6 Best Areas In Toronto For A Great Night Out

It goes without saying, but we just have to say it – Toronto is one of the most beautiful and lively cities in the world. How else would you describe a city that is not a capital but is far more popular than the capital itself?

Be that as it may, what we want to talk to you about today is why this city is great. Now, since there are many things that make Toronto great, we’re going to try and focus on one aspect at a time, and today, we’re going to start with nightlife.

We’re going to talk to you about the best nightlife areas in Toronto. We’ll talk about the areas where you can get crazy, fall in love, have plenty of fun, and possibly even spot Drake – all at the same time. Although, to be fair, the last one might be kind of a stretch. Either way, let’s begin!

1. The Annex

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The Annex is one of the liveliest areas of Toronto, and that’s not by accident. The Annex is the first-door neighbour with the University of Toronto’s St. George Campus, so if you want to spend your time in a neighbourhood swarming with college guys and girls – the Annex is where you’ll want to be. Since there are so many young people here, the atmosphere will be exceptional – day in and day out. Fast-paced, high-energy parties are omnipresent in the Annex. But also, students like to chill and relax, as much as they like to party – so don’t be surprised when you notice a bunch of antique indie bookshops and causal bars in the Annex, too.

Places To Visit When Around – The Annex Food Hall, Madison Avenue Pub, Dance Cave, Lee’s Palace, Coda, Brewhaha

2. Church Wellesley Village

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Every major city on the American continent has its own “village”, and Church Wellesley Village is Toronto’s. The thing “The Village” is most known for is its strong LGBTQ community. Think of it as Toronto’s response to Williamsburg – only much, much prettier. The area is filled with cafes, bars and restaurants, but most importantly, an amazing club and dance scene. If your jam is dance parties, cocktails and drag queen shows – this is the place you want to be. And, if you really want to experience “The Village” in its full glory – you have to come to visit during summer. In June, the Torontonians celebrate Pride month in “The Village”, and that’s a parade you don’t want to miss.

Places To Visit When Around – Crews & Tangos, Woody’s, Boutique Bar, Black Eagle, Storm Crow Manor

3. Dundas West

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Someone could just drop you in the middle of the Dundas West, and you’d still manage to have the time of your life. Home of the Bambi’s, the street is constantly buzzing with life, and we know people always say that it doesn’t matter where you are, but with who you are, and that’s kind of true. But you could very well be completely alone or with your worst enemy – and you would still have fun in Dundas West. Now, even though we are confident in our theory that you’d have fun in Dundas even with your worst enemy, we wouldn’t suggest you do it. After all, why spend time with someone you dislike when you have Toronto Passions at your disposal? Anyway, Dundas St West at night – guaranteed fun!

Places To Visit When Around – Bambi’s, Communist’s Daughter, Get Well, The Cocktail Bar, Montauk, Archive, Famous Last Words, Hole in the Wall, 3030 Dundas West

4. King West

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Come to think of it, if Kanye didn’t think of himself as highly as he does, this would’ve probably been his alternative name. Jokes aside, King West was the industrial centre of Toronto until we’ve decided we really like the industrial look, and now this area is swarming with fine-dining restaurants, rooftop-hotel and regular bars, and of course, nightclubs. King West is an area you certainly should miss if you love good times, craft beer and want to have a great night out while in Toronto.

Places To Visit When Around – Thompson Hotel, Lavelle, Bisha, Early Mercy, Bar Hop, Odd Thomas, Locals Only

5. Queen West

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If you thought we were going to leave out the “second coolest neighbourhood in the world”, according to Vogue, well, you thought wrong. You absolutely have to give Queen West a try as soon as you touchdown in Toronto. This lively and fun neighbourhood is a recipe for a great night out. All you have to do to have fun in Toronto is go to Queen West and just enter any bar or a hotel you stumble upon. As you might know, the Queen West is home to the Drake hotel, although Drake Aubrey Graham has nothing to do with this one. The Drake has been around since the late 40s, and since Drake started from the bottom, having a hotel to his family name wouldn’t really sit well with that song, wouldn’t it?

Places To Visit When Around – Queen Street Warehouse, Bovine Sex Club, The Drake, Rush Lane Co, Tequila Bookworm, Apt 200, Bar Fancy

6. Parkdale

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A neighbour to Queen Street, Parkdale is another hip and quirky neighbourhood you should visit if you’re in Toronto any time soon. If your idea of a great night out includes mind-bogglingly amazing food and live music – just go to Parkdale and enter any bar you come across. This place is absolutely swarming with people on the weekends, but to be fair, workdays are a fun hang, too. If you’re into indulging your mouth and ears at the same time – this is where you should be. To be fair, gastropubs aren’t the only fun thing in Parkdale. If you’re into electronic music and dance – Parkdale’s got you covered.

Places To Visit When Around – Grand Electric, Shameful Tiki Room, Pharmacy Bar, Parts & Labour, Miss Things, Motel Bar, Escape Goat


We think it’s pretty obvious that Toronto has a great nightlife scene, just like we think it’s pretty obvious that you probably won’t get to visit all of these places if you’re just visiting for a few days. But, if you’re planning on staying – use this as your guide and have some fun!

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