6 Major Advantages Of Wearing Sports Glasses

You might think that wearing a pair of sports glasses looks great and completes your overall athletic outfit. However, what many of us do not know is that wearing sports glasses can drastically improve an athlete’s performance! Wearing these glasses made for sports activities will ensure that people with less-than-perfect vision do not miss out on any fun.

Thousands of patients each year suffer sports-related eye injuries. Sports glasses from SmartBuyGlasses can benefit professional athletes and amateurs alike.

So, sports eyewear is not just made to enhance your style statement. There are significant benefits too, like:

1. Avoid injury to the eyes

When playing high-contact sports, glasses provide excellent protection against finger poking and other blows. As the human eye is highly sensitive, it needs to be protected from such impacts. A hockey puck or tennis ball could strike your eye at a hundred miles per hour, causing serious injury or blindness.

There is a high risk of eye injury in children who play baseball and young adults who play basketball. Sports glasses are made with polycarbonate and are therefore more impact-resistant. Glasses made from these materials are more resistant to breakage and scratches, ensuring your eyes are kept safe.

2. Providing a 20/20 perspective

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It has been difficult for individuals who need prescription glasses to see properly to take part in and enjoy sports for many years. Sporting activity can be hindered by prescription glasses that break or slip easily. Unfortunately, contact lenses cannot be worn while swimming, and they provide no eye protection.

However, modern technology has made it possible for sports eyewear lenses to serve as protective devices and prescription eyeglasses. This eyewear enables wearers to see clearly from all sides, unlike prescription glasses that do not permit peripheral vision. Further, prescription sports glasses can provide greater security because they have headbands.

3. Enhance your performance

To ensure top performance in any kind of sporting activity, it is imperative to have sharp and clear eyesight. Many sports professionals are seen performing without wearing sports glasses. But studies have shown that wearing eyeglasses designed for that specific sport can boost the athlete’s performance. You will be in a much better position to give your level best in the sporting activity that you pursue.

For instance, if you are a swimmer, you will distinctly feel the difference between dipping in the pool water with and without wearing your swim eyewear. You can clearly see underwater wearing swim glasses. But the vision turns blurry and causes a burning sensation in the eyes when you try to open your eyes and see underwater. Moreover, the chlorine present in pool water is meant to disinfect it, but it can also cause intense irritation in your eyes. Besides, the impurities that manage to escape and float in water can also cause distress to your eyes, even infections. Conjunctivitis is a common eye infection among swimmers, which is caused due to bacterial or viral elements present in the swimming pool water. Wearing protective eye gear while swimming can keep your eyes safe while you swim.

4. Add some style to your personality

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You can get a unique look with sports eyewear if you wear it correctly. They come in many colors, shapes, and styles. Whether you like a conservative or a bold aesthetic, you can find sports goggles to suit you.

Light will appear in a rainbow of colors through them. Just choose the color you want. There are various frames to best suit the individual’s face shape and preferences. It is important to select shoes that match your outfit or are appropriate for the occasion.

5. Protection against external influences

While riding a bicycle on the road or in the mountains, protect your eyes from dust and insects. An accidental bug sting can cause some avoidable injuries if it flies into your eyeballs. A foreign particle that gets into your eyes can cause irritation or infection. Sports eyewear is designed for specific outdoor sports. These biking goggles wrap around your face to protect your eyes from side-on particles.

The sports eyewear you wear should suit your needs and fit you perfectly. An oversized pair of glasses will let in harmful impurities, while an undersized pair will cause discomfort and tempt you to take them off. Sports glasses with an elastic band that wraps around your head are the best choice for people involved in high-speed movement activities.

6. Keep UV rays at bay

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Sun exposure for prolonged periods may cause you to contract conditions like macular degeneration. If your eyes are continuously exposed to UV-B rays, you may develop cataracts in the future. A more concerning matter is that exposure to seawater or snow while surfing or skiing can cause photokeratitis despite being only short-term.

If left unprotected from UV rays, the skin on your eyelids or around your eyes can develop skin cancer. Pterygium is a condition in which a non-cancerous growth forms on the white of the eye due to excessive exposure to sunlight.

These conditions can cause eventual blindness and can only be treated by expensive and risky eye surgery. Outdoor sports enthusiasts can avoid these types of losses with sports eyewear.

Final Thoughts

It is all about protecting your eyes and face and stepping up your game. When purchasing sunglasses, make sure they are made of durable, high-quality materials, have a secure, comfortable fit, and help you see clearly. Look for eyewear suitable for your sport of choice, not just any eyewear, because each sport calls for specific eyewear. For instance, cyclists need eyewear with thin frames that are light and aerodynamically designed for speed, while for snowboarding and skiing polarized lenses are the most suitable.

Sports glasses and frames are made out of extremely durable impact-resistant materials – polycarbonate is most popularly used. Make sure to buy from authentic retailers, if necessary go for branded products. This will not only ensure maximum safety for your eyes but also help you amp up your performance.