4 Types Of Transcription Services You Should Know

You might be thinking, “Why would someone want to transcribe a video to text when it’s easier to listen than read?” Well, the reason is that many out there depend on transcription services to get their jobs done. For example, in fields of utmost importance like medicine, transcripts of physicians’ records ensure they have accurate medical records of their patients and hospital.

Regardless of the field, transcription remains helpful due to its various applications. What’s important to know is the multiple types of transcriptions one can use. In this article, we’ll talk about the four types of transcription you can use to convert an audio or video to text.

Verbatim Transcription

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You can also find this one under true verbatim or strict verbatim transcription. It’s the most detailed of all the four transcription types. Verbatim captures everything in the audio or video, from filler words and pauses to door slammings, speech affirmations, and any other sounds uttered by the speakers.

Verbatim transcriptions are usually long as they capture more details in the conversation. If you want to capture your content word for word, especially for research purposes, this will be perfect for getting all the unfiltered info.

Edited Transcription

Also referred to as clean verbatim. Edited transcriptions aim to keep the meaning of a text while addressing issues such as grammatical errors, slang, or incomplete sentences.

Stammering, speech affirmations, or any other filler words uttered by the speaker during the conversation are left out. Professional transcribers prefer using it for their work as it improves text readability. For example, a sentence: “Yeah, my mum will pick me up, uhm, on her way” can be edited to “My mom will pick me up on her way.”

Intelligent Transcription

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This type of transcription edits any grammatically incorrect words, repeated and filler words in the conversation. In sum, the transcript may be parallel to the original audio in terms of speech, but it communicates the exact meaning of the speech more inherently.

Intelligent transcription captures the real message rather than the delivery of the message. Naturally, it provides a more readable transcript while sharing the words’ exact meaning.

Phonetic Transcription

Also known as the phonetic script, it is a specialized transcription form that captures how the speaker utters sounds. It focuses on the pronunciation of words. It is more of a visual representation of speech sounds using symbols.

Phonetic transcriptions find use when two different dialects are present or when the speaker wants to pronounce unfamiliar terms. It is helpful for people learning secondary languages or scholars studying languages in more detail.

Benefits of Transcription Services

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Transcription services are a process of converting audio or video content into a written or electronic text document. These services are widely used for legal proceedings, medical records, market research, and media production, among others. Transcription services providers typically use specialized software and experienced transcribers to ensure accuracy and consistency of the transcribed content.

The rise of technology has made transcription services more accessible and affordable. With the use of cloud-based platforms, transcribers can work remotely, and clients can access their transcribed documents from anywhere in the world. This has made transcription services more convenient and efficient, with faster turnaround times and the ability to handle large volumes of audio or video content.

Transcription services can be done in various formats, including verbatim, clean, and intelligent verbatim, depending on the client’s needs. Verbatim transcription includes every word spoken in the audio or video, including filler words such as “um” and “ah.” Clean transcription includes only the spoken words, while intelligent verbatim transcription includes a blend of the two, removing filler words while still capturing the speaker’s intent.

Partnering with a trustable transcription company online can bring a plethora of benefits to you or your business. These services can enhance the way you do a lot of things. For example:

Do More With Transcribed Content

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Like any other service, transcription services are essential aspects of our lives. For instance, journalists can transcribe their interviews in audio or video format into text for valuable news content. Lawyers also use transcription services for their legal proceedings.

To others, transcription is their daily source of bread. Think of someone who wakes up daily to transcribe thousands of audio files or translate them into usable information.

Enhanced Accessibility

While you can listen to a video anytime, anywhere, it can be complex to understand everything owing to different accents or wrong pronunciations. Sometimes due to technical inadequacy, the video equipment might distort the quality of information transmitted. Transcription helps everyone understand the content regardless of accents, technical limitations, or even disabilities.

Better Comprehension

Video content has the power to capture your attention compared to the written word, but in the long run, the written word is easier to comprehend. Transcription makes it more convenient for readers to capture the most critical areas of your content. In this regard, transcribed content will always be superior to audio and video options.

Final Thoughts

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In conclusion, transcription services play a crucial role in various industries and provide a valuable tool for businesses and individuals to capture, archive, and analyze spoken content. With the advances in technology, transcription services are becoming more accessible, efficient, and cost-effective.

It’s essential to determine which type of transcription fits your project needs. Verbatim transcription is ideal for market researchers, scholars, job interviews, police investigations, and handling court cases. If your project surrounds this area, you can comfortably work with this. Intelligent verbatim transcription adds a little filter to your text by omitting extra jargon. It can be helpful in transcribing medical diagnoses and business presentations where you only need crucial information.

Edited transcription works great for lecture rooms or conference organizations that want their content written formally. Educational materials and business communication also require edited transcription. On the other hand, phonetic transcription finds implementation in spaces where much attention to detail is needed. For instance, it has been used widely to capture consumer behaviors and bridge communication barriers in organizations with teams in different geographical locations.

So there you have it. If you need to transcribe video to text, make sure you choose an online transcription service that employs quality human work and has a long-standing reputation. To this avail, GoTranscript certainly fits the bill in those aspects and many others as well.