5 Arthritis Exercises for Seniors

Arthritis, caused by joint inflammation, is common among older persons. People with pain in their joints may be skeptical about engaging in some forms of exercise with the belief that they may worsen their condition. This may be true for some activities.

However, there are certain workouts suited to preventing and managing arthritis in older adults. They help improve activity levels and strengthen the joints.

Rather than exerting, these exercises are simple and easy to carry out, typically involving the movement of the hips, feet, and lower back joints. Participation in arthritis workouts will help your parents and grandparents lead the independent lifestyle they desire in retirement.

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Older adults deserve to live actively in retirement, and as such, we have come up with five exercises that can help them relieve joint pain and pursue this fun lifestyle.

1. Walking

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Walking may seem ordinary, but this exercise can help relieve older adults of joint pain. It is low-impact, aerobic, and aids in pumping blood around the body.

This exercise loosens the joints, strengthens the bones, and boosts mood. Besides, it’s an arthritic exercise that can be done anywhere – in the garden, around the home, or on a stroll to the park.

One good way to start is by taking short distances and building endurance to walk longer distances. Also, one may want to start with flat surfaces before walking uphill, downhill, or on uneven grounds. Whatever the choice may be, older adults should ensure they move at their pace and work up some sweat.

Furthermore, tracking the walking activity can help older adults properly focus on the routine. For example, setting a goal for each week can be helpful in keeping up with the activity. Treadmills can be used to help with balance for indoor purposes.

Walking 30 minutes daily is a good way for older persons to reduce arthritic symptoms. In addition, they need to wear good shoes while staying hydrated for this exercise. Boots are ideal for muddy or hilly areas while walking shoes are suitable for flat grounds.

2. Stretching

Stretching is one of the arthritis exercises for seniors that helps to improve flexibility and range of motion. It’s an easy exercise for older persons and can be relaxing and aid better sleep. The stretching routine can vary from person to person, depending on the symptoms and affected joints.

Stretching is often a slow arthritic exercise and involves gentle movement of the joints. Older adults can stretch first thing in the morning, making it easier to stand up from bed. They can stretch their arms, legs, hands, wrist, and other body parts.

Typical stretches may include arm pumping while sitting or standing for about five minutes and holding each stretch for about 15 seconds before release.

One can also use a handball for stretching their hands by squeezing the item in each palm for some minutes. For the leg or hamstring stretch, adults can lean forward and reach for their toes before holding for about 10 seconds.

3. Yoga

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One of the most helpful exercises for arthritis among older adults is yoga. Yoga is a low-impact exercise routine that reduces pain and calms nerves. Aside from its physical benefits, yoga can help eliminate stress-induced arthritis. Older adults can get some yoga essentials for comfort and maximum effectiveness during yoga sessions.

Common yoga poses that can help with arthritis include the cobra, seated spinal twist, and side stretch. For the cobra pose, lie flat on the floor and slowly raise the upper body while pressing the palms against the floor and keeping the elbows by the side.

The seated spinal twist yoga pose involves sitting with the back straight and two legs crossed. Then, one hand holds the outside of the opposite thigh with the other hand on the mat. After this, one can gently twist in the direction of the arm before switching to the other side.

For the side stretch yoga position, stand with enough space between the feet before taking a foot backward. Then, place both hands behind the back while tilting forward and bending the upper body at the waist. After this, hold for about 15 seconds before returning the body to an upright position. Repeat the activity several times.

4. Water exercises

Water workout routines are one of the best arthritis exercises for older adults. Water reduces the effect of gravity and offers more resistance than air. Exercising in water can help relieve pressure on the joints.

Swimming is a nice and fun water exercise for older people. The resistance that water offers can help improve muscles, and the buoyancy lessens any pressure on the joints.

Your older relatives should exercise in a pool of water up to four feet and walk against the water. They can start walking about three to four laps in the water and build endurance.

Joining an aerobic water class is another exciting way for older adults to begin water exercises. Note that heated pools are best for this exercise as the warmth can help soothe joint pain.

5. Strength training

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Improving strength is an essential arthritis physical exercise since strong muscles support the joints and make individuals healthy. Engaging in strength training can relieve hip pressure, reduce pain, and enhance body balance in older adults. These exercises include weight lifting, push-ups, bicep lifts, lunges, and squats.

Furthermore, while doing strength exercises, older persons should give some space between workout days to allow the muscles to rest.

While weight lifting, starting with low weight and repeating routines is ideal. If one can do some repetitions without the arms getting tired, they can increase the weight until there’s resistance.

Before each workout, it’s essential to warm up by doing some light stretches to loosen the joints and aid flexibility. In addition, older persons should only partake in strength training when the arthritic symptoms are minimal.


These arthritis exercises are easy, simple, and ideal for older adults. Aside from relieving joint pain, these arthritic workouts can help boost mood and improve overall body health.

You should encourage your parents and grandparents to engage in these arthritis exercises to improve their joint health to keep arthritis at bay. In addition to working out, the right food combination will help prevent joint inflammation.