5 Advantages of Having an Automatic Door for Your Business

When starting a new business, redecorating, or moving the existing one to a different location, what you probably haven’t thought about is the importance of the entrance door. The location and the interior might be the primary thing occupying your mind, but the doors should not be taken for granted either.

Did you know that according to Feng Shui, doors can influence the flow of money in your business? According to this ancient philosophy, one of the key things in any space is the front door, which is the main entrance of Chi energy. The front door symbolizes the mouth, the windows the eyes, and the walls the skin. If energy enters through the mouth, it is clear why the door is so important to the common good of anyone spending time in the space.

The front door is a cash flow pipe and a key point when it comes to finances. The front door must not crack, block or creak, as this blocks energy entry, good cash flow, and blocks progress.

So, what kind of doors should you choose for your business? Whether you believe in Feng Shui or not automatic ones are a perfect choice, and here’s why…

1. Increased control over security

Source: hag.co.uk

As members of the human race, we have that innate need to protect what’s ours. Thus, when we feel endangered by any outside factor, these innate alarms are set to activate. Modern technology has given us the possibility to prevent that feeling of being threatened, and have more sense of control over the safety of our assets. Yes, when someone mentions automatic doors, the first thing people think is that they open and close themselves, which is true, but there are models on the market that do so much more than that.

What business owners are most interested in is the fact that they have built-in “timers” with which you can set automatic actuators or disable the door opening at certain times, for example after working hours. The motors can also be connected to an alarm system, so they can notify you if someone tries to break into your property. All of this gives a precious sense of security, allowing owners to “sleep at night”.

Hygiene control is another important factor these doors offer. If sanitation is of importance for your business, then a hand-free mechanism will control, for example, dust from entering the facility. After all, it is also considered a security.

2. They attract customers

Many people are not even aware of how a simple automatic opening of a front door attracts them to enter a store. It’s a psychological thing. If you keep your doors open, people will walk in, even if they did not intend to buy anything at first. Having automatic doors is the same as they are always open.

Another perk is that consumers don’t invest any energy in going in, that’s also appealing. No need to pull or push, which can get complicated with hands full of bags, after shopping. So, in a way, automatic doors make shopping easier. Plus, they look fancy.

3. Esthetics

Source: record.global

Doors are an essential part of the décor, as well. How your business looks from the outside gives a hint of what is inside and might also set a standard on the quality of goods you’re selling.

In any case, esthetic is important for attracting customers and increasing profit. And with automatic doors, there are so many possibilities of making the business look serious and chic, at the same time.

You can get these in so many variations… Materials used can be of your choice, for example, the wings can be wooden or glass. Glass can be transparent, matte, tinted, mirror, with sandblasted patterns or embossed image… The glass door leaf can be made with elegant thin profiles, hidden profiles, or even without them. The color of the aluminum parts easily adapts to your wishes, taste, and colors of the space.

They are an endless possibility for experimenting.

4. Accessibility

Keep in mind that not everyone has the ability to open the doors themselves. Age and/or physical capabilities can sometimes limit people, when it comes to visiting certain places, in this case, businesses. With automatic doors, your business becomes accessible for those people, too. Moreover, it shows your willingness to be at service to anyone who wishes to buy your product or service. Your business cares for all, and it’s a sign of quality customers service.

They are most needed in places like supermarkets, or wholesales, where people tend to carry a lot of baggage, therefore cannot use their hands much. But, even small shops, restaurants, and bars benefit a lot from having these doors.

5. Energy efficiency

Source: geze.com

People walking in and out and leaving the doors open can cost a business quite a lot. And if the place is frequent, then running after people and closing the doors after them can be frustrating. One more reason to choose an automatic system. Not only it will keep the frustration level low, but it will also impact the energy expenditure.

Glass can be a good choice of material that can increase the temperature in the space. The light can go in easily. On the other hand, having automatic doors keeps the heat inside during winter, and outside during the days of heat. This way you won’t have to spend extra on energy consumption. They open only when needed, close themselves right after.

Your business will be more energy-efficient and ethical when it comes to the environment.

The fact that automatic doors really offer comfort, add to aesthetics, ethics, security, and are popular is confirmed by the reviews of many businesses that chose to install them. According to most, such constructions not only make life easier but also provide reliable protection of territory and space from illegal entry, help save space, and can even become an important part of the business décor. Business owners speak especially positively about their functionality, usable and durable operation. Therefore, such an investment simply has to give you an advantage.