5 Unique Advantages of Different Types of Label Stickers – In 2024

Label stickers! We’ve seen them so much that we don’t even consciously register them anymore. We’ve seen them on multiple commodities. Like jars, boxes, bottles. Label stickers have been a form of stickable manual that has the entire information of the product on it.

There are various types of label stickers available for different sorts of uses. Stickers have been used for marketing, information, promotions, and product parameters. There are many unique advantages to using different types of label stickers. Many websites like labels123 provide various types of labels for a wide array of purposes.

First, what are the different types of label stickers available? There are five major types of them.

1. Dry Peel

These are labels that can be removed from the box as the adhesive is not strong. They are generally used if there are coupon codes attached or if they have redeemable points on them. We normally see it with messages like, “Peel here to encash.” or other messages like that. It can also be stuck on top of another label without damaging it.

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2. Fold Out Labels

They normally have extra sorts of information about something, like the product or the company. While these also can be used as coupons, they generally contain flyers or advertisements for another product of the company. These differ from dry peels as they are properly a part of the attached label with an accordion-like effect where they’d be folded in a zig-zag manner to be elongated.

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3. Resealable labels

These are convenient sort of labels able to seal the packaging or container again. They are gaining immense popularity. They are now being reinforced to be more durable. They make the product very convenient to use and add a lot of functionality to the product. They’re also called reseal labels and often come with food, snacks, meals or we even see them in ready-to-use wipes. They can even be used if you have to give instructions in other languages.

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4. Specialty labels

These are specially cut labels with a very striking shape or outline that is synonymous with the brand. It’s a great form of advertisement and gives the company a unique outlook. This is generally done to make a product striking and often helps in adhering to a product whose shape is a bit unconventional. These types of stickers are done for aesthetic purposes and tend to be really creative.

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5. Primary labels

These are called so because they summarize your brand, company, and logo in one clean label. It is the main label on your product and should consist of a mini version of your company on it. These are the ones that generally make your product eye-catching. These types of labels are done in gloss, foil, matte finishes and have specialty coatings and watermarks. This label is what makes people pick up the product you create and is used to improve the shelf attraction.

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We now know there are so many types of labels, but what are the advantages of using different types of label stickers? One of them is Print Sticker.

1. They are small and compact

Labels are a condensed and convenient information brochure of a product. They tend to contain all the required info in a small space which makes it convenient for users to read. Human beings have a very little attention span. So when labels are used, they technically get everything they need to know about the product at a glance. This advantage is only given by labels, as longer manuals and booklets generally get thrown away unread.

2. They can be highly customized

The fact that labels are very tiny makes it fun to customize. It can be made colorful and eye-catching to attract customers or you could use fold-out labels to give more information or adhere coupons or vouchers to it. This won’t be as easily incorporated in a box or some brochure. Labels make it handier due to their customizability. They come in amazing shapes which in the long run becomes a trademark of the company they represent.

3. Labels are versatile

Labels are very handy. They are produced with self-adhesive on the back and would be given a varnish coat at the end. They are heat-stable, often waterproof, and can withstand humidity. This is not the case with most of the brochures and manuals that you get which are made of paper and can easily get torn. They can also be used on any surface provided that a strong self-adhesive is used. Labels complement the product perfectly to give a more reinforced statement to the consumers.

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4. They save time during production

One unique advantage that only labels give is that they save time during production as no one has to use glue, paper, and brushes. A label will be synthesized ready-made with an adhesive that can just be stuck directly onto the product. They’re easy to obtain also. Labels are mass-produced so they are a greener option.

Printing any brochure or leaflet or a manual for a product makes use of many sheets which overall gets detrimental to the environment. Labels are small, hence many of them can be printed on one sheet at a time. This ensures more labels in fewer resources, thus it is one step towards less pollution. Some companies go as far as to even cut unique shapes of labels to guarantee maximum utilization of sheets.

5. They represent your brand

Nothing speaks louder than the label that represents your company. Various types of labels exist so that you can utilize labels to the maximum. No amount of monochromatic, comprehensive manuals attached to your product can give the same attractiveness a label can give. Hence, labels have more representability and give the uniqueness your brand deserves.


Labels have come a long way from being a strip of paper attached to something to now being a colorful representation of the whole brand. It has become a target of advertisement with creative ways to incorporate offers and coupons on it such that more people buy that product. Different types of labels now have multifarious uses and have been the go-to for good marketing and branding.