8 Tips on Best Ways to Use Videos on Your E-commerce Site – 2024 Guide

Video content has emerged as one of the best forms of marketing in present times. Videos are known to build up a unique level of trust and engagement with the customers that can take the business to the next level.

In 2011, Google came up with its Panda update. With this update, users were able to search for video content, which opened an entirely new world of user experience. SearchMetrics, a search engine analytics company, said that the majority of consumers search for video content rather than text or audio content. It was also mentioned that websites having video content have longer retention and a lower bounce rate.

Thus, by now, we are all convinced that videos are the way to move ahead successfully in the e-commerce domain. Below we have listed some content marketing strategies to incorporate videos into e-commerce websites:

1. Tell the story of inception

img source: pnclogos.com

E-commerce sites today are filled with hundreds of thousands of products. You will be amazed to see tons of videos on them. So, how to make your product video stand out in the market? We are sharing a secret tool here. How about beginning with some “Story” for the product? Go behind the scenes or let the makers narrate the origin or idea behind the product. This is an excellent way to earn some loyal fan following as well as increase the marketability of the product at the same time.

2. During the making video

How about sharing the “During the making” video. Many customers want to have a glimpse of how the product is being brought to their table. So, if you share some production videos and how it is packed and the entire process, then the users will definitely be glued to their screens. You can go ahead and share a glimpse of your workmanship, labor, material quality, and much more. This is an excellent way to provide your customers with an intimate look at the creation of the product and thus establish a connection with the brand.

3. Product close-up video

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These videos allow the users to completely delve into the product and understand all about it. Here the user can have a zoomed-up look at the product and this would help them make better customer decisions. When a product close-up video is shot from multiple angles, it increases the customer’s confidence in the product, which in turn boosts sales and loyalty at the same time.

4. How to use it

This is mostly seen in technical or slightly complicated products that require a tutorial on how to use it. These videos are a tour of the working of the product and give a complete picture and understanding of the features. These videos are also quite helpful for products that have multiple parts, for which a customer might need a demonstration in the video.

5. Unboxing the product

img source: fiverr.com

Unboxing videos are one of the most popular forms of videos. These videos take you through the entire process of first opening the packaging and seeing the product virtually. The customer has the product for the first time in hand, and thus accordingly, he sees and feels the products and sets it up accordingly. And then, he shares his first-hand review of the same.

As per an article published in the Wall Street Journal, over 90,000 people look for unboxing videos every month, and there are millions of unboxing videos in the YouTube library.

6. Customer testimonials

According to the strategic factory, customer testimonials are proven to generate 62% more revenue for any company. This shows the power of customer testimonials. A customer will want to purchase a product that has positive reviews. Of course, written reviews and star ratings are preferable, but nothing can beat the power of video customer testimonials. And having a customer testimonial video adds to the credibility and confidence of the customers. Not only does it add a human touch to the product, but it’s nice to see a customer using the product you are planning to buy. It increases the trust and goodwill feeling for everyone.

7. Message from the makers

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How about sharing a piece about the company? Let the makers and the founders speak about the company and its products. They can also share the philosophy, mission, and vision of the company in the video. And most importantly, when the makers narrate the story about the product, which idea drove them to the product, and what led to its production, it is always special to watch.

8. Additional tips

How about showing some additional tips and tricks about the product. Some simple and expert guidelines will help the customers gain a better idea about the product and drive sales and customer loyalty at the same time. Such advice and hints increase the revenue but also help retain the customers and forms an essential base for customer service.

In the present day competitive business scenario, it’s very important to have a fool-proof video strategy. A well-planned and executed video can cover miles for your product. It can be the perfect face for your product and increase your brand base at the same time.

A good video establishes a genuine connection with the audience and increases engagement rate over time. Additionally, product videos will also drive sales, revenue, traffic, and brand awareness at the same time.

Videos are fuss-free to create and super easy to digest as well. Thanks to internet connectivity, you can watch and access such videos anytime and from any location. Videos are known to improve ROI and help in lead generation over time. So, it’s high time to get set and create some excellent videos for your e-commerce sites, and we are sure you will be able to feel the difference yourself very soon.