12 Best Golf Destinations to Visit In 2024

Golf enthusiasts will always look for a better course, and they are very likely to travel around the world, so they can play in the most popular resorts and destinations related to this sport. Even though there are still some restrictions because of the COVID-19 situation, some of the golf destinations let the tourists come and visit them, by respecting the protection measures, maintaining a proper distance, and showing their vaccine certificate.

At the same time, golf was one of the sports the people could practice during the pandemic, as allowed since it doesn’t require getting close to the other players, there is no excessive sweating and heavy breathing, no group hugs, and no audience.

If you like the idea to become a part of this elite sport, then you should also plan your golf trips too. You have to be informed about the greatest courses around and the conditions to use them.

Here are some of the most popular destinations all around the world, that is worth visiting if you want to play golf around the world:

1. California

Source: golfdigest.com

One of the first courses and clubs we can think of is the one located in the quiet surroundings of Ventura County, which you can find on thesatiocyclub.com. It’s a private place that only the best players know, and a lot of championships are hosted there. But, California is, in general, a great place to practice this sport, since there are many more clubs and fields around. And while you are here, visit the Pebble Beach Resort, Carmel Valley Ranch, or even Cypress Point Club, for an exceptional golf experience.

2. Wisconsin

Another U.S. spot to put on your bucket list if you want to start traveling for golf. You will be surprised how many people from around the world visit this place, so they can play their favorite game. And of course, you can find plenty of clubs there, like the Straits Course, Erin Hills, Sentryworld course, and many others. Before you start your trip, you have to check if these clubs are open, and what types of restrictions they practice during the pandemic.

3. South Carolina

South Carolina offers great golf vacation venues and they are also popular for organizing championships and tournaments. The most anticipated venue in Charleston Municipal Golf Course and locals and tourists really love it. South Carolina is also a home of many other courses, and if you choose it as your next golf vacation destination, you will be surprised by how many things it has to offer.

4. Arizona

Source: tripsavvy.com

In Arizona come both American and Canadian golf enthusiasts, but also people from the other continents, so they can visit Los Caballeros, Wickenburg Ranch, Quintero Golf Club, Devil’s Claw, Sterling Grove Country Club, and many other public and private venues. You only need to be careful if you are sensitive to sunlight exposure, because as you know, it’s always sunny in Arizona, and the weather is too hot. But no matter which course do you choose, you can be sure you will have a great time spending there, never mind if you are a beginner or a pro in that world.

5. San Diego

The USA is known for the annual championships in many states. The champion Tiger Woods really loves the San Diego courses, especially Torrey Pines. The South Course is already renovated, but also you can choose the Park Hyatt Aviara and Maderas Golf Club. They are all great, and you will surely have a great time while playing your favorite game.

6. Scotland

This is the first European destination to appear on this list. Practically, Scotland is the birthplace of this sport, and that’s why is the most popular golf destination in Europe. You can choose medieval surroundings and exceptional landscapes, while you enjoy playing golf.

7. New Zealand

Source: firstlighttravel.com

The experience here is spectacular since the courses are near the coast. Kauri Cliffs, Cape Kidnappers, The Hills… No matter which one you choose, you can also enjoy their adventures together with golf, like bungee jumping, skydiving, jet-skiing – whatever you want. New Zealand is worth visiting, no matter if you want to play golf, or you want some other type of adventure.

8. Hawaii

Yes, this place offers golf courses too, and you can refresh yourself with delicious Mai Tau during the break. We recommend you to choose Kapalua Golf Resort if you want a calm vacation or Ka’anapali Golf Resort for those who want busy places.

9. South Africa

If we are honest, many golf champions come from South Africa, including Gary Player and Ernie Els. The weather conditions there are great for those who want to train and improve their performance. We can recommend a few places to visit there, as Durban Country Club, Leopard Creek, or Legend Golf & Safari Resort.

10. Mexico

Source: golfdigest.com

Let’s start with Cabo, Palmilla, Funes ad Diamante, Quivira, Rancho San Lucas, Costa Palmas, and many other resorts and locations you can visit to play golf in Mexico.

11. Nevada

Las Vegas is not only about casinos and quick marriages. People who don’t want that type of entertainment can visit golf clubs as Shadow Creek, Las Vegas Paiute, Angel Park, or Primm Valley. They have to offer every type of entertainment, and you will surely be satisfied with all of that.

12. Ireland

The first thing we think about Dublin is the popular pubs and a lot of beer and traditional music. But they also have to offer golf tournaments, at The K Club, Killeen Castle, and many others who will let you have the best-combined experience, to literally feel like you are Irish.

Now you know at least 12 destinations you can consider when planning your next golf trip. Hopefully, the COVID-19 restrictions won’t stop you in that plans. The good thing is that people are getting the vaccine, and the risk of infection is lower than before. Anyway, follow the situation, because things are changing every day. If nothing, at least you know where you can go around and play professional golf.