5 Tips for Creative & Effective Cannabis Packaging

There are many myths about cannabis and CBD products, but luckily, things are changing for the better as more and more people realize how beneficial these products are.

Of course, as a business owner, this is great news, but even so, due to such big popularity of these products, in order to stand out, you need to do something different, and these creative packaging ideas will surely help.

Resending packages

Let’s start with the most eco-friendly option because it is one of the most talked about topics today. When we consider how much we pollute this planet by doing and producing things we can live without and that have no real effect on the quality of our life, it’s nothing unusual that due to negligence, we cause such global events like global warming.

Of course, this is just one plain example that you can also use as a “marketing trick” because more and more people are learning about the devastating effects our actions cause in the long run and are more and more focused on going with eco-friendly material when making some decision.

Using reusable packaging will instantly bring more people to the product and also be a much better and safer solution than classic packaging.

As for how it works, it’s actually pretty simple, as once used and done with, the packaging will be sent back so that someone else will use it. It is as simple a solution as it gets, and just this principle, with understandably, some small changes and adjusting, if applied to other spheres of our lives like food and drinkable water, will benefit everyone overall.

The good thing is that most renowned brands already use this type of packaging, and if you are new to this business, doing this would draw even more people and customers, which, in the end, benefits everyone, as the only thing needed and different is a little bit of time needed to actually send the package back so it can be used again.

Go small or go home

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Unlike the popular saying, minimalism as a trend is on the rise, regardless of the topic we are talking about, which is yet another highly efficient solution for marijuana packaging.

Namely, the smaller the packages, the more attention they will draw, as even though if something is big and as the fact must be noticed, people usually don’t actually buy or use such products, and instead are more willing to go with a package that’s smaller.

Of course, the attractive design would also help draw the attention of the people as the main focus is on the product, and even though most marketing specialists have forgotten about it, it’s actually the quality of the product that should interest buyers and customers the most, and not just the design or some other marketing tool.

Besides all this, smaller marijuana packaging made of eco-friendly materials will help sell the product even more, as you will place emphasis on the famous “Less is better,” which is always a much better solution. You can explore eco-friendly packaging options at https://greentechpackaging.com/.

Eco-friendly packaging for cannabis products is not just a trend but a necessity in today’s environmentally-conscious market. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, so does the need for sustainable packaging solutions that reduce the environmental footprint.

Traditional plastic containers, while convenient, contribute to the overwhelming plastic waste problem. In contrast, eco-friendly materials offer a greener alternative without compromising product quality or safety.

Another popular option is hemp-based packaging. Hemp, a close relative of cannabis, is biodegradable and requires fewer pesticides and water to grow compared to traditional crops. Hemp packaging can be molded into various shapes, making it versatile for different cannabis products.

Another sustainable choice is glass, which is recyclable and preserves the freshness of cannabis for longer periods.

Choose the right design

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Okay, we all base our opinions on different things, through television, or in this modern age, via the internet, we also learned to link certain designs and shapes with certain things and even emotions. Now, this is something we mostly do subconsciously, but it’s still something that matters pretty much when we have to buy something.

As for marijuana, that’s the famous green leaf, and just one glimpse is enough to instantly know what some topic, shop, or in this case, the packaging is about, which is something you can use to your benefit.

Namely, since such a rapid expansion of various CBD products, many brands on the market are already using this image, and yeah, we can all agree that it is the best way to do so, but with slight adjustments and some effort, you can create something new and unique that will send the same message but draw more attention.

Keep in mind that many people still have negative thoughts and opinions regarding marijuana and CBD overall, which is not something you want your business to be linked with, and it is something that you can use to be different and establish your business as a brand.

Use the leaf image, but use it wisely, add it to something else or change it a little bit, or as one of the best solutions, alter it a bit and use it to send a strong message. All these things will much contribute to your overall success.

Choose the right material

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We have mentioned that the product is the most important, but yes, packaging matters too, and just like you wouldn’t want to get water in a plastic bag, you probably also wouldn’t want to get marijuana placed on a piece of paper.

Now, the biggest issue here is determining which material is the best to showcase the product, and we have said that eco-friendly materials are the best way to go, but if you want to send a different message, there is one main rule to follow, and it’s about not using any non-eco-friendly material. Using glass is always a much better choice than plastic, as plastic is absolutely the worst material you can use for marijuana packaging.

On the other hand, you also have to think about the product, and if you sell dried plant products, then you need to go with a material that will protect it from sunlight and moisture.

Furthermore, silicon jars and packaging are probably the best for cannabis concentrates, and what’s great about them is that they have no toxic and harmful elements, as they are medical-grade ones. Overall, go with the material that suits the brand and product the most, but keep in mind the eco-friendly side of it as well.


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Yes, just like the CBD products with the same name, the packaging can be made out of edible material. Of course, this is a bit more expensive as there is a health aspect to think of the packaging as well, but it surely is the blooming one, as there is so much talk about it.

In general, adding customized packaging or even a customized design to the entire offer will help your business stand out and draw even more customers, and if you are interested in more interesting solutions and designs, make sure to check sanapackaging.

One of the primary appeals of edibles is the discretion they offer; consuming cannabis in this form doesn’t produce the recognizable smell associated with smoking. However, edibles also present unique challenges.

The effects of ingested cannabis take longer to manifest, often between 30 minutes to 2 hours, and can last significantly longer than inhaled cannabis.

It delays onset can lead to overconsumption, as individuals might consume more thinking they haven’t taken enough. It’s essential for consumers to start with a low dose and be patient.

As the saying goes in the cannabis community regarding edibles: “Start low and go slow.”