5 Steps For Planning An Epic Weekend In Provence 2024

Weekend getaways have become a necessity in today’s hectic lifestyle. Spending a few days with friends and family on a tiny island or the French Riviera will be an incredible experience for most millennials.

Most working professionals recognize the importance of taking a break after a week or two. Such breaks go a long way in uplifting moods and re-energizing an individual to get on with their regular job once the weekend comes to an end.

However, weekend getaways are quite different from the long holidays that people take. The weekend breaks are for a short span of time and are taken much more frequently than an extended vacation. Hence the time required for planning for such weekend breaks is usually less. So people can take the help of Lecollectionist to plan a perfect and customized weekend for them.

Why Provence Is The Perfect Location For A Weekend Break In 2024?

Provence is a region that is located in the southern portion of France. It is located on the Mediterranean sea. The beautiful Mediterranean location has become a popular choice among world tourists, given its white beaches and crystal clear blue Mediterranean waters.

The region of Provence is not just a beautiful beach location with a pleasant climate; it is also an absolute treat for lovers of art and history. The area has many Lavender gardens, medieval towns, and art museums that have paintings from some of the most famous painters in the world. It also boasts some of the best cathedrals in the world. So if someone is a fan of Roman art, then Provence is the place to visit.

Some Steps To Take In Order To Ensure An Epic Weekend In Provence In 2024

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Choose The Specific Tourist Spots To Visit

There are way too many tourist attractions to choose from; hence drawing up a list to pack in all the favorites in a limited time is crucial. If a family member loves art, then places like Aix-en-Provence, City Of Popes, and St Tropez are an absolute treat. From remnants of Roman cities to amphitheaters, these places have it all. Many of these places, like the City of Popes, are world heritage sites and feature the famous Pope’s palace.

The rare artwork is not only a treat for art lovers but can be a great location to click memorable photos, which can be perfect for social media lovers.

Arrange For The Perfect Accommodation

The accommodation that people choose depends on factors like the budget, individual preferences, etc. If budget is a concern, booking a budget hotel or renting an apartment is a good idea. However, if budget is not a concern, then people can splurge on the most exotic villas that offer excellent amenities.

People can choose between a beach resort or an isolated house on a hill when booking accommodation. A villa can be isolated from the maddening crowd away from neighbors, or it can be a house right in the heart of the city. The places that are available for rent are pretty exquisite. One can choose between an isolated bungalow with lovely balconies and personal swimming pools to a medieval castle adorned with Roman art.

Choosing between a luxury house and a castle will depend on whether people can do regular activities like gymming, WiFi, etc. A castle will give the feel of a royal life but will usually not offer WiFi or any sports facilities. Hence if people can stay away from the internet for a few days, living in a castle for a few days might be an excellent experience for them.

Also, while booking can accommodate things like disability-friendly measures, pet facilities should be kept in mind. Most people cannot imagine taking a break without their pets, and pet-friendly measures are an absolute must for them.

Ensuring Safety While Traveling

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Safety while traveling is often neglected but is the most crucial element in ensuring an enjoyable weekend. A few points should be kept in mind to have a hassle-free time. Using travel locks for luggage ensures safety, and avoiding public WiFi is a good idea. Public WiFis are convenient to use but are infamous for hackers.

Also, keeping multiple copies of essential documents like passports, visas, identity cards, etc., and not keeping a lot of money in one place are prudent measures. Although holidays are an opportunity to splurge on luxuries, people should be careful while spending, or they might end up being robbed in a foreign land.

Plan For A Luxurious Stay

Travel becomes less tiring if the flight bookings are for business class. Hence people should start by booking business class tickets for the trip. Personal boats, helicopter rides, yachts, private beaches, spas, and saunas are some of the luxuries people enjoy. If budget permits, private beaches can provide the ultimate privacy and serenity.

 You can even book a luxury yacht charter on the French Riviera for one unforgettable travel experience.

A beach with a reef nearby are stunning location. A yacht can be booked for the family, and mega yachts offer cinema, bars, and pools all inside a gigantic yacht. These megayachts are the most suited for throwing lavish parties in the Mediterranean sea.

Indulging In The Local Cuisine

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The local food is the best reflection of the culture of a place. The Mediterranean region specializes in the use of olives, tomatoes, and garlic in their food. Moreover, many herbs, like rosemary, thyme, etc., are a regular feature of French food. Tasting local delicacies like Ratatouille, made up of colorful vegetables, is a must-try. Also, French wine is world famous for its taste and should be included in meals.


Spending a reasonable amount of time researching the perfect location and amenities will ensure that the weekend break becomes an unforgettable experience. Moreover, if time is a constraint, there are professional agencies who can help you enjoy an ideal holiday. Traveling to the Mediterranean is a part of most bucket lists, and the white beaches, seafood, and classic art make Provence a perfect destination to fly to in 2024.