8 Reasons to Partner with a Construction Staffing Agency

A competent, proficient, and reliable workforce is one of the key factors to successfully completing a project. Most building and construction companies have reported that finding qualified professionals and workers is one of their primary concerns.

Access to skilled talent and finding the best specialists for leadership and labor is crucial, but costly and complicated. However, outsourcing hiring challenges can be an ideal solution for saving money and time. For more on staffing solutions, visit Bridgit.

What is a construction staffing agency?

A construction staffing agency works to fulfill a company’s permanent or temporary construction staff requirements. They help construction firms find skilled and experienced labor according to the client’s needs.

Agencies are a good source for hiring construction personnel, including managers or executives, temporary-to-permanent contract-based employees, or temporary unskilled and skilled labor.

The roles and responsibilities of a construction staffing agency

A construction staffing agency provides businesses with end-to-end hiring solutions, including the following.

  • Determining the workload requirements of the company to provide the right solutions
  • Shortlisting potential candidates and scheduling interviews
  • Selecting the right candidates for different positions through employment history verification and background checks
  • Creating contracts and handling the legalities of hiring talent
  • Providing training to hirees
  • Conducting follow-ups to ensure temporary workers meet the work requirements

If a worker underperforms, the staffing agency is responsible for handling the issue, terminating the employee, and providing replacement or adequate compensation.

8 reasons you should partner with a staffing agency for your next construction project

Source: rsirecruit.com

1. Opportunity to leverage the expertise of recruiting specialists

In most cases, construction companies don’t have an in-house hiring team, or they don’t have adequate time to check the profiles and interview the potential candidates. Outsourcing your recruitment requirements to a specialist will make it easier for you to find the right candidates for a given job role. Moreover, the hiring process will be streamlined, saving you money and time.

2. Access to a pool of qualified and talented candidates

Construction staffing agencies have access to many qualified candidates who undergo extensive screening and scrutinizing. The agency also takes care of quality assessment to ensure that the construction company gets best-in-the-class candidates who fit the given requirements.

Successful and reputable staffing agencies also have a huge building and construction expert network. Highly professional and experienced recruiters know how to place skilled workers as per their specialization, work history, soft skills, and personality. They can even handle staffing requirements for construction work and maintenance services.

3. Saving time and effort in finding the qualified candidates

Hiring the right candidates for construction works is a time-consuming process. Reviewing resumes, interviewing potential candidates, and going through references can be tedious tasks. Moreover, shortlisting a perfect candidate requires a certain level of experience and skill.

On outsourcing this to a staffing agency, you’ll get easy access to a candidates list. Also, construction staffing specialists understand industry trends while helping candidates find the most desirable position in organizations.

4. Better workforce management for seasonal construction projects

Source: constructionexec.com

A construction staffing agency can be a savior for companies that handle seasonal building and construction projects with challenging deadlines. For seasonal projects, companies need a short-term labor influx.

You can streamline or build up your workforce by matching the flow of your project with proven and talented candidates. If there are short-notice opportunities, staffing agencies can offer solutions according to changing staffing needs.

5. Opportunity to test potential candidates as per customized assessment criteria

Trial and hire are one of the greatest advantages of hiring the services of a professional construction staffing agency. By leveraging the massive pool of vetted and qualified talent, you can easily assess a worker’s capabilities for a particular job role.

You can try out candidates by recruiting professionals through staffing agencies before employing them full-time. It assures that the individual is a perfect match for the given job role. You can hire candidates permanently once they’ve proven their capabilities and value for a particular task in the team.

6. Minimized cost of hiring

The average salary of a construction worker in the USA is $18.38 per hour, or $35,836 per year. The starting salary for entry-level professionals is around $29,813 annually, and for experienced workers, it can be as high as $50,700 annually.

The cost of hiring talent reduces significantly by availing the services of a construction recruitment agency. Companies will access the industry’s best practices and well-strategized recruitment processes.

7. Low overtime pay

Source: tza.com

Instead of increasing the load on permanent staff, the construction staffing agency can help you find temporary workers. It’s an ideal way to split up the work and increase the company’s productivity. It helps in maintaining a healthy work environment for projects with tough deadlines. Plus, it saves full-time employees from burnout and overtime costs.

8. Save on time required for training new talent, reducing the risk of hiring

Construction recruitment agencies provide ready-to-work professionals and experts who don’t need a lot of training. They offer certification and training management support, personal protective equipment, incident reporting, an employee assistance program, supplementary employee training, and more.


A staffing agency elevates returns on investment for construction companies. Construction staffing service providers help companies acquire the best talent and allows them to leverage best practices and proven industry processes.

They also provide end-to-end solutions for the recruitment cycles that enable construction companies to access top-notch talent in the market. The experts take care of various recruitment functions, including sourcing, recruitment planning, selecting, screening, onboarding, and more.

The advantages of hiring the services of construction staffing agencies are extremely lucrative. Moreover, they also substantially contribute to improving business performance. By partnering with a staffing company, you’ll get top-notch talent and a workforce with no liability and low hiring risks.