7 Best Travel Tips for Jordan to Make It Amazing

Jordan is one of the underrated tourist destinations. Only people who have visited it will be able to tell you about the mesmerizing experience. Starting from the underwater splendor of Aqaba to the dessert in Wadi rum –Jordan has so much to offer one’s eyes.

If you are planning to give yourself a treat by visiting Jordan and wondering where to start, here is some help. Read on to find helpful tips to plan an amazing trip to Jordan.

1. Get Your Visa

The first rule to visit any country is to get permission or a visa for it. If you are from the EU or US –you don’t have to worry about it. You can get an automatic visa on arrival to explore Jordan. This will make your arrival easy in the country.

But if you are from another state, you still don’t have to worry about anything. There are many countries that grant nationalities at the airport border by the moment you arrive, and luckily, Jordan is one of them.

By paying some fees of around 100 dollars, you can get entry to the country for the straight 30 days and explore the most stunning places around the town.

2. Find Jordan Pass

The other thing that you will need to visit the country is the pass. Getting a pass for Jordan will make your trip affordable and will save you some time as well.

Having a pass will give you an edge to visit the major attractions without facing any trouble, such as Petra. Petra is a little costly to explore. So, it is always worth the money to buy a pass in advance. All you have to do is pay attention to plan the days you want to stay in Petra.


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3. Identify the Best Time

Well, Jordan is famous for the heat, and you don’t want to ruin your trip because you visit the country in the scorching heat season. If you are not interested in getting melted by the heat. It will be ideal for you to plan your trip in May or March.

October and November will also be a great time to visit the country. You can explore the best Jordan Packages to explore the city and tourist spots in the best season and save yourself some bucks. If you are into outdoor adventures in Jordan, you should add Wadi Mujib to the top of your list.

There are many mesmerizing spots that are closed off for tourism in winter. So, if you have a list of places to visit, plan the ideal time when you don’t have to face any disappointments.

4. Explore Public Transportation

When you are in the process of planning the trip, there are several thoughts that will come into your head, such as transportation. When you are visiting a strange country, you will want a seamless and safe travel experience.

Speaking of safe travel in Jordan, public transportation is one of the less reliable things that you can consider. But it is safe and secure. It works for several locations, but before you plan to go out, you need to plan your schedule and check the connection of local transportation to prevent the inconvenience.

When you are visiting the outside cities in Jordan, public transportation can be limited to a few places, and it can increase stress. It might take longer to plan a route you want to go that connects with public transportation. You can research the routes and their availability to purchase the tickets beforehand.

In case you have a flexible budget for the trip, you can consider renting a car and prevent yourself from any inconvenience. This way, you will get a smooth experience in reaching your destination.

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5. Driving in Jordan

When you are renting your car to explore the cities and places, Jordan will offer you a different driving experience. It can be fun to drive in Jordan, and you can visit the sites that are not possible with public transportation.

Many experts recommend not driving in Amman, known as the capital city, as it can be stressful. When you are driving a car, you need to familiarize yourself with the local laws. Paying the fees for minor driving offenses will be the last thing you want to experience.

Learn about the routes and prevent going around the less safe or under-construction areas. The best thing about Jordan is the fuel cost, which is cheaper. This means you will not have to worry about the fuel expenses to visit the attractive spots.

6. Less Stress of Security

While you are planning the trip to Jordan, leave all the worry about security behind. Jordan is famous for its safety in the Middle East. Jordan has the lowest crime rate and offers a peaceful vibe to tourists. Despite being surrounded by volatile countries, it offers a great sense of security to the citizens and tourists.

If you are into an exotic trip with no risk involved, then Jordan will be the best option to consider for vacation, even if you are planning a group trip.

The best thing you can do is to research the areas and be mindful of the things you carry around.

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7. Clothes to Carry

Many people get stressed when it comes to planning the wardrobe they have to carry for the old-fashioned country. For men, it is recommended to carry shorts and T-shirts. Women should opt for some good-length frocks or loose-fit outfits.

It is always appreciated to dress modestly in Jordan. The locals are smiling and hospitable in Jordan. They will welcome you no matter where you are from. Whatever you wear, ensure you carry a scarf or hat, as too much heat is not good for your head and hair.

It is not mandatory for females to wear headscarves all the time. They can feel the most comfortable around it. Ensure you carry your trainers and sports clothes as Jordan is full of places to explore. You have to stay active, ready, and comfortable with your outfit.