9 Things to Do for Young People in Indianapolis

Although many may think the most someone can do is watch the races and go to museums in Indianapolis: there’s a lot more to this city than that! These are the top attractions and fun things you can do as a young person in this fantastic city!

1. CityWay Gallery

Art is one of the most important things to any generation: which is why it’s a great idea to stop in at CityWay Gallery! This gallery used to be known as the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art and still lives up to that name. Although it almost closed for good in 2020 due to Covid-19, it’s seen many changes and interesting lives and has become its own staple within the community. It’s an interesting stop to make to take pictures and learn more about the people from the area in one go.

2. Geist Reservoir

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Sometimes the city can be exhausting! Why not slip away to something more beautiful and interesting. The Geist Reservoir is an awesome place to go kayaking, fishing, canoeing, or simply boating together. These activities promote teamwork and can be a lot of fun if done with the right person. Just make sure to bring life jackets, and you can rent a boat from multiple places along the reservoir. This attraction is one of the most underutilized by younger visitors, so don’t be afraid to lean into it and have fun while you’re in town looking at Indianapolis houses for sale! For more info, you can check the sites such as redfin.com.

3. Indianapolis Artsgarden

If you’ve driven through downtown Indianapolis, you might have seen this Artsgarden without realizing it! Domed in gorgeous blue glass, this garden is a pedestrian connector between the mall and local office buildings. Inside it’s a beautiful greenhouse of color and plants, with seating and a general atmosphere that makes it feel like you’ve snuck into an observatory from the 1800s. This is a great place to take couples’ pictures or even grab a botanist’s dream of a proposal.

4. Catacombs

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A catacomb might not sound like fun for a young couple: but there’s been a strong resurgence in interest in ghosts lately, and due to that: these catacombs have been more popular than ever before. The Indianapolis Catacombs are over 20,000 square feet of passageways and corridors that sit beneath the corner of Market and Delaware street in downtown Indianapolis. This attraction can be exciting and scary, with multiple ghosts, and can be even better if you want to try for a seance!

5. Go Ape Zipline

There’s nothing more fun than zipping through the air on a zipline and freely going through a course, so it feels like you’re just flying through the trees. This zipline course is incredibly safe and thorough and lets everyone cut loose and have fun. Although it’s not too far from the ground, if you’re scared of heights, this might not be the attraction for you! Otherwise, it’s fun and thrilling for people of any age.

6. Monument Circle

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You should not miss visiting this fun and exciting place of the city that has so much to offer. It is also known as the Soldiers and Sailors monument. The perfect place for the youth and teens to spend a great time, and one of the hottest points of the location. The best part is that it is situated in the middle of the city, and you will not have to spend much time traveling.

The monument is originally built to showcase the selflessness and love of the soldiers for their country. It honors their bravery and sacrifice and is therefore the most inspiring place. If you want to adore the real beauty of this monument and experience the stunning lighting, we recommend you to visit there in the winter season.

7. White River State Park

If you are too fond of parks, the White River State Park in the city is worth visiting. The most beautiful attraction with clean white water. It is located in the downtown of this city and a very busy spot in the US. The park gets a lot of visitors throughout the year and it is because of its beauty of this place. Spread over a vast area of almost 250 acree, the park has numerous trails for the visitors to walk down.

Ideal for picnic spots, and for people who want to relax peacefully and enjoy some me-time. It offers a lounge for people to sit back, relax and also enjoy the tranquility.

8. Lily House and Gardens

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This garden and house are one of the historic and must-visit landmarks of the city. It is a part of the Museum of Art of the city and is a place worth visiting in Indianapolis. The place imparts beauty in the real sense and is, therefore, a favorite spot of many. Even if you are not visiting the museum, we recommend you to at least visit this place to adore its beauty.

The place is spread over a vast area of almost 26 acres and has a gorgeous, lush garden that is maintained properly. The same firm that had designed the Central Park has designed the garden for the tourists. The furniture of this park is pure and authentic, which means if you want to enjoy the past beauty of the place, this is a worth visiting spot you should head to.

9. Duckpin Bowling

It is one of the most loved and unusual sports being played by the people of Indy. The game is very similar to traditional bowling but has a unique and exciting twist that makes it specific to the city. The game involves balls, smaller pins, and lanes as well. In addition to it, the game imparts a traditional feeling. This way you will assume that you are living the life of 1930s in Indianapolis.

The scoring rules of the game are not the same as that of the traditional game, but you shouldn’t worry. It will be all good once you get to understand it. The sport is easy to understand and you will be able to pick the rules up very easily.

This City Has Fun for Everyone

Indianapolis has the perfect mix of fun and affordable that make it a must-stop for anyone! Consider stopping in and having this much fun soon!