2024 NFL Season Preview: Top Contenders and Predictions

With Week 9 of the NFL season in the books, the regular season is officially half over. This seems like the perfect time to assess where teams stand as far as the Super Bowl is concerned. Obviously, there is a lot of season left to play and a lot that can change between now and the playoffs.

That means there are at least a dozen teams that can maintain hopes of winning the Super Bowl. But we wanted to narrow that list to the five teams we think are the most serious Super Bowl contenders at the midway point of the season.

Detroit Lions

Believe it or not, this isn’t a clerical error. The Lions are actually a Super Bowl contender. Dan Campbell has done an amazing job over the past couple of seasons turning Detroit from a laughing stock to a team that is poised to run away with the NFC North title and be a contender in the playoffs.

That troubling blowout against the Ravens aside, the Lions have had a great first half of the season. They have a high-scoring and balanced offense and a defense that’s made major strides since last year. Keep in mind that Jared Goff has taken a team to the Super Bowl before.

He has the experience and maturity to take the Lions to the promised land. The best part is that fans in Detroit can use gambleonlinemichigan.com to help them place a bet on the hometown team to win it all without it being a stretch.

Baltimore Ravens

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With Lamar Jackson getting hurt in recent seasons, many around the NFL forgot that he’s a superstar and that the Ravens have championship potential. Jackson has stayed healthy this season, and as long as that continues, Baltimore should be considered a Super Bowl threat.

Not only do they have the best rushing attack in the NFL but the Ravens have also allowed the fewest points in the league.

The Ravens have beaten both the Bengals and Browns on the road while also scoring blowout wins over quality teams like the Lions and Seahawks. If Jackson can stay healthy, the Ravens have all of the ingredients to win a Super Bowl.

Cincinnati Bengals

Forget about the Cincinnati team you saw during the first month of the season when the Bengals started 1-3. They’ve won three in a row, including victories over the Seahawks, 49ers, and Bills. They have turned into the team most people expected them to be at the start of the season.

The key is that Joe Burrow has gotten healthy and looks great throwing the ball. He has also shown good mobility lately, making him a nightmare for opposing defenses. Granted, the Bengals have some flaws and are far from perfect.

However, Burrow has overcome those flaws to get Cincinnati to the Super Bowl in the past, and there’s no reason to think he can’t do the same thing this year.

Philadelphia Eagles

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Traditionally, Super Bowl losers have had a hard time the following year. However, the Eagles are proving to be an exception. They have started the season 7-1 with Jalen Hurts once again looking like an MVP candidate. Defensively, the Eagles may not be as good as they were last season, which could stand in their way.

But the supporting cast around Hurts on the Philadelphia offense might be even better than a year ago. The Eagles have scored more than 30 points in half of their games this season. At times, they look unstoppable with Hurts using both his arm and legs.

There’s no doubt that he’s the caliber of quarterback who is capable of carrying his team to a Super Bowl victory, and after coming up a little short last year, he looks poised to make amends.

Kansas City Chiefs

While Patrick Mahomes continues to be a standout quarterback, the Chiefs have faced offensive challenges. Despite struggles at wide receiver, the team’s defense has become a notable strength, ranking second in points allowed. With a more balanced roster, the Chiefs are poised to contend for back-to-back Super Bowl victories.

As the season unfolds, these five teams are positioned as the frontrunners for Super Bowl glory, but the unpredictable nature of the NFL ensures that the journey to the championship remains an exciting and uncertain one.

In the coming weeks, teams will face critical matchups that will shape the playoff landscape. The competitive balance in the league has never been more evident, with unexpected upsets and standout performances becoming the norm. It’s a testament to the parity in the NFL, where any given Sunday can alter a team’s trajectory.

The road to the Super Bowl is laden with challenges, and these contenders will need to navigate through a grueling second half of the season. Injuries, strategic adjustments, and unforeseen circumstances will undoubtedly play a role in determining which team ultimately emerges victorious.

As fans eagerly anticipate the playoff push, one thing is certain—the race for the Super Bowl will captivate audiences until the final whistle of the championship game. Whether it’s a seasoned veteran-led team or an up-and-coming underdog, the quest for football supremacy promises to deliver thrilling moments and unexpected twists, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

Only time will reveal which of these top contenders will etch their names in NFL history as the Super Bowl champions. Until then, buckle up for the rollercoaster ride that is the remainder of the NFL season, where every game matters and every play could be a game-changer.

The Chiefs’ journey is emblematic of the broader narrative in the NFL. Patrick Mahomes’ brilliance aside, their struggles highlight the league’s dynamic nature. The evolving landscape sees these five teams as Super Bowl frontrunners, yet the NFL’s unpredictability guarantees an enthralling, uncertain journey.


Kansas City Chiefs

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Crucial matchups in the coming weeks will define the playoff picture. In a league marked by competitive balance, unexpected upsets and standout performances abound, showcasing the NFL’s parity.

As contenders gear up for a challenging second half, the quest for Super Bowl glory promises suspense, drama, and the unpredictable twists that define American football’s premier spectacle.