about 60% of the canines may develop arthritis during their lifetimes. You can help prevent arthritic symptoms from showing up when you give oil extracts at least twice a day with the recommended dosage.

2. Pain Management


When looking at a theoretical perspective, the anti-inflammation effects of cannabidiol can be beneficial for canines that are experiencing intervertebral disc disease and back pain. However, most studies are needed to support this notion, but many pet parents are helpful.

The preliminary research involved in pain management shows that CBD is effective when it’s combined with THC. This can be contrary to what’s stated earlier that you should never give the psychoactive compound to your pet, but it’s actually helpful in trace amounts. Fortunately, today, many products are considered full-spectrum.

Full-spectrum contains a mixture of cannabidiol, terpenes, flavonoids, phytocompounds, and less than 0.3% THC that gets together to create an entourage effect. You can scroll through here: to know more about the entourage effect. To be on the safe side, always consult your vet for more information and medical advice.

3. Anxiety

If your pet is always anxious when there are loud noises like thunderstorms, you can give them several drops of the oil to help them relax and sleep better. Since cannabidiol is related to the reduction of inflammation and pain, it’s essentially going to reduce the anxiety caused by the two conditions.

CBD is not psychoactive in nature, but it may not achieve the same effect Prozac can have in canines. This may require more substantial research that’s published in a peer-reviewed journal. Still, many pet parents are giving anecdotal evidence that cannabidiol effectively makes their dogs calm, whether it’s loud noises of fireworks or a road trip.

Potential Risks

Even in higher doses, cannabidiol is known to be safe for both dogs and cats. It does not have any major side effects, unlike other products in the market. However, it’s still recommended to read the scientific papers about it to be sure.

You need to start with the minimum dose because cannabidiol can cause the alkaline phosphatase in the liver to elevate when given in higher doses. Today, it’s still unsure what this elevation means, but only the recommended amount should be given to your furry friends to be safe.