6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Greenland at Least Once in Your Life

You probably think we’re insane. Suggesting a visit to Greenland? Yes, that’s right, we do. It’s not so out of the ordinary to go and visit this almost a continent. Many people do it, and you should be one of them. During this time of the year, we can say that it’s the season of travel. All of us get a few free weeks from our jobs and travel to sea resorts, beaches, ocean costs, mountains, or even to a secluded island somewhere in the Caribbean. We all have different preferences. But, how about doing something different this year. Something rare people do.

Rare, but not unique. As we said, this is not space travel. People do go to Greenland. It’s just that the voice about its good sides hasn’t reached all corners of our planet. But, it will. Soon enough. As you’ll notice articles like this one are swarming the internet. We believe that the tourist destination of the future is ahead of us and that we’re just not noticing it as much as we should. This is hard to imagine considering its size. It’s also close to Canada and United States, so it should have a good audience for tourism.

We are sure that you’re not convinced yet, but we’re about to change your mind. Below you’ll find our reasoning why Greenland is worth visiting at least once while you walk on this planet. The only downside of one visit is that it probably won’t be your last. After all, you can go as many times as you like as a part of the ArcticCruise movement. That’s right. Cruising in these areas is quite popular and the Arctic is getting a rather wanted destination. If you still don’t trust us, keep reading and see our reasoning.

1. Northern Lights

Source: greenlandtours.com

Yes, that’s right. One of the planet’s biggest wonders is a frequent occurrence on Greenland. People usually associate Northern Lights with Iceland, Norway, and other Scandinavian countries, but this island is in the same group. It has amazing landscapes which are spiced with Aurora Borealis.

The best part is that it can be seen on every inch of the land. After all, this piece of land belongs to the Arctic circle. The first reason is here. Visiting Greenland is a must because of the Northern Lights. If you want to see them to the fullest you should reserve your visit for September. It’s then that these lights shine in their full brightness.

2. It’s Accessible

Most people believe that we are here talking about a frozen wasteland. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, it is not per se a green land, but it’s no North Pole too. It has an airport and frequent flights. This was not the case only a few years back. Today you can travel from both Europe and America.

Most flights are handled by the likes of Norwegian Air and WOW. There are flights available on the East Coast of the US, and from European cities such as Copenhagen and Reykjavik. It’s easy to pass by and to stay and enjoy. Things change and this is certainly a beautiful novelty.

3. Sports Activities

Source: wikipedia.org

We’re going, to be honest here. There are no golf courses on Greenland, so Gareth Bale can pack his things and move to Los Angeles as he won’t find any of those here. But, what does Greenland offers that’s not available in some other great vacation destinations? It’s kayaking. This sport holds a historic place on this island.

You’d be in shock to hear that the boat itself was invented on this particular landmass. So, it’s no wonder you’ll find some of the prettiest kayaking routes in this place. The birthplace of Inuit is perfect for exploring via kayak. There are glaciers to be explored, fjords to be seen, and the ocean here is out of this world. If you’re lucky enough you’ll get to enjoy the sea life this island has at its disposal.

4. Hot-Springs Bathing

Yes, you could complain about the ice-cold temperatures on Greenland during the winter. It gets cold, and it’s not for everyone. But, it offers plenty to compensate. One of nature’s biggest riches in this area is the hot springs you’ll find in abundance. When on this island, getting cold comes with amazing perks.

High temperatures are not often associated with this island which is often seen as a winter wonderland, but when it comes to these springs you’ll find some high temperatures. They’re ideal to warm yourself when you get frostbites from walking. If you’re looking for particular locations to bathe, Uunartoq and Disko Island are worth your attention.

5. The Glacier

Source: unesco.org

We titled it this way because it’s not just any glacier. We are talking about the one in Ilulissat-Isfjord. This is one of the places tourists adore about this island. It’s no wonder things are like that as this location is listed on a heritage list by UNESCO. You can reach it from both the air and by land.

Many would argue there is not too much to admire when it comes to ice structures but we beg to differ. We’d also advise them to come to Greenland to see for themselves if that’s true. Ice in this region is otherworldly. While your eyes will be left in awe, your body might freeze if you don’t dress up for the occasion. Visiting this glacier during any time of year requires winter clothes.

6. Because it’s World’s Biggest Island

While it is large as a continent it is still classified as an island. Thanks to this it is deemed as the world’s biggest in this department. This is worth a visit, right? You can always brag to your friends that you’ve visited the world’s biggest island. This is quite a large feat to be achieved. Just like Metallica went down south to the South Pole and held a concert in Antarctica and thus became the first band that played on all seven continents. You could be the first of your friends to visit Greenland. Bragging rights are all yours for taking. Go for it, and visit this amazing land.