5 Best Android App To Track HRV In 2024

We have all kinds of ways to track HRV (heart rate variability). But what better way to do it than through an Android app? The beautiful thing with mobile apps, in general, is that they’re convenient. All we need to do is simply download the app and open it. You don’t need to attach anything to your chest, just hold your phone in your hand. While different apps track HRV using different methods, it’s important to mention that they are more convenient than a visit to the doctor.

The convenience factor is too great to ignore. More so, most of these apps are free. So you don’t need to go out and buy an HRV monitor. But what are the best Android apps to track HRV in 2024? No doubt there are hundreds of apps out there, so we’ve done our due diligence and present to you a list of the 5 best.

5 Best Android Apps To Track HRV

Here is a complete list of the best HRV apps to download to your Android smartphone. Most of these apps are cross-platform compatible, meaning that you can also download them on your iOS device.

1. Runtastic

Source: lflus.com

Runtastic isn’t only a fitness app that Android users can download to track HRV, but an app that performs a wide range of tracking. Namely, Runtastic is only available for Android users and is completely free. One of the standout features is HRV tracking. The app does that through your smartphone camera, however, we’re not sure that the app is entirely accurate. Other apps on this list might have more accurate HRV tracking.

Nevertheless, the HRV tracking seems to be accurate enough. The app is also easy to use, has a cool design, and allows you to view your HRV tracking history.

2. Welltory

Source: producthunt.com

One of the highest-rated apps on the Google Play and App Stores, Welltory is an all-around fitness app that tracks HRV and a number of other metrics. The whole point of Welltory is to be the number-one app for fitness & lifestyle.

A highlight of the app is the deep heart monitoring feature, which measures your HRV. By simply holding a smartphone in your hand, you have a full analysis of your heart rate and other parameters.

Another highlight feature is the app’s blood pressure tracking capabilities. It will indicate if your blood pressure is alarming and even point out worrying indexes. These indexes are based on the latest clinical guidelines for blood pressure tracking, meaning you’re fully aware of what’s causing abnormalities. But that’s not all. Welltory keeps historic data that you can turn to and compare with the latest readings. Even more so, the app is very accurate and even allows you to measure other things such as your workouts.

All in all, Welltory is one of the best apps for blood pressure and heart rate tracking for both iOS and Android users.

3. HRV4Training

Source: linkedin.com

HRV4Training isn’t a free app. However, this particular app is so good that it’s worth paying for it. If the name didn’t give it away, HRV4Training is an app that measures HRV. It also measures other things such as your heart rate. But what makes this app stand out from the rest is the fact that the application provides advanced data and analysis on the various parameters that are causing HRV abnormalities.

The data is separated into different categories, which makes reading easy and convenient. Another reason that makes HRV4Training so good is that it is aimed at athletes. With the use of the app, athletes can measure HRV and adapt their training methods based on the data. All in all, HRV4Training offers a personalized training plan that is based on accurate HRV measurements.

4. Elite HRV

Source: techcrunch.com

Yet another app designed for fitness and wellness is Elite HRV. This app makes tracking HRV easy as pie. With a simple download, Android users get a whole host of information readily available to them. From HRV tracking to in-depth analysis of parameters, the app has it all.

Much like other apps on this list, Elite HRV can be an excellent tool to supplement your fitness workouts. With this app, users can optimize their training and recovery by preventing burnouts and inflammation. One thing that goes against the app is the sheer abundance of information. You might feel lost while looking at the data that the app provides.

Nevertheless, Elite HRV is accurate and that makes it one of the best apps for blood pressure and heart rate reading.

5. Kubios HRV

Source: facebook.com

If you’re looking for accurate HRV reading and tacking, Kubios HRV is yet another app that will do exactly that. While we won’t get into how the app works, Android users need to know that the app is free and can be downloaded to your Android smartphone.

It’s even available for iOS. One of the standout features of Kubios HRV is accurate HRV tracking. The app is meant for athletes who want to track their performances and get an in-depth analysis of their heart rate. Part of the HRV tracking is the parasympathetic nervous system and sympathetic nervous system readings. With an in-depth reading of the PNS and SNS indexes, users get access to more information regarding their heart rate than ever before. You can measure your HRV daily or whenever you want. That’s because the apps come with two modes of operation.

In addition to all that, the app is free!


HRV tracking is made available to you through the use of an Android app that anyone can download. While not every app is free, many indeed are. Our list includes 5 Android apps that are a combination of both.

Tracking HRV through these five apps will make it seamless to understand the abnormalities while training or working out. These apps are solely designed for athletes, but that doesn’t mean a normal person cannot use them. We hope that this article has helped you understand which HRV tracking apps to download for 2024.

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