5 Small Tips and Tricks that Will Make You a Better Airbnb Host

If you are renting an apartment to tourists, then there are big chances you published your offer on Airbnb. People do that because they want to reach more people. Sharing images and descriptions of your apartment in different social media groups are also a good way to reach people, but we can agree Airbnb will bring you much more guests.

Speaking of images and descriptions, you probably prepared everything before you published your offer on this amazing website. However, will that be enough to convince many people to choose exactly you? Unfortunately, no! As you know, there are a bunch of individuals that are trying to attract more and more people in the same way as you. Before tourists book an apartment, house, or anything else, they would read reviews of previous customers. Social proof is some kind of additional confirmation for tourists that their decision is right.

So, how to get good reviews on Airbnb? You need to be a host that will ensure the appropriate experience for every guest that comes to his place. Because of that, we would like to share small tips and tricks that will make you become a better Airbnb host. We recommend you apply them all because that is the only way to get positive reviews on Airbnb. Let’s get started!

1. Everything Has to Be Clean!

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Before your guests come, you need to ensure that everything is clear. We are talking here about all the details of your apartment. Don’t try to hide some of the gaps or try to complete the cleaning process as soon as you can. If you don’t have enough time to do that on your own, it is much better to hire a cleaning service that will ensure everything is fine.

So, what are the things you should focus on the most? Before everything, bathroom! The bathroom needs to be 100% clean and shine as you renovated it a couple of days before. Despite that, clean all the dust that you see and don’t see! Guests must not feel like they are spending a couple of days in a dirty environment. Besides, traces of dust is a sign that you are not respecting your guests, and they definitely won’t give you good reviews on Airbnb because of that.

2. Ensure That Your Apartment Has Everything Necessary

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It is not enough to make your apartment clear and expect your guests will be happy. Keep in mind that they certainly won’t bring things they have at home with them. For instance, you need to provide them with a vacuum cleaner and allow them to clean the mess before they go.

These details matter a lot and it is much better to invest a bit more money in different items. They won’t only make the guests feel pleasant; you will also manage to make your apartment look different from others they can find on Airbnb. After reading this article, you can find out more about the must-have products on the DPGO blog. The list of items they shared there is definitely going to make your apartment look amazing and your guests happy.

3. Try to Make a Bit More Personal Relationship

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This piece of advice deserves an explanation because you can easily make a mistake. Some hosts try to be too personal and they start questioning a lot of things. Keep in mind some people do not want to make a closer relationship with you. They only expect that you offer a clean and practical living space where they can enjoy for a couple of days or weeks.

On the other hand, this doesn’t mean you should give them the keys and leave them to take care of themselves. You should be a host that is responsive and ready to answer all the questions that the guests have. These questions are not always going to be associated with the apartment where you live. If they are in your town for the first time, you should recommend to them the best place where they can eat, what to eat, which places to visit, etc.

With that type of attitude, you will manage to make a closer connection with each guest that comes to your place. Over time, you will see how willing they are to talk with you about some other subjects. If you notice that they are friendly, then you should act the same way. On the other hand, if you see they are not willing to spend a lot of time talking with you, then answer kindly the questions they have and leave them to enjoy their time. That’s what the best hosts on Airbnb do!

4. Avoid Adding Personal Elements In Your Apartment

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When you book an apartment in a hotel, do you see a picture of the owner and his family inside the room? There is no reason to add some personal elements inside your apartment. Your guests need to feel like they are at home. Personal belongings are not something you should place in your apartment. Instead of that, you should keep the design simple and flexible. That is the only way to meet the requirements and expectations of every person that spends time there.

5. Welcome Your Guests Like You Would Welcome a Best Friend

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The only thing you will know about your guests is their name and the place where they are coming from. However, that doesn’t mean you should welcome them as a stranger. The best hosts on Airbnb will welcome their guests as best friends.

When they enter the apartment for the first time, you should put a bottle of wine on a table. This is a gesture you use only when you are welcoming something you respect. On the other hand, if they come to your place late in the night, you can prepare dinner for them, or simply surprise them the next morning. Most hosts do not do this, so you will definitely offer a unique experience.

Final Thought

To conclude, everything you are doing has only one purpose – making the guests feel like they are at home. Ensure that your apartment has all the necessary items that a person, couple, or family would need. Remove all the dust that previous visitors left, and try to be a responsive host that is ready to answer all the questions that guests have. Are you ready for that?