2 Best Crypto Wallet For 2024: Ledger Vs Trezor

Crypto is still a thing and despite all, it is still relevant and going strong. Although we saw some highs and lows in the past and although we are experiencing a low as of now, the crypto enthusiasts are still going strong and holding for their crypto wallets.

Crypto has been discussed extensively these past years and by now, we know pretty much everything we need to know if we want to be a crypto holder. We have learned what crypto is, where it comes from, what the blockchain is and how it operates and we have had an explanation of numerous crypto wallets. Like everything around us, some are better than others, both crypto coins and wallets. Some are safer, more valuable and easier to operate but there is a constant battle over which one is the best.

Today we will be discussing hardware crypto wallets, as you can see, and we will tell you about all the benefits and disadvantages of the two we have lined up for you today. We have put Ledger and Trezor wallets up against each other and we will talk about them more right now.

Just before that, we need to inform you that Trezor has two models available – Trezor Model T vs Trezor One and you can read all about them on that link.

1. Ledger


The ledger series hardware wallets are awesome because they support decentralized finance and multiple wallets and multiple pin codes which makes your life a lot easier. The Ledger series hardware wallets are in all basis similar to each other, they all interact with the metamask wallet which means you can connect these to your PC and use them to approve or withdraw transactions. The two Ledger hardware models we took into consideration are Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X. The X model is slightly bigger and more expensive than the S version and with the X one, you will get the benefits of Bluetooth support which means that with an appropriate app you can use and interact with your hardware wallet with your phone. It will also offer a bit more memory meaning you have the liberty to install more apps to interact with more, different blockchains. The S variant only works with the PC and it needs to be connected to it via cable. Both of these are easy to use and both of them are safe.


When it comes down to choosing your next hardware crypto wallet you need to consider one thing – is it supporting the metamask, one of the most popular wallets on the browsers. It will allow you to interoperate with virtually any cryptocurrency out there which will make your life easier. You won’t have to carry around 2, 3, or 5 of these hardware wallets holding all of your different coins, you can do that with only one that supports metamask. Both of the Ledger models support it and both of these are a good choice for anyone, the decision on which to get will ultimately come down to personal preference and financial ability.

2. Trezor


When it comes to this hardware wallet, right off the bat it has one thing going for it. The philosophy behind it is to not have you fumble with your hardware wallet like it is in the 1980s as you would with the ledger constantly squinting on that small display pressing small little buttons trying to find a setting on it. Trezor has got this philosophy where they want you to do most of your inputs right on your computer where they utilized the larger screen on their devices to show you how to input things this system is rather interesting and it is kind of innovative where you constantly need to reference both your Trezor wallet and your computer. On the wallet itself, you will mostly need to press buttons to confirm certain things everything else is on done via your PC. The older Model One has one critical flaw in our opinion and it is based on the fact that it does not support EIP712. This is a standard that a lot of modern smart contracts and NFTs are using these days. The good news is that they are constantly supporting their devices and that the company behind this device has committed to adding this support. The model T is a bit more premium device with a premium price that has some ease of life things added like the bigger and colour LCD screen, support for more cryptocurrencies and built-in mobile connectivity alongside the possibility of an SD card expansion. One thing that blew us away with Trezor is the fact that it utilizes a unique function called Shamir secret backup. With this, you can split your backup phrase into shares and store them in a secret location which will declassify your backup phrase from being stolen.

The sum up

In case of the security we have to give an advantage to the Ledger Nano X. Thanks to its double chip protection vs. Trezor’s single chip, and extra features Ledger series gets the upper hand on Trezor.

The design and usability category goes to Trezor models. Thanks to its unique shape and futuristic screen and touch screen Model T takes the ball when it comes to ease of use and design.

In the category of coin support and usability, the Ledger Nano X takes the ball home. There is no doubt that the Ledger series has always been more than advanced in this category and thanks to variety and accessibility much larger coins support and offering more payment methods Ledger easily takes this round.

Price is the last thing we will address mainly because the general opinion is that the higher the price of these things the more features and protection you get. To show that this is not true is the fact that Trezor Model T costs somewhat over $220 while the Ledger Nano X is around $150. Both of these are great but the price range is significant so if you are going for something that is a premium product without the premium price then Nano X is for you. if you still want the same but at a lower price than that, try the Ledger’s and Trezor’s previous models.