11 Best Employee Timesheet Apps – In 2024

Did you know that remote workers put in long hours and are more productive than their peers in traditional office settings? However, managers can’t hold their remote employees accountable to how they spend their time in the same way as on-site employees. For that reason, you should think about using a timesheet app to promote focus with your team. 

Timesheet apps allow you as a business owner to keep track of your employees’ productivity and efficiency. Moreover, these tech tools allow you to bill your clients for your services accurately. To help you search for the best timesheet app, the outline below consists of a list of the absolute best timesheet apps that can help you track work hours and reach your goal. 

Choosing a Timesheet App

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Before diving into the best time tracking apps, you’ll need to know what exactly you should be looking for. You most likely have specific requirements and expectations that will help you run your company seamlessly. Here are some common features, which the best timesheet apps should have. 

  • A good timesheet app should allow you to manage your employee hours and projects from one place.
  • It should also have the ability to record timesheets automatically and allow manual time entries.
  • The app should also include a timer with a start and stop options. If you want to use time tracking up with minimal disruption to your employee’s workflow, the timesheet app needs to be easy and streamlined for employees to clock in and out.
  • Furthermore, the timesheet app needs to have a mobile app component. This mobile app will be critical for remote businesses and organizations with mobile teams.
  • You should be able to sync across several devices, backup your projects, and restore project data.
  • The best timesheet app should also integrate payment processing and project management software. 

The Best Employee Timesheet Apps

Here are the 11 best employee timesheet apps reviewed for 2024: 

1. TimeKeeper

TimeKeeper   is an employee time and attendance tool that supports both employees at specific offices and sites and those employees on the move. Employers can configure the platform so that their employees can clock in via a mobile app, a shared time clock kiosk or via the web browser at their desk. TimeKeeper’s notable features include facial recognition to prevent buddy clock-ins, the ability to allocate time against a job, GPS location tracking for employee clock-ins and the ability to set geofences so that employees can only clock in and out in defined geographical areas. All of the timesheet reports are accessible on their cloud-based web portal. TimeKeeper supports a host of payroll integrations including Xero, Sage, BrightPay and Moneysoft. These integrations prevent the user from having to manually re-type timesheet data.



2. Timenotes.io

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Timenotes.io is an automated time tracking app, which allows you to manage the time in your business without spending a fortune. This app generates automated timesheets that allow you to view how your team is doing in a visually appealing manner. It is the best freelance time tracking app, and great for both small businesses and large corporations. It simplifies the invoicing process by generating professional invoices.

Employees can clock in and out smoothly by starting and stopping the tracker with a single click. Alternatively, they can do it using the web or mobile app, or through a browser plugin. As a business manager, you can use Timenotes.io to generate detailed reports of working hours to evaluate individual performance and team utilization. Besides, you’ll receive alerts when someone is not tracking time or logging over hours. 

3. Hubstaff

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Hubstaff is a time tracking software that has a desktop, iPhone, and Android applications. It allows you to understand what your employees are working on and real-time progress reports of each project. Hubstaff allows you to create job sites, where your team can automatically clock in and out as they arrive and leave. 

You can also turn on randomized screenshots of your employees and activate activity levels for productivity tracking. If you want to make the most out of Hubstaff app, you can integrate it with other business-critical apps such as Salesforce, Asana, and more. This way, you can hire a freelancer from Fiverr and track their progress from Hubstaff. Besides, Hubstaff also generates automating invoicing and allows you to calculate and send out a payment to your employees using this app. 

4. TSheets

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TSheets is a time tracking tool that keeps track of your employees even when they are on the move. It allows you to track time from any device, too accurately. TSheets is incredibly useful for field sales and support teams. You can also use TSheets application on remote teams of all sizes and freelancers on long-term projects. 

It tracks time through a web-based app, mobile app, and time clock kiosk. The best components of TSheets are its shift scheduling and GPS location tracking features. Your mobile team can clock in for the iOS app and start working on their route. They can clock out from the app with ease. The data from each employee is then fed into a report to the manager and owner to optimize employee routes. Moreover, employees can take pictures at a job site and use built-in timestamp. 

5. Time Doctor

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Time Doctor is an automated time tracking tool, which allows you to generated automated timesheet reports. This tool will help your employees get more productive hours each month. Employees can click a start button from their mobile application to start tracking time. Since manual entries can be prone to human error, Time Doctor ensures your employees don’t have to fill in timesheets manually. 

Time Doctor allows you to generate detailed reports and to visualize the time your employees spend in multiple reports. You can also review the amount of time each user spends working during a given period or project. Time Doctor Project reports will show you who spent the most time working on a particular project. For example, how long it takes each employee to fix a bug on your e-commerce site. 

6. HoursTracker

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HoursTracker is good for employees who always are on the move. If your employees run a busy schedule, you should introduce them to HoursTracker for accurate work time tracking. You are not required to start or stop the tracker or make manual entries. 

The app also keeps a record of employee hours and earning, scheduled payment periods and breaks, as well as business experiences on a single platform. It features a user-friendly interface, which means that your employees can integrate the app into their work-life seamlessly. HoursTracker can track time automatically based on whether the employee is arriving or leaving the job location. 

