7 Tips For Improving Your Event Security

Event management has some rules that are set in stone. The main reason is that no two events are the same and all need a unique approach owing to the event’s diversity, customers, demands, and expectations. To handle events, you need to be flexible and organized to the right degree. Once you let loose some of the things while planning the events, you open doors for adapting to new things, learning through the discomforts, and making specific changes that help to enhance the events.

Your event is incomplete until you have a risk management plan followed by security enhancement techniques to cater to the event’s needs and the people planning to be a part of the event.

So, here are some tips that will help to improve event security.

1. Determine The Degree Of Risks

Security is an understated fact, but it should not be compromised at any cost. It is imperative to understand that one event’s security concerns differ from others. For example, the security concerns of a political meeting will be more than the first birthday party of a baby. While exploring the degree of risk at various events, you should check the following pointers:

  • The host of the event and the security needs to render for a group of people or an individual only.
  • You need to check the guest list and the potential security-related controversies.
  • You should check the event context and whether or not anything related to it can give rise to security concerns.
  • The presence of media, location concerns, and related security vulnerabilities.

2. Choosing The Right Service Provider

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Next up, to enhance the security of your event is to rope in a good service provider that will help you with different kinds of services. If you are looking for essential services like guards at the entry and exit points, you can choose a reliable service provider dealing in the same. However, you can check this site if you want to get armed security professionals for tight security.

3. Visibility Of The Measures

Security does not mean having everything in place when all hell breaks. Instead, it means preventing some things from happening in the first place. So, whenever a potential agitator has mischief on their mind or sees a CCTV or armed guards roaming around the venue, they tend to move on and cancel the plan. Hence, you can choose a combined security device setup that installs some in the open and secures some in hidden places. Also, it would help if you were careful while using metal detectors. Don’t hide them and wait for someone to show up with a weapon in their hand at the event. Instead, they bust their thoughts at the beginning using these detectors.

4. Don’t Head Without Security Checkpoints

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Checkpoints are a must at both the entry and exit gates. The main reason behind this is that they check people’s belongings through systems followed by individual checking by guards. Hence, security threats are reduced. Also, if anything is suspicious, the potential security violators are questioned and confronted by the security personnel. Also, they have the right to bar them from entering a place and nullify their intent to cause any security breach or damage during the event. Additionally, incorporating Viking Rental as part of the security measures can further enhance the effectiveness of the checkpoints since it offers sturdy and reliable security barriers.

However, you should ensure that the checkpoints are placed at a considerable distance from the event’s main entrance. It is essential that if there is any culprit, they are treated outside only, and there is no change in the event’s vibe.

5. ID Proofs Are A Must

You should have a prepared guest list whenever you organize an event. Ensure that a person is sitting at the entrance with the guest list and confirming it with the ones who are making it to the venue. Also, ask your guests to bring their IDs while coming to the venue. This prevents any potential security breach from coming to the venue under the name of a person invited to the event. You can match the ID with the registration information that should be collected beforehand. Cross verification ensures that no two people are entering with the same name. It busts people who are trying to create mischief with fake identities.

6. Don’t Forget Cyber Threats

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Cyber security should not be your compromise if you organize an event. It would be wrong for the event and its security if you ignore cyber concerns. You should know that all risks don’t need to be physical. You should check if the data of the event, the information necessary for the guest, their identification, the devices, and others, are at risk or not. Hence, it would help if you had an equipped and fully functional cyber cell catering to all these things, which you manage everything physically.

Hence, if you are wondering about the first step towards this, it is securing the internet connections. It won’t be possible at places that involve significant events, but it will keep unwanted bugs and parties off track for the least. Also, ensure that you have a trained IT professional in your team to supervise a network’s connectivity and security measures. Also, the person should be trained to spot any unusual activity and resolve it on priority to reduce the possibility of risks and damages.

7. Plan ‘B’

It would help if you sat with your security team and professionals before the event to discuss the probability of the occurrence of an alternative situation. You should create an energy plan in the form of a second plan that will come into force if nothing goes as planned. It should include some of the following pointers:

  • The pathways for mass evacuation.
  • The availability of safety rooms for the guests.
  • Ensuring communication during an emergency.
  • Signage related to the guests’ response in an emergency.

Also, you should check your staff and gather the details. Sometimes, mischievous people pose as staff and try to debar the security preparation. Staff screening will eliminate this threat.


You can try these tips for enhancing security at your event. They will help you in some way or the other. In the end, you should be extra careful with everything, as security and safety should not be at stake in any circumstance.