5 Reasons to Avoid Cheap Web Hosting Services

Nowadays, finding a suitable hosting provider to host your website has become an essential factor more than ever before. In some cases, spending a little bit more money is worth it, plus you will find many hosting providers out there. However, it is certainly not advisable to choose a server for hosting your website just because it is the cheapest one. Being able to recognize the value of good web hosting is sometimes not easy, especially since it is not something people can touch or see. Keep in mind that the difference between good and bad hosting is important when it comes to the consequences that may occur on the whole development and outcome of your website. Therefore, selecting proper hosting is essential in order to have a strong, trustworthy website that you can rely on. Below you can find the top 5 reasons why you should avoid cheap web hosting.

1. Poor customer support

Source: liveadmins.com

In general, low-priced and crappy hosting services have terrible customer support. In case your website has gone offline or has been compromised, then you will need to be able to fix this promptly. The inexpensive providers usually provide a very slow response time once you’ve created a support ticket. In addition, many of them charge extra for additional support. If you pay somewhat more for a premium service, you will find that this assistance will be available promptly and comprehensively. A decent web hosting company would be one that has a technician ready to help with any issues you may encounter, either over the phone or via live chat.

2. Slow loading speed

Not only is this extremely annoying for the users, but it also leads to a negative ranking score within the major search engines. You can find many techniques, which can be applied in order to increase the page loading speed. For example, minimizing the image sizes and eliminating redundant plugins. But in case the server happens to be slow, these modifications will have very little effect. This is why it is important to know that you are getting what you have paid for. Premium hardware enables your applications to run fast, perform flawlessly, and deliver superior stability. Cheap hardware may be slow, delayed, may crash frequently, and may experience unexpected shutdowns. A web server has no difference as this is the physical hardware that fuels your website and provides it to your users. It is important that your website loads quickly because slow loading speeds affect your user experience as well as have downside effects. If you are looking for web hosting services that will ensure your website is online and loading quickly for all visitors you may visit www.21st-thailand.com.

3. Limited Bandwidth

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It is common for cheap hosting to limit the bandwidth of your website, which means that the moment you have a particular amount of data accessed or downloaded on your website, whether in a day or more than a month, you will notice that your website has gone offline, and your users will receive a message saying that the bandwidth limit is reached. For both your user experience and SEO ranking, you may find this to be quite catastrophic of a problem.

For example, in case your website is out of service or experiencing slow loading times, it can affect your rankings badly, which is because search engines are not fond of websites that go offline all the time. Websites classified as poor quality may show up poorly in search rankings, and that will result in your website being less discoverable for your target visitors. You will not obtain the desired results by being offline more than you are online. As a result, you will be ranked under your competitors on a search engine results page, which will cause harm to your business.

4. Your website may be vulnerable to hackers due to its poor security

There are many examples of this. Probably one of the most common examples would be malicious code injection. Typically, attackers are able to discover the database vulnerabilities and inject malicious code secretly. The process is commonly known as MySQL injection. Consequently, while you are unaware of it, your website will turn into a malware-infected domain. Then Google will mark your website domain as a malware deployment location, which will cause your SEO rankings to drop significantly.

In addition, it is possible that one malware attack will cause all database instances on the server to be infected, in the event that the server relies on a single database server that has no backups. In other words, every site that is hosted on that database server becomes compromised. Therefore, you can be the one affected whenever another site’s domain happens to be attacked. Usually, inexpensive web hosts come with seriously weak security practices. Simple firewalls, no malware defense, and nearly non-existent defense towards DDoS attacks will leave your site exposed to a variety of possible attacks.

5. The IP address of your website may be associated with spam websites

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Many websites’ hidden enemies are the bad neighbors, a problem all of you never realized that exists until it was actually too late. Low-cost web hosts have a habit of selling the maximum amount of web space they can to the maximum number of people they can, in most cases with no concern as to whom they are selling to. Moreover, having your website’s IP address associated with spam websites may cause a lot of reputational harm to your website.

The goal of your business strategy may not be always about trying to save money, especially not if you have the long-term goal of expanding and developing your existing business as well as the services you provide. If you are looking to get the most out of your business, then you need to spend an extra amount of money, and sometimes even more than you expect.

Low-priced Website hosting does not always come cheap. As a matter of fact, this is actually a lot more expensive over time. Considering the trouble and frustration you’re going through, it also negatively impacts your company’s reputation. It is necessary to pay extra attention when choosing a web host that will suit your requirements. Besides, before you even begin, remember that the difference between a low-cost web host and an affordable one is significantly huge.