7. TimeWerks

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TimeWerks is a timesheet app that places a heavy focus on efficiency. To use this app, you should set up employee work hours before they can use it. Once all information is added to the program, TimeWerks ensures all employees work within the pre-set conditions. 

You add all the information concerning your employees on the app and adjust their projects according to their profiles. TimeWerks allows your employees to add time manually or automatically using the running timer. Once the app collects all data about your employees, it backups the data on a cloud-based server.

8. Toggl

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Toggl is a popular PC time tracking apps that allows you to boost employee productivity and win back time. It also has an iOS version that allows you to track employee hours remotely. Toggl is an easy-to-use app that can integrate with other productivity tools to maximize employee productivity and efficiency. 

The app generates detailed reports of employee hours, which offer insights into how your employees spend their time. If you don’t want to receive real-time tracking data, you can use Toggl’s calendar integration tool to turn your calendar events into time entries using the mobile app. Besides, you can start and stop the time tracker using the mobile app’s widget and receive tracking reminders when you forget to clock in. 

9. Timely

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Timely is one of the best timesheet apps that allows you to monitor employee activity during work hours. As a result, you can determine how productive your employees are at spending their time. It takes a different time tracking approach, where it also works as a calendar for your employees with its unique calendar integration. 

When your employees use Timely, they can easily plan their projects and clock in from the app accordingly. In any case, as an administrator, you can view how productive they are by comparing the time spent on a task and allocated time. You can also manage all your projects from the Timely app and get a realistic view of when the project will be complete.  

10. Qlaqs Timesheet Pro

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Qlaqs Timesheet is a simplified time tracking app that comes with many features. The pro version allows you to tracks individual tasks, projects, and employees from a single platform. It allows you to create invoices and make payments by determining project and task rates. Qlaqs Timesheet Pro also allows you to display multiple timers on one screen at once. 

The app allows you to download timesheet as PDFs for you to keep in employee records. You can even decide whether a work hour is billable or non-billable by reviewing the individual timesheet of each employee. You can add unlimited projects and tasks from the pro version of Qlaqs Timesheets. 

11. Hours

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Hours is a flexible mobile time tracking app that offers a comprehensive overview of how your employees spend every minute. The mobile app comes with a lot of features, including a smart reminder, and a visual timeline. Similarly to Toggl, your employees can clock in directly from their phones, and you get a real-time view of what employees are working on. Besides, Hours provides you with a detailed report of each employee’s hours worked during a project.

12. Traqq

Traqq screenshoot

Traqq is one of the few time tracking apps that promise convenient yet ethical employee monitoring. Just like other clock-in programs, this tool automatically records an individual’s billable hours. To ensure accountability, Traqq also takes random screenshots and video recordings. All the while, the app protects a user’s privacy by blurring the images. The quality of the screenshots is intentionally reduced to the extent that would prevent private messages and other sensitive data from becoming legible. You can check out Traqq – free time tracker to learn more about this feature.

Of course, Traqq’s strength lies in how it makes time tracking convenient. This lightweight app is easy to download, install, and use. All you have to do is click Start on the widget and

13. EZ Clocker

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ezClocker is a highly rated timesheet and scheduling app for small businesses. Ideal for small teams who need a simple to use app that works within their budget. One of the reason’s ezClocker is highly rated on the AppStore is it’s simple design where even a non-tech person can figure out how to use it. Employees can download the ezClocker app on their phone and clock in with a touch of a button, view their schedule, and total hours worked.

Employers use ezClocker to view timesheets, create schedules, view overtime and export time entries to process payroll.

If the employer wishes employees to use one device then ezClocker offers a kiosk app where all employees can sign in using a PIN number. Ideal if you have a group of employees working at one job location. ezClocker also has advanced settings where you can restrict employees from clocking in early, report overtime and labor job cost calculation. the tool will log work hours automatically. At the end of the week or month, you can go to the dashboard to generate detailed reports of billable hours and productivity. It will even show you website/app usage and activity levels. Indeed, Traqq is the all-in-one monitoring tool you’ll need.

14. WebWork Time Tracker

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WebWork is a time tracking and project management platform that provides employee timesheet reports. It tracks employee work time and creates reports based on that data.

The timesheet data shows the workspace members, the name of the project, and the amount of tracked time for each day. 

Other than the timesheet reports, WebWork also provides the user with reports for attendance, timeline, app and website usage, activity and productivity level, and more.

As a time tracker, WebWork also has the option of screenshots as well. It offers 4 modes so that the user can choose which mode to use and whether to use them or not. The modes are Screenshot, Blurred, Background, and No Screenshot. 

As a project management tool, WebWork enables users to create and assign projects, follow their process and track the time spent on them.


If you’re looking for the best time tracking app for freelancers, individual professionals, and contract workers, try Timenotes.io. The best app for Freelancers, small businesses, and enterprises is the TSheets app. However, the best app for remote teams is Hubstaff. What do you think is the best app for tracking work hours